Make Your Ganesh Chathurthi - Happy and Worthy of Yourself

The beauty of every single religion in the world is that those who established it.. saw beyond ego, rules and regulations.

They knew that human mind loves to get negative.
The human mind loves to create excuses for its negative actions.
The human minds greatest enemy is the negativity against self or others.
They tried to set some guide-lines for improvement of Personality.
They tried to set some parameters that with changing time would keep helping people develop positiveness.
They tried to set examples through which we followed our natural self.. the self of loving unconditionally.

Unfortunately humans became more and more narrow. We stopped looking at what was supposed to be personality development.. and used it as an ego to try and govern others.



Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM)
Psychiatrist, Counselor, Motivational Speaker and Writer

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10 Patent Indian Parents Negative Dialogues and the Psychological truth behind them -

Parent: “Why can’t you be as bright as Mr Sharma’s son/daughter?”
Truth -
a. Comparison for inducing competitive spirit leads to inferiority complex.
b. IQ and success quotient is never measured by "marks" but by the level of discipline and dedication one has.

Parents: “Jab hum tumhari umar ke the, toh class mein first aate the.”
Truth -
a. False statement in majority cases - parents were just average student but want their own to be a topper - a projection of their own ego.

Parents: “Jab tumhare bachche honge, tab samajh mein aayega.”
Truth - Failure to bring desired change, leads parent to use "fear" as a mode of gaining control over child.

Parents - “Love-Shav is a faaltu thing. Concentrate on your studies.”
Truth - Every parent had his/her "crushes" or "love affairs" in their time. Its a very human thing to develop. Just they were to shy to speak then.. and too shy to speak now.
It would be great if they tried to understand the psychology of their child, and why he/she has made that choice..rather than just jumping to conclusions.

Parents - “Tumhare friends le doobenge tumhe ek din”.
Truth - Parental experience try to guide a child. But a child will learn through mistakes.

Parents: “Ab iss umar mein yeh din dekhna baaki tha.”
Truth - Sign of frustration because child is revolting against their belief systems. The child is developing his own intellect or following new social rules.
Parents need to know, they are the ones who encouraged this so makes no point blaming the child.

Parents: “Iss din ke liye paida kiya tha tumhe?”
Truth - Sign of extremely high frustration. Also one of the more negative statements to use.
a. Most children are born out of unprotected sex parents had. Its only today, and that too in very few families that children are planned, else they happen.
b. When said in an emotionally filled setting, gives rise to a severe knee-jerk reaction, whereby a child can start detaching emotionally from parents.

Parents: “Paise ped pey nahin ugte. Jab khud kamaoge toh samajh aayega.”
Truth - Inducing responsibility and accountability is a job that starts since childhood. But a more positive approach should be used, rather than inducing fear regarding money generation.

Parent: “Hume pata tha yeh ladki/ladka tumhare liye theek nahin hai.”
Truth - A break up is the 2nd worst psychological trauma to hit an individuals mind..
Indian parents have no idea. They just form an opinion for a girl/guy based on their own rules and regulations. If the guy/girl is falling outside their belief system, he/she will be labelled wrong or bad.
Its only after a breakup that they get a chance to take pot-shots and vent out their anger onto their child.
Sadly this is the worst time to do it, as it induces negativity against parents in the childs mind.

Parents: Indian girls are constantly told by her parents “Jab apne ghar jaogee (sasural) toh yeh sab karna”, but when they reach so called 'apne ghar', her in-laws tell her “Yeh sab yahan nahin chalega, apne ghar mein karna.”
Truth - Belief systems aren't uniform. And the most important discipline that parents fail to teach their children is the ability to love, be open-minded and non-judgemental.
Every house has their own behavioral beliefs. Every new member has to adapt to it. This adaptation is possible only when the mind is ready to love, be open-minded and non-judgemental.
Virtues never thought to the child.

by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM)
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer/speaker and Psychotherapist)

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5 things that constitute the meaning of Love in todays relationships

1. Physical self
Psychology says you tend to like a person who falls within your beauty standards.
The beauty standards are defined by your ego structure not your intelligence.
Ego structures which crave for attention - require a more beautiful partner.

2. Mental Attraction
Its vital for any relationship, and one of the main reasons for "extra-marital affairs" specially in India.
Looks lead to attraction, but personality matching leads to fullfilment.
One is more open to discuss his/her emotions, fears and mindsets with someone who is mentally compatible.

3. Personality traits
Everyone has a particular set of personality traits. These come from your approach to life.
Some of them can be annoying and others can be very pleasing.
If two people cannot adjust to each others personality traits, then there is bound to be ego clashes.
Common personality traits leading to clashes - negative approach to a situation, asocial, overtly social, miser in terms of money, excessively high spending, etc.

4. Belief system
You might be from the same religion but still share different belief systems.
Belief system is very essential in attraction.
Your attitude towards god or any other supreme authority defines your acts in life.
Your good or bads in life come from your belief system.
While you might find someone very physically attractive and feel you have a mental connection.. If you don't share similar belief systems it decreases the over-all love.

5. Dependency
The last but not the least of traits is the amount of dependency you create on each other.
People will strong personalities like their partners to be independent. They don't interfere with their partners decisions. They stand by and help each other.
People will weaker personalities need extreme control over their partners. Are overtly concerned and feel incomplete if not considered for a decision. This always makes them restless and over-think about the relationship.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer/speaker and Psychotherapist)
email –
#website –
twitter- @sai_ki_artist

#Clinic Address -
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15, shreeji plaza, plot-24, sector-25,
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Essentials of a Good Relationship

1. Misunderstandings are inevitable.
As much as we are clear in the words we use, communication is a two way process that also depends on understanding. Misunderstandings are common, they grow bigger when we keep things secretive and aren't ready to sort them out.

2. Trust is a Game of two.
Trust is an exercise that develops by mutual faith, honesty, caring andsacrifice. One sided trust is always destructive on the long run.
While most relationships begin with deep trust, slowly it fades out because both stop investing the same into it.

3. Missing each other is good.
When you miss someone, he/she gets closer to your heart. Missing someone is more important than spending time with someone. Because when you are away, you get time to analyse each others flaws and strengths.

4. Encourage Personality Development
The basis of a good relationship is when both partners motivate each other for growth and change. You might be in a tough job, living in a place you don't like or feel not getting the credit you deserve... Its the job of your partner to help you understand the situation, battle it and stand by you.

A selfish partner just see his/her benefits. And when they see you in a tough position, they just move away. A real partner stick by you, takes your anger and frustration and helps you convert it into opportunity.

5. Compromise is a long term investment.
Most people think to compromise is giving up their ego.. while in fact its the opposite.. To compromise means to take a step back with a long term goal in mind.
The important thing is that you know when to compromise and when not. If you compromise everytime, you'll be taken for granted.

6. Accept your weaknesses.
Don't lie to your partner about your strengths and weakness. A man who can accept his weakness is a thousand times more trustable than someone who is portraying to know everything.

Let your partner help you overcome your weakness.

7. You cannot erase the past.
Psychiatrist and psychologists understand human psychology very well, yet when it comes to love.. most of them forget their knowledge. That the power of love. It makes you biased and addicted to someone. Hence if your partner has some emotional baggage he/she is carrying, you might try and help him/her leave it.. but not fix it.
You cannot erase the past from their mind, but just stand by them.

8. Forgive and forget
The greatest issues in a relationship start when you don't forgive or forget any mistake. A new relationship is a new learning ground. It starts on a different emotional platform. It slowly evolves. Let it evolve. Resentment or anger doesn't help at all.

9. Voice your expectations
Most people expect their partners to read their mind. Know that they are having a bad day or today they feel like cuddling or you want an extra attention!!!
Stop being kiddish.. Stop being filmy... Stop expecting a mind reader.. Be mature.. Voice your expectations... the more straight forward you are, the easier it becomes.

10. Don't play Mind games
The worst thing you can do in a relationship is play mind games. Confusing your partner with the way you behave. The same action can bring happiness or anger out of you. The more mind games you play, the worst it becomes.
The more you lie, the more difficult to create trust.
Remember love has a boundary.. beyond that boundary.. love ceases to exist and one just leaves.