Why are dusky women often more attractive than fair-skinned ladies?

Why Are Dusky Women Often More Attractive Than Fair-Skinned Ladies?

It was at a coffee-break recently when one of my workplace colleagues announced that he was no longer pursuing the girl he had once described as a blueprint of the kind of women that attracted him. Upon some degree of elbowing, he finally blurted that her somewhat dusky skin turned out to be a bit of turn-off. I had personally never believed that he would have been able to get it started with the lady in question since she seemed far more liberal-thinking and artistically-driven than he could ever be. However, it made me wonder about how many Indian men still have a perception rooted in their minds where ‘being fair’ equals ‘being beautiful’.

Why Are Dusky Women Often More Attractive Than Fair-Skinned Ladies?

This is a fact among Asians settled abroad too who seem to feel more insecure about their tanned skin hues as compared to the fair-skinned nationals who surround them. It was once reported that thousands of British Asian women suffer horrible skin injuries, even cancers, due to their continuous experimenting with fairness skin creams. Now, we have our leading superstars like Shahrukh Khan advocating the same to men too!
I personally endorse the theory that dark skinned or the typically dusky-skinned Indian women can be as beautiful and appear even more appealing than their fairer counterparts on any day of the year and this is why:

Dusky Skin Is More Exotic

I have personally dated two dusky-skinned ladies and I often complimented them on the ‘chocolatiness’ of their skin. Surprisingly, my flattering remarks would often be shot down with these women opining that they just weren’t at par with the craving that the whitish skin induces—I would like to clarify that this just isn't true. Every skin type has its own individuality. Dusky skin, sported by the much worshipped on-screen beauties like Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu, Sameera Reddy and Kajol, have an aura of exoticness. Fairer skin might seem more appeasing and the reddish hue it takes upon being touched to the slightest degree does appeal to the male psyche but I equate duskiness with a degree of carnal appeal. There is something about well-moisturized, earthy-colored skin that makes it look more supple, younger and flawless as compared to the fairer hue.

Earthy Skin Is Understated Elegance

Why Are Dusky Women Often More Attractive Than Fair-Skinned Ladies?Some folks might not agree with this but I feel that loud, bright colors worn on fair skin creates a rather loud, attention-grabbing appeal. There is nothing wrong with this way of grooming oneself but I have always preferred style that is understated and elegant. This is why earthy-skinned women seem more adept to me in establishing a bit of classiness. Whether it is using demure hues of eye shadows, kajal, eye liners or a rub of the blush, a slightly darker skin ensures that the contrast is minimal—not very pronounced, making a more stylish statement rather than being attuned towards grabbing eyeballs.

Duskiness Camouflages Blemishes Better

Why Are Dusky Women Often More Attractive Than Fair-Skinned Ladies?

I am not much of a party-going soul but from whatever outings I have managed in the presence of beautiful women, one fact has surfaced rather clearly. Without their concealers, toners and other cosmetic weapons unknown to the male species, very few women can boast of a naturally blemish-free skin. Those who are fairer seem to struggle a lot more with hiding these blemishes since the most advanced of make-up solutions can come-off or give embarrassingly-visible clues that the skin has been tampered with to camouflage the underlying menace of skin problems. Dusky ladies have a clear advantage here as their skin reveals the least and is automatically geared towards concealing a lot.

(article taken from Yahoo.co.in)

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Office Dating - Do's n don'ts?

“Maya (name changed) was a 27yr old single working lady. Her issue, she was dating her boss, a 45yr old married man, who was clear in his intentions from the relationship while she struggled to find her peace with the same.”

“Rohit (name changed) a 35yr old BPO executive was full of confusion when he came over to my wellness clinic. He had been married for 6yrs, had a great wife, but since a few months was addicted to emotional and physical intimacy with a female co-worker. He had no guilt about his actions, but was struggling hugely to manage his emotions, fellow employees created work pressures and decreasing work performance”

“Shahin (name changed) 29yr old, skin specialist was in healthy relationship which was soon going to transform into marriage. She never realized when and how she got attracted to fellow doctor within other department of the hospital where she worked.... Within a few months, the situation got out of hand. What she thought as a minor fling, ended becoming a tragedy. Both the guys left her, she was forced to quit her job as the staff started spreading rumors of her being “characterless” and the higher hospital management found her a “bad influence” onto other doctors and patients.

The society is no longer changing. It has CHANGED...

People are now connected to their work and workplace 24x7. If it’s not physical presence than internet connectivity makes sure work is being done at any moment from any corner of the world.

We are a now a society driven completely by needs. Needs that range from emotional, professional, personal, financial to sexual. Work and workplace being the single most important macro-environment system in an individual’s life, he/she looks upon it to satisfy his/her needs.

The above are real life cases of “Office Dating or Office Romance gone bad” that I have recently counselled.

Office Dating or Office relationships are no longer a taboo, but one of the most popular trends in modern day corporate culture.


Is Office Dating good or bad?
Office Dating is like Bungie jumping. You will always feel nervous before jumping, once you take the plunge you will feel euphoric, and once it’s over you come to know of the real damage it has caused.

To get into a relationship, with whom and why is a personal right and choice every individual is born with.
Office Dating is an entity it has the potential of single handedly destroying your emotional, personal and professional peace.

If I get to chose from the hundreds of Office Romances I have personally or online counselled, the 5 main issues to be careful about an Office romance are:

1.      NEVER DATE the Boss –
From my professional experiencing of corporate counselling – 99 out of 100 of such cases end up in a major disaster. I can say “nuclear disaster”

Unfortunately in every single of those 99 cases, the involved felt they could manage it out. Everyone things they are different from the rest, and everyone feels they are more “mature”... unfortunately these factors don’t matter in such a relationship.
Power-struggle, jealous co-workers and favouritism tags are factors brought in by others at the least expected of time and places.

If you are in such a relationship or are planning to get into one, I have to sadly inform you that odds are against you. The end of the tunnel is stuffed with heartbrake, suffering professional humiliation and being stuck by personal guilt.

It’s a time bomb... and the clock is ticking... Click Click Click...

2.      Gossips are BUSH FIRES -
Ask a fire-man what is his worst nightmare and he wouldn’t hesitate to answer “a bush fire”.
Bush fires start by burning of small and insignificant bushes, and even before you have realized it, the entire forest with every living and non-living inside it is charred to ashes.
Gossips are bush fires in workspaces.

A common tagline I get to hear a lot in such-
“I never told anyone about our relationship. I just don’t know how people came to know”.

Office Romances carry a sense of adventure with them.  Your mind might want to shout out in Amitabh’s baritone “Ha HUMHE PYAAR HAI”... but your mouth is sealed.
Unfortunately your mind rules not just the mouth but also the body. While you mouth might be sealed, the mind-body complex creates an aura and sends such signals around that everyone subconsciously perceives you are attracted to someone nearby.

If you feel no one will notice and gossip about those sudden eye glances, that secretive smile, sudden exchange of sms or even that “casual talk” in a group... you  are too cooking the perfect recipe for destruction..


3.      The  Communication Trap-
“Love-birds” need to express their love to each other. If not done so, they might be stuck by extreme restlessness. They search for every single opportunity to do it.

Most “love birds” feel that Cell Phones, Internet and Social Media are the biggest boon for them... But is it really a boon?

“With every form of power, comes great responsibility”... Such communication devices are extremely powerful and require extreme responsibility. Sadly no one can be 100% responsible when in live. Every lover loses sense of self and surroundings in love.

The more you communicate through these, the higher chance of committing a mistake and being caught.

I have seen innumerable cases where a one small irresponsible mistake created a devastating psychological storm. Just forgetting to delete his/her sms, delete the call details, forgetting to close the facebook page or forgetting to delete that not so official email...can arouse wrath like never seen before.

4.      Expectations and Favouritism-
“We started talking on common topics. Then he started helping me in my reports. Once we got in a relationship he changed. He should have understood me more. But instead he would never help me as much as he did before. He would never allow me to take an extra off, even when he knew I was very ill...  Does he love me ??”

Once in a relationship, automatically expectations and favouritisms will crop up. Even if you are the most neutral of all persons in the world, there will be one or other incident were you will have to bulge.

The moment you start fulfilling expectations and granting favouritisms to that “dear one”, those around get ammunition against you.

Remember an office environment is like a jungle... and only the fittest survive... no matter how good you are, someone is out there to get your job...

5.      Productivity-
Love is the most beautiful feeling anyone can experience. In medical terms, it’s one emotion that triggers the brain to produce loads and loads of “feel happy” chemical.

In initial phases of love your mind is always connected to that special someone. You can day dream about him/her for hours. You can laugh without a reason. You leave your workstation just to get a glimpse of him/her. You might end up taking long lunches with him/her. You are just lost in your own happy world.
Unfortunately all this destroys your concentration, attention and productive span in the real “working “ world. Your work and its quality suffers.

While most people would blame the boss, bring out excuses and/or old laurels to help them out of this situation... the real cure is to self-introspect and accept your mistake.

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Can You see the future?

It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards," says the White Queen to Alice in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass. But, it's not always so, and as many individuals report, missives from the future can make their way into the present, through dreams or intuitions, spanning space and time. However, the burden of foreknowledge can be a heavy one. 

Amarjit Bhinder, wife of Air-India co-pilot SS Bhinder of the Kanishka aircraft that crashed in 1985, had a premonition about his death on the day it happened. She revealed in an interview, "I had a dream that I had put his uniform shirts in the machine and it blew off. I felt depressed and ill and took three Disprins to ward off my body ache. At 3 pm, a friend came over and gave me the news...It was uncanny." 

Days before the Japan tsunami took place, Canadian psychic medium Blair Robertson sealed his predictions to be opened during a fundraiser. Blair had accurately predicted that a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami would affect Japan "on Friday or Saturday". Before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New YorkHollywood actor Sir Michael Caine dreamed up a similar plot for a book. He told BBC Radio, "I had this plot where terrorists fly a plane into a London skyscraper. Then they did it in real life. I was stunned by that, so I stopped writing." 

When Naina (name changed) gained consciousness after an accident, the last thing she remembered was a phone call from her friend and spiritual guru Venugopalan aka Maitreya, "I remember him sounding agitated, telling me to get out of the auto as I was heading for a major accident. But, I didn't pay attention." Says Maitreya, "There is no logical explanation to 'how I know'. It's a connection of the inner and outer spirit. We are all sticklers for plans, but such incidents throw plans out of gear, and teach us to let go, allowing space for transformation and freedom from fear. The idea is to either save the person from the mishap or make them strong enough to bear the aftermath. When it's close family and friends, at times, I start avoiding questions. It can get painful." Even as a child, Maitreya would absorb negative vibes from people, without realising it. He says, "You learn to deal with it, but it's not possible to always keep an emotional distance." 

Says tarot reader Scharada Dubey, "It's important for us to ensure the client goes away feeling strengthened, not oppressed. We can't make dire predictions. A clinical approach doesn't help. We have to be compassionate and not project negative feelings as the readings get affected." 

Tarot reader Madhu Kotiya has learnt that half-truths can help minimise the trauma of 'bad' news. She was eightyears-old when she told an uncle that his wife was having an affair. It turned out to be true, but her mother forbade her from 'talking like that'. She says, "I, too, tried to resist, as I wanted to live a normal life and didn't want to hear comments about my 'black tongue'. I have learnt to be diplomatic." Madhu admits, "It can be traumatic at times. My most difficult session was a couple of years ago. When this young girl walked in for a session, I could see death around her. She was full of plans for the future, and wanted to know about her impending marriage. It was very difficult for me to keep my calm. She walked out 
and two-and-a-half hours later, died in an accident." 

Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra, whose book Soulmates touched upon messages from the beyond, prefers to look at the phenomenon from a scientific viewpoint. He says, "It's called non-local communication. It's a real phenomenon but I live my life in the present and don't get distracted by it." 

Texas physician Dr Larry Dossey, in his 1989 book Recovering the Soul, introduced the concept of "nonlocal mind" - mind unconfined to the brain and body, mind spread infinitely throughout space and time. He says, "I have come to the opinion that premonitions are our birthright. Our capacity for them is part of our original equipment, something that comes factory installed." 

In the book An Experiment with Time, aeronautical engineer John William Dunne tries to make sense of his experiences with vivid dreams which come true with shocking regularity. In the preface to the book, American physicist, author and ESP researcher Russell Targ writes, "In the laboratory, we know that if we show a frightening picture to a person, there will be a significant change in his or her physiology. Their blood pressure, heart rate, and skin resistance will all change. This fight-or-flight reaction is called an 'orienting response'. At the University of Nevada, researcher Dean Radin has shown recently that this orienting response is also observed in a person's physiology a few seconds before they see the scary picture!" 

However, predictions can often make for entertaining tidbits. A Toronto-based psychic Nikki, for instance, who predicted the Tiger Woods scandal last year, has several predictions for 2011 - Hollywood actor George Clooney will marry, The Playboy Mansion will burn down after a fire that could start at a party and the US First Lady Michelle Obama could have another baby, maybe twins. 

Nawal Gani, who does coffee cup readings, remembers dreaming of a new moon overturned and a broken chair be fore late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi passed away. When her mother died, she was at the airport with her sister. Nawal remembers, "In the washroom, I looked at my face in the mirror and wondered why I looked so sad, like I had a terrible loss. I came out to the news that my mother had passed away." She says, "At times, it's tough to separate yourself from clients' problems. I often get rashes or feel extremely agitated in the presence of some people. At times, when I have done aura readings, I have had to be rushed to hospital." 

Gopalan Kennedy, astrologer, operates as a 'reporter' and believes in calling a spade a spade. He says, "I knew when my father was dying. Personally, knowing things beforehand helps me a lot. Nothing comes as a shock or a surprise. And it helps me to be well-prepared before the event actually takes place." 

Nan Umrigar, author of Sounds of Silence, learnt to communicate with spirits through automatic writing when she lost her young son Karl to an accident. She says, "The spirits don't tell us about future events. However, when people seek help with court cases, divorce or a sick child, help comes in different ways. One has to learn to recognise it. I don't get involved... the decision is not mine to make. It all depends on individual karma. But yes, it has made me more perceptive to signs all around me." 

There is also the concept of free will, the fact that one can change future events, and not everything is predestined. Says Joy Dev, who conducts past-life regression sessions, "Awareness of patterns in one's life helps people break out of them. I don't believe in 'good' and 'bad' incidents. If you remove emotions from an incident, there is always a lesson hidden within." 

Choreographer Shiamak Davar has often been warned about future events. "All of us have gut instincts but some have them highly developed as they've opened their sub-conscious minds. They have a greater power of knowing what is going to happen. But I still believe in karma and still believe if things have to happen, they will happen. My spiritual mother, Khorshed Bhavnagiri, had often warned me about people and calamities. The most powerful thing one can do is to pray and learn the power of acceptance." 

(taken from times of india website)

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Nervous BreakDown

Nervous breakdown is one of the most common neuro-psychological problems that affect people. In modern day, everyone from Movie actors, politicians to the common corporate sector worker has suffered at least one episode of the same.

Secretly all of them take treatment for the same, to help them recover from it and have a long productive life.
Those who don't take treatment, keep experiencing a decreased personal, professional, social and sexual performance with time.

What is Nervous BreakDown?
It’s the physical manifestation of extreme stress. Imagine a Steel Glass. Lets say it can carry 300ml of water.. If suddenly you pour 1litre of  water into it, one the water will spill over... second the glass may topple off due to the force of water.
Similarly when  our mind is exposed to sudden excess stress, all personality and neurological defenses are broken leading to extreme signs and symptoms.

What are the symptoms? 
Seven of more of the following are present:
1. sudden sense of numbing.
2. Person doesnt care about his/her surroundings.
3. outbursts of behavioral complaints.  - people feel that he/she is acting like "mad" for a few minutes.
4. extremely fast heart beats... one can feel his/her own heart beating.
5. sweating
6. trembling or shaking
7. feeling breathless, as if someone is obstructing the wind pipe.
8. sudden severe chest pain or discomfort
9. a person feels unsteady and might tend to faint. 
10. detachment from reality.
11. sudden rise of body temperature
12. amnesia- inability to recall the period for which such a period last.
13. talking or behaving like "possessed" by someone else.
14. physical self harm- this can range from minor of banging hands/head into wall to severe cutting hands or attempting suicide.
15. extreme fear - fear can be against someone wanting to harm them, or generalized fear without any reason.

Why to Treat it?
Nervous Breakdown is an devastating episode of extreme stress. The frequency of such episodes depends on the personality of each individual.

Once triggered, the frequency of episodes can keep increasing.
Even one such episode is destructive for the nervous tissue. Leading to neuronal damage in the brain.
Immediate cure for the same should be looked upon for.

How to Treat it?

a. Professional Counseling - Professional Counseling is different from the counseling given by friends and family. It involves analysis of personality, psychological history of an individual, and planned progressive approach to targeting the stress. 
Its can be legally administered only by a professional psychiatrist or psychologist.

b. Holistic Cure-  I advocate a holistic approach to such a problem. The holistic approach includes, analysis of the problem, medical and physical examination of the individual, and a detailed 40min counseling session with the individual.
First is to judge the stage of the problem. If its at advanced stage, then initial medications are needed to boost the nervous system. 

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5 foods that will help you sleep better.

For remaining mentally sharp and productive throughout the day and for ensuring that you are emotionally balanced, having a sound night-time sleep is critical.

Rather than seeking help in the form of chemically-formulated sleep medications that are often addictive and are known to have serious side-effects, it is better to opt for natural aids. The safest and probably the most undemanding solution to all your sleep problems is food. Following are Five Dinner Meals that will help to optimize your overall sleeping pattern and halt your progress towards serious complications due to sleep deprivation such as insomnia:

1. Whole-wheat Rotis with Potatoes

Top 5 Dinner Meals That Will Get You Good Sleep

Most carbohydrate sources, particularly those rich in complex carbohydrates, like whole wheat are recommended for ensuring better sleep. This can be easily used for dinner by opting for whole-wheat flour. Rotis made from such flour help to promote sleep by stimulating release of insulin. This hormone is a stimulant for ensuring that tryptophan is directed towards the brain. Here, tryptophan is metabolized into serotonin which in turn is the primary biochemical for establishing a general feeling of wellness. It fights stress or anxiety-induced sleep disturbances. Ideally, these rotis should be combined with at least one potato-based dish. Potatoes are known to breakdown the acids that interfere with the metabolism of tryptophan.

2. Spinach Combined with Low-fat Yogurt

Top 5 Dinner Meals That Will Get You Good Sleep

Whether consumed with whole wheat chapattis or brown rice, spinach is a recommended dietary sleeping aid. Most leafy green vegetables like spinach are a rich source of iron that is vital to neutralize a common sleep deterrent referred to as Restless Legs Syndrome. This condition is actually a form of subdued hyperactivity or an anxious reaction to any persistent thought that prevents onset of sleep. A recommended combination with spinach is having low-fat yogurt. This is a proven source of magnesium and calcium. These two micronutrients are essentially sleep-supportive minerals that promote deeper, more relaxing sleep. Eating yogurt with spinach is also recommended to ensure that absorption of iron is comprehensive.

3. Beans With Flax Seed Rotis

Top 5 Dinner Meals That Will Get You Good Sleep

Beans in form of kidney beans are a rich source of B vitamins including Folic Acid, B6 and B12. These are vital, sleep vitamins, i.e. they help in regulating the sleep cycles and assist metabolic process related to serotonin. This is why vitamin B supplements are commonly recommended to people diagnosed with insomnia. Flax seed or Alsi is commonly used as a fiber and nutrition resource in the form of flax seed oil or as a flour ingredient. A bit of grounded flax seed should be added to the whole wheat flour. Flax seeds are enriched with Omega 3 Fatty Acids that help to fight-off sleep disturbances like stress by aiding the complete absorption of serotonin.

4. Cauliflower/Kale (Javi) With Whole Wheat Rotis

Top 5 Dinner Meals That Will Get You Good Sleep

Many green vegetables are a natural source of Tryptophan. Among these, Kale or Javi is recommended for dinner. Javi also contains biochemicals that fight-off anxiety. When combined with tryptophan-boosters like whole wheat bread or rotis, it acts like the perfect sleep-promoting meal. If you cannot find Javi in your area, you can use cauliflower or cabbage.

5. Cooked Lentils With Brown Rice

Top 5 Dinner Meals That Will Get You Good Sleep

Carbohydrate foods that are high in fiber tend to aid the gradual release of Tryptophan, ensuring that the stress-fighting capabilities of Tryptophan are sustained over a longer period. Among these high-glycemic foods like Brown Rice are recommended which can be combined with cooked dals. Lentils are another high-tryptophan food item. These are easy-to-digest and also provide the body with essential proteins. 

(original article from Yahoo.co.in)

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Time to Accept Female Sexual Liberation

Real Life Stories (all names have been changed)-

1. I met Rahul to help him battle Severe levels of Clinical Depression. He had lost all faith in marriage and was struggling to find the reasons "where he went wrong?".... What triggered all this negativity in him... 2yrs after marriage he came to know his wife was not a virgin at the time of their union. When I asked him was he  one, he denied it... But his wife not being was a severe "hurt" to his man-hood.

2. Mrs.Shinde had two major "nervous breakdowns" within 6months,  before her family finally decided to consult a professional allopathic doctor for a complete cure. When I met her, she was emotionally in pieces...Her stress, she came to know that her 19yr old daughter had become sexually active. Alarmed at the millions of possibilities that this would create, she couldn't stop her mind from creating a storm of thoughts that lead to a complete nervous shut-down.

3. Vandana met me to help her sort out the regret and guilt of being in an extra-marital affair. A work colleague had psychologically driven her into emotional and physical intimacy. She was "addicted to him".. The more she tried to run away, the more she re-traced her path... In an desperate attempt to escape the emotional turmoil she planned of suicide.. fortunately she backed out at last minute.

4. Nootan had no regrets about her extra-marital affairs. She had sexual intercourse with more than 5 men after marriage. She had very high sexual needs which her husband just couldn't satisfy completely. She knew it was socially wrong, but that explanation had no effect when her physical and emotional demands for the same arouse. She met me so she could find someone neutral and non-judgemental to talk it about it...She initially had spoken to her friends. Some cautioned her, other were intrigued by her sense of adventure and some just made fun by calling her names. Initially was fun but later become a stigma to fight.

5. Alka was the perfect wife, she was shocked when she found her husband cheating upon her. Though he apologized for the same, the hurt was too deep to be forgiven. Trying to teach him a lesson, and to fill the emotional void created, she got attracted to a facebook friend. This friend soon become the center of her universe. He lived in a different continent, but it was as if she was married to him. They never met, but their online relationship wasn't anything less. She fantasied about him, and was again comfortable with her life. It was only when this friend decided to marry another girl she lost her cool. It was her dangerous destructive mood swings and inability to control self that drove her to meet me.

6. Shruti was brought by her boyfriend for excessive mood swings 2-3 days before onset of her menstrual cycle. This was Shruti's 3rd boyfriend in 5years. She had become stone hearted about relationships. She was in search of the perfect love, but was very prepared to break up and move ahead in life. She already had an abortion but still wasn't well educated about contraception. At 24yr, she earned well enough to afford the best of her desires and didn't need anyone to depend upon.

These real life examples are a call to the orthodox Indian society ....Its time to accept the Modern Sexually liberated Indian Women.
A country still hounded by honour killings, virginity as criteria for marriage and people suffering from "minor heart attacks" at the public mention of the word SEX... its time to understand that the Modern Indian women has moved ahead. It's no longer the Delhi or Mumbai-girl who is labelled as "dirty" ... The sense of self is awakening in women all over the country. Episodes like these are happening right now at this very moment during the length and breadth of this great country. Be it the small towns of UP, or the streets of Kolkatta or the glamour of Mumbai, women are sexually awakening themselves.

Meaning of Sexual Awakening?
It's important to understand sexual awakening is not a bad word or a bad term. It means the knowledge of ones sexual needs. As most of you will know, Sex is not just a physical exercise. Sex is a mind and body need that every individual has. Sexual awakening is understanding the personal mind and body needs that one has towards sex.

Where is Sexual awakening coming from?
There are many reasons why women are becoming sexually liberated. The prominent ones are:

1. Pressure - Take a small rubber ball and start pressurizing it.. A point will come when it will recoil back with equal or more force then the one that has been applied onto it. Social norms have oppressed women sexual needs for long. The recoil is happening with a higher intensity than required.

2. Financial independence - Money gives you the power to desire. Desire is insatiable. The more you fuel it, the more it grows.

3. Improved Communication- improved communication mediums like cell phones and internet make it possible for people to have higher amount of interaction. This increases the emotional dependency. 

4. Media - From the Glamour of Bollywood to the ultra modern daily soaps, women sexuality and women independence is being highlighted every where. More and more women read, want and desire to follow the footsteps of their favorite film actresses, T.V actresses, media women and businesswoman.

5. The world of Fast Food- The reason for fast food success is FAST.. you don't have to wait for your order to be served. Every Individual male or female,  wants to own that perfect life sooner than others. This full throttle sprint towards "settled" life, discounts an individuals ability to analytically analyse a situation. Hence Relationships, jobs, Emotional satisfaction and Sexual needs all have to be satisfied instantly.

Is it good or bad?
The biggest question of contention. Is this new found social change good or bad... Well from blaming it to the West to advertising the historical depth and strengths of Indian Social system, everyone has their own view.

I don't judge it as good or bad. I don't think its about debating, blaming or praising someone for following or not following a new doctrine in life.
It's important to understand that people (males and at a faster pace females) are getting independent. Emotional, financially and sexually independent. 
The more time we take in accepting this independence, the greater the struggle.

FEEL FREE to contact me on the above or any other mood swings, stress, sleep, memory, Repeated thoughts, or sexual health related issues. -

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