Husband Beating - The other type of Domestic Violence!!

As a psychiatrist, on a rough average for every 10 cases of women suffering from Domestic Violence I get too see at least 8 cases of men suffering Domestic Violence!!
The abusing Wife is as an Emotional and Physical Abuser. Her core motive is complete control over the husband and treating him like a "slave".
Here are some characteristics of such cases -
1. Husband gets physically abused - The wife loses her temper on anything expressing it in the form of severe beating and verbal abuse of husband.
2. Isolating the husband from his friends and family by constantly inducing guilt or insulting him.
3. The wife keeps a complete control over activities such as work, socializing and money expenditure.
4. Constantly insulting and making sarcastic fun of husband - privately and publicly. The intention is to make him feel inferior and sad.
5. Make fun of husbands sexual performance or making him perform sex against his will.
6. Wife might over-socialize with her own relatives, friends or have multiple sexual liaisons. Husband or his relatives are not allowed to question her.
7. Continuous legal threats against the husband and his relatives.
8. Wife feeds the children with negativity against husband and encourages them to abuse the husband.
9. All major decisions in the house are taken by the wife, and husband is abused if he expresses his view on the same.
My Mind Mantra on this is - Domestic violence leads to severe depression, anxiety, inferiority complex, destruction of family relationships, physical injuries, sexual inadequacy and suicidal thoughts.
One should consult a psychiatrist and lawyer immediately.
by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (Psychiatrist)
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Charas and Ganja - the mind Destroyers!!!

Over the last few years, i have seen a very rapid increase in the number of people addicted to Charas and Ganja.

Even single use of Charas, Ganja and/or Weed is known to increase chances of mental health disorders schizophrenia, clinical depression and clinical anxiety by 4-6 times.

There are few points that need to be taken into considerations -

1. People addicted to Charas and Ganja, deny the same.
2. The person tries to unsuccessfully cut it down.
3. Craving is very high and uncontrollable.
4. Recurrent use leads to failure in fulfilling obligations at work, school, or home.
5. Major mental health issues shown by patient are -

a. mood swings with high levels of Irritability, anger, or aggression.
b. mood swings with stages of high Nervousness.
c. increased difficulty in getting refreshed Sleep.
d. weight loss.
e. mood changes between sad/depressed to very happy.
f. Weird thoughts and expressions - out of context.
g. abdominal pain, shakiness/tremors, sweating, fever, chills, or headache.
h. Increased socializing, Being contacted by unknown people and people with bad repute in the society!

Treatment -
3 stage treatment
a. Psychiatric medical care - treatment focus is to strengthen the brain and body against effects of the drug.
b. Counselling to help strengthen personality of individual
c. counselling to help family strengthen their bond.

- Dr.Hemant Mittal