Incest - Don't Close your Eyes to the truth!!!

Incest is sexual intercourse between close relative that is usually illegal in the jurisdiction where it takes place and/or is conventionally considered a taboo. The term may apply to sexual activities between: individuals of close "blood relationship"; members of the same household; step relatives related by adoption or marriage; and members of the same clan or lineage... Incest is one of those topics thats never spoken off.... as "FAMILY NAME" is more important.... and Its one of those issues that leaves maximum emotional and psychological damage on the brain structure and mind of an individual for life.

Hereby a great article from Times of India, Mumbai on this topic.

Talk to children about sex to save them from incest
Nitasha Natu,TNN | Feb 28, 2012, 07.12AM IST
Incest is not a phenomenon restricted to slums anymore . It is also found in middle and upper class families. But not all cases are reported to the police due to shame associated with it. In 2011, the Mumbai police registered 219 rape offences, of which six were cases of incest.

"Most cases of child sexual abuse are committed by someone within the family: an uncle, a caretaker, a close relative or a family friend. The abuser could also be someone with whom the child interacts regularly, like a teacher or a watchman. A parent needs to establish a strong and open channel of communication with the child," says Suchismita Bose, director, The Foundation , which is involved in therapy as well as awareness programmes for child sexual abuse victims. "Most of the cases we receive pertain to incest. There are a lot of reasons why kids don't talk about abuse. There's fear of the abuser or fear that the family will be hurt. Also, there's no vocabulary; how does the child explain what has happened? This occurs because many parents don't teach their children about their private parts and our society usually associates shame or disgust with the topic."

Bose says that at times, kids are scared that their parents won't trust them or may get angry and so do not talk about abuse. "You need to teach a child that if someone is touching you inappropriately or if you're feeling uncomfortable, trust your instinct and talk about it, and that there's nothing to be ashamed of. Kids can be taught to say 'no' through games at home. If the abuser doesn't stop, the kid needs to be taught to run away and complain to someone trusted such as a parent. It may happen that a parent is busy, in which case the kid should be taught to keep finding someone trusted and talk about what has happened."

Kids aren't always confident of being heard by their family, so they should be given a feeling of being respected, say activists. A complicated area is where the abuser is someone close to the child and has been showering him with gifts and affection. The child then loves him and does not want to complain and be devoid of affection. "In such cases, the child may get upset about letting the person go and prefers abuse," says an activist.

In January 2010, a 42-year-old lab technician was arrested for confining his 14-year-old daughter at his Govandi home for five days and repeatedly raping her. Mohammed Chaudhary, the accused , had a diploma in medical laboratory technology and ran a testing centre in Bainganwadi. In a separate case, a 44-year-old man was held for raping his teenage daughter at their Govandi shanty for over two years. Shahbuddin Khan, the accused, managed to silence his wife and daughter with dire threats. The mother finally gathered courage and approached the police in February 2011.

Activists say there is a need to sensitize mothers as they are the first people whom a child approaches in a case of incest. "On January 2, we organized a workshop for mothers jointly with the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and the Savitribai Phule Gender Resource Centre on how to open a dialogue with daughters. It had games, chat shows and presentations to allow mothers and daughters to understand each other's perspectives, share insights , thoughts and feelings perhaps unexplored and unspoken," says Nandita Shah, co-director , Akshara. "Even in simple harassment cases, girls are made to feel that something must be wrong with them. A parent needs to understand what the girl is going through. In our awareness campaigns, we impart training on the way girls need to be supported."

Age-Related Info

18 months | Teach your child proper names for body parts

3-5 years | Teach your child about private parts and how to say no to sexual advances. Give straightforward answers about sex

5-8 years | Discuss safety away from home and the difference between comfortable touch and uncomfortable touch. Encourage your child to talk about scary experiences

8-12 years | Stress personal safety. Start to discuss rules of sexual conduct expected by the family

13-18 years | Stress personal safety. Discuss rape, date rape, sexually transmitted diseases, and unintended pregnancy


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Lack Of Appreciation


lack of recognition creates extreme restlessness in your mind. 

When exposed to the same for more than 3 months it starts to harm one's self-esteem.

You slowly try to satisfy people just to get their approval. And while trying to do this, you increase the emotional hurt... You start feeling worthless, angry and guilty... and it slowly changes to helpless. 

Every day, every week, every year I meet hundreds of people at the wellness clinic or at “coffee-shop counselling” to help them sort out their thought process... The biggest issue is severe "MIND restlessness" because others fail to appreciate them.

if you are someone who can relate to the above, then go ahead and take the following psychometric test. 

This psychometric test is designed to show you how lack of appreciation is damaging your mind.

Go through the questions and answer in YES/NO

1.   Do you find it difficult to sit silent at one place for more than 5min?
2. Do you keep apologize just to keep others happy, even if it wasn't your fault completely?
3. You want to tell people to stop taking you for granted. You plan it mentally but are unable to tell them? 
4. You keep giving yourself "explanations and excuses" for submitting to do what others want. But feel guilty deep inside? 
5.  Your first reaction to any problem is to "find a way out of it" rather than "find a solution for it" 
6.   You try to be in everyone’s good books, this makes people take advantage of you? 
7.    You constantly lose sleep, worrying about self and others?
8.  You crave for attention and love. Mind is constantly clouded with negative images of the past? 
9.  You sacrifice your own happiness, just to keep others happy? 
10.  When alone with yourself own, do you feel guilty for the way your life is going? 
11.  Do you constantly compare your life with those of others?
12.  Do you constantly feel you are destined to live life in this sadness?
13.  Try to avoid meetings, party's or going out? 
14. You tend to take the blame for events and circumstances. Without analysing what or who caused them?
15.  You always have this need that someone will guide you out of this bad time?

Score yourself one (1) point for every yes you have given.

(1) - FROM 0 - 7 - your subconscious and conscious mind are capable enough to handle the ups and downs. 
2 things you need to do-
a. keep your mind loaded with positive thoughts
b. meditation

(2) FROM 8- 11 - your subconscious mind is experiencing restlessness. You conscious mind is controlling the same, but it won't be long before it breaks down.
3 things you need to keep in mind- 
a. meditation is very important
b. start taking stern actions
c. if you are unable to find a solution on  your own, consult me (email - or to help you out.

(3) FROM 12 - 15 - your subconscious mind has broken the barriers of conscious control. Your brain's functioning, blood and chemical circulation is in hyperactive mode. This is creating sleep, concentration, skin, hair, memory, sexual and weight issues.
IMMEDIATELY CONSULT ME... There is a solution to your problem.

Remember there is a solution to your problem. I am there to help you. Take the first step, email me.

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Are you APPRAISAL ready?

 One of the most successful "carrot and stick" approaches in the corporate world is the "magic trick" of "Appraisals".

Appraisals can be compared to the "exams results" in school. Majority of student wait anxiously for the results... There are so many expectations, so many ideas and so much energy invested in the same. Similarly, every "corporate resource" looks towards appraisal season full of anxiety. There are dreams, desires and needs that are directly or indirectly attached to the "appraisal" performance.

Every Year I get hundreds of clients, who consult me for the high anxiety and depression caused by "poor appraisal" performance.

While most employees feel helpless and at the mercy of the "boss".. Here are few points one can use to be more in control of the appraisal:

1. Its your desires vs theirs so be prepared!

Till you boss doesn't adore you. Or you are not related to someone in the senior management, getting a good "appraisal" is always a major challenge.
The first point to understand is that NO COMPANY wants to PAY MORE.. when they can use the POWER of language to keep you working for the same pay.
Bosses and HR's professionals will try and give you appraisals are per their budget... not as per your requirements.
2. Are you Ready?
Now that you understand that appraisal is a battle between them and you... how prepared are you when you go for an appraisal meeting.
This is where planning helps.
I normally suggest each employee to save every single mail by his/her boss into a separate folder in the inbox. This is the time to go into that inbox and get all the information.
Now you aren't EMPTY HANDED... every single word, every single sentence, every single email can be utilized in your benefit.

3. The Bigger Picture.
Do you know your organizations "key performance indicators".. If NO, its great time to read them. Make sure you make notes.
Many deadline based jobs require more last minute effort.. Make sure every minute of your effort is counted.
Don't let them portray you as a "lazy bum walking in the park".

4.Questions and Answers
Most appraisal meetings are a charged-up emotions releasing exercise where the boss keeps bombing the employee with questions, and the employee just keeps trying to save his grace.
Be ready with numbers, fact and set of planned questions you would like to ask back. This will give a great impression of you being an "organized" and "valuable" resource for their team.

5. Work Matters
So many of my clients are always looking for a short cut to success... I am sorry to say, the only way to success is hard work and proper networking.
Always try to keep your performance high.
If you are having emotional, relationships, family, memory or concentration problems its better to solve them by seeking professional help. Because when you use them as excuse to justify the decline in performance, your leave a very negative impression about yourself.

You can bring a change in Attitude towards you... Learn to Play it smart.

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Answer to Common question asked by all of you on Exam Stess

1. I have so much to study. Above that my parents keep a close check on my activities. Even if i am watching TV for more than 20min, they will point it out and make me return to my studies. I am very stressed. I am getting depressed. I feel i cannot meet my parents expectations. 
Parents always want the best for their child. Because their experience compels them to see the future much more than the child, they ge very anxious. This anxiety is manifested as restrictions, comparison with others, false hopes and expectations from the child.
Until or unless parents don't develop a good communication level their child, understand that what he/she is interested in... Their psychological force will keep pushing the child towards sadness.

In your case its most important to first talk with your parents. 
If parents are not practical and not ready to listen.. Then remember, give it your best shot. But for yourself not to fullfill expectations. 

Heroes and successful people are made out of courage and knowledge, not marks.

2. Everytime  I talk to my friends the pressure increases. It seems they are so fast in learning everything and I am so slow. How to deal with this?
It very easy to compare yourself with everyone else...But from my practical experience 90% times friends lie about how much they have actually achieved. 
The reasons for the same are:
a. they are jealous if someone scores more than them
b. they are insecure of tell you how much they have learnt

This is the first lesson of the practical and real world everyone should learn.. When faced with any "test" or "Exam" you are on your own... you have to perform and feel proud of your own knowledge.

3. I am 10th Standard. My parents keep pointing out that Boards are very crucial. I am so fearful, sometimes I feel if I don't perform well I should commit suicide.?
No exam is more important than your life.
If you have life and you are motivated, you can make the best out of life.
Unfortunately parents use pressure techniques, as they feel fear will motivate the child to perform better.
If you have SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, immediately inform your parents. Tell them to stop pressurizing you.
if you cannot talk to your parents, talk to some elder who will listen to you.

Remember Suicide is not an option. 

4. I am losing my memory. I can remember everything perfectly but When I am giving an exam I go completely blank. My parents and teachers don't understand. What to do?
You are having extremely high situational stress. The stress is so high that your subconscious mind is blocking your conscious mind and memory to prevent nervous damage. If you have experienced even one such situation, consult a professional neuro-psychiatrist, for some non-sedative, non-addictive stress battling medication and also for some concentration/memory exercises according to your personality.

5. I am scared of what my dad will say. I have lied to him about him exam results. But soon he will come to know. I feel like running away. What to do?
Your family might be strict with you, but they love you. If you have made an error they will taunt you or punish you. As you have broken their trust, but that doesn't mean they won't stand by you.
If you do actions that prove you are sorry for your mistakes, they will accept you with open arms.
Prepare yourself to walk the tough path. But with a goal to prove to them you will emerge victorious.

6. My friend went "mad" during the exam paper. He suddenly started throwing the answer-sheet, got aggressive, shouting obscenities.. they had to call the guards to take him away. I don't want this to happen to me?
The greatest probability is that your friend suffered from a nervous breakdown. This happens when the subconscious stress suddenly manifests itself a behavioral monster. He will be fine after his mind is calmed down.

To prevent such thing from happening the following are very important:
a. sleep well
b. eat well
c. make sure you have friends/family to talk about your restlessness, fear.
d. if you are not finding a solution, consult a professional counselor/neuro-psychiatrist in your area.

7. My Tuition teacher suggested us from tablets for increasing memory and concentration. He is selling them to us. He says his brother is a pharmacist and its completely safe. I cannot tell my parents. Do such tablets really exist? Should I buy it?
Yes there are certain tablets that stimulate the brain for increased performance. Unfortunately these tablets are extremely powerful stimulants that can cause severe damage to your brain-body.
You should always consult a medical professional like a neuro-psychiatrist or neurologist before starting any medicine.
Do tell your parents if someone is selling such tablets. It's illegal. Make sure some action is taken against him.

8. Why do girls perform better than boys? 
Well both girls and boys have the same brain. Both can perform equally. Performance totally depends on :
a. concentration at the time of studying
b. performance at the time to writing down exams.

you need to have controlled stress during these times.

9. Why are some people more intelligent than others? cannot we become like them.? 
To be gifted with a super memory is a trait that only one in every million children has. The majority of us have an average brain functioning. 
It all depends on how we use that brain. If we use it effectively we can achieve to be as good as anyone.

My inbox is always open to all your suggestions and queries. You are most welcome to approach me at -

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The Cheating Wife/Girl-Friend

It's Valentines Eve and many would question why am I writing on such a topic, instead of praising the Power of Love.
The Answer dear reader is because the Love doesn't flourish without Trust.

Yesterday I read an article in Times of India, Mumbai where city husbands/boyfriends are shelling upto Rs.30,000/day on Private Detectives to know whether their wife's/girlfriends are cheating upon them. The  private detectives in this article confirmed that 70% of such suspicions really turned out to be true.

As a neuro-psychiatrist and behavioral-emotional counselor at the Mind Mantra Wellness Clinic, every week I get tens of male clients suffering from deep clinical depression and severe stress, because they suspect their wife/girl-friend to be involved in a "physical or emotional" relationship with someone else. 

Over the last one year, the number of such cases has increased alarming. I can agree with the private detectives that upto 70% of such cases don't happen because of a "mental" disorder but because their is "factual" truth to support it.

What's even more interesting is that the number of female clients approaching me for help, who actually are involved in such behavior pattern has also gone up. Why do they consult me?
a. I ain't a priest who is going to judge them as good or bad. I am a professional doctor looking to help them battle emotional issues. 
b. Many of them enjoy living this "split personality", but are loaded with the need to vent out their "achievements" without being labelled with names.
c. Many harbor a guilt that needs to be cured.
d. Many just don't know how they landed into such situations and are battling depression at various levels.

If I was to sit and think about 5 of the commonest scenarios where "extra-marital" relationships or "out-of-relationship" emotional/physical dependency develops in cases of wives or girl-friends, then these  would be it:

1. Comforting Shoulder-  Relationships seldom go the "happily ever after" way. When emotional turmoil arises in a relationship, most women seek the advice of close female friends. In case their advice fails, they find themselves helpless. In such time an best male friend, ex-lover or a very close male office colleague can suddenly become the "knight in shinning armor".. Most such relationships start just as a good way of "sharing" each others emotional trauma, and a "platonic" tag is attached to them. The emotional dependency slowly increases to such level, that very soon the comforting shoulder becomes a bed-mate.
This kind of relationships can be equated to playing with fire. Once sexual interactions have been established, it takes time before one of the partner develops extreme possessiveness. This creates a psychological earthquake within the subconscious which manifests as extreme restlessness, stress, anxiety and in many cases suicidal ideas. 

A classical example of this was recently shown in the movie Rockstar. Whereby the heroine indulges in emotional and physical closeness with an ex-lover.

Women who are "Selfish" enough to know what they "want" from each relationships, are successfully in living this dual personality.

2. Need for Power/Control - A common denominator in both men and women is ego. Ego expression is extremely important. Women who are continuously suppressed by husbands/boyfriends lack the expression of their ego. They very well know they cann't leave or divorce their husbands/boyfriends, but at the same time have no control or power in their relationship. They feel worthless at emotional and physical levels. 

In such case woman looks to be in "out of wedlock" relationship with a man she can control.The commonest examples of the same are drivers or gym instructors or children tutors. A relationship where she is the queen and the male their slave.

Such are short lived relationships. Mostly for physical pleasure. Both parties shortly move to look for another partners soon. 
The need for sex can trigger a sexual addiction in many of such scenarios.

The most famous example of this was Princess Diana who was involved with a horse-riding instructor of hers.

3. Neighbour / Husbands Friend - Woman are not always cougar. They are not launching themselves onto men. In many cases its men who drive them to actions.
Male neighbours or husband's/family friends are people who have easy accessibility to the household. They have a fair idea of the relationship status and also a certain comfort level with the husband. 
If a man has sight on certain "gains" from such interactions, its not long before he can convince the woman to become emotionally dependent on him or get physically involved with him.
Many men take advantage of the sadness, loneliness, lack of communication or anger a wife/girl-friend might have against her mate.
We love to play blind to this fact, but its been such a relationship issue that even various religions have all mentioned about the same. One of the most direct ones is the 10 commandments which states  "you shall not covet your neightbors wife". 

Such relationships are also very short lived. Mostly they leave a woman with a lot of guilt and depression. As she feels manipulated into committing acts against her husband/boy-friend. 

4. Younger Man - One of the prime needs that every individual has is the need to feel good about one's own self.  When you start having doubts about yourself, a lack of confidence arises. 
Having admirers among the opposite gender is a major ego booster for anyone. Woman who like to indulge into "relationships" with younger man, do so to subconsciously prove that they are "still attractive" and "still have the same sexual stamina as younger woman".

The constant need to feel young and loved, drives them to seek younger man. 

A recent bollywood movie "desi boys" tried to raise the social view about the growing demand for male strippers and gigolos or male prostitutes. Considered a "easy money" option that more and more young men are looking towards in major metro cities of India.

5. The Virtual World- This discussion cannot be complete without mentioning the greatest field of "extra-marital relationships", the virtual world. Online dating, online relationships are a reality going on for years now. 
Recent studies have proven that the emotional and physical energy levels which an individual spends in an online relationship are equal or more than a real-time relationship.

Women who are shy or fearful of getting into an "extra-marital relationship", look at the internet as a very safe option. (I have written a complete article on this topic). 

Online relationships have the same mental impact as any other relationship would. While many argue that its safer because no "physical intimacy" is established, this is a wrong assumption. Exchange of extremely private photos, indulgence in sexual practice over webcam's, phone and skype stimulate the body to secrete equal levels of hormones as when really doing it.

The Most important issue bond in a relationship is TRUST.. if this is broken, the relationship has no meaning.

For any further help, don't hesitate 

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Is your daily life-routine Burning your physical, emotional and spiritual fire - Be CAREFUL of Burnout!!

Life really does have an uncanny way of imitating art. It was Labor Day of 2010. I’d just finished penning the final revisions to my latest book “Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive.”  My husband Gordon and I returned from an early-morning hike and spotted smoke in the gulch below the house. Within minutes there were flames. Hastily packing what we could, we loaded the dogs into our cars and prepared to flee.

A hundred-foot wall of flames raced up the gulch as we said goodbye to our home. The roar of the conflagration was terrifying as we witnessed the worst wildfire in Colorado history. It burned for almost a week and incinerated 169 homes and more than 7,500 acres of pristine beauty.
“Fried” was suddenly more than a book title. Five days into the evacuation we were told that our home had, against all odds, survived. Twelve neighboring homes were reduced to ash. The once-magnificent view had been replaced by a charred, lunar landscape. Clouds of soot and toxic dust settled over everything inside and out.
Staying on top of the insurance claim, hiring and overseeing contractors to clean and repair the house, canceling checking accounts and credit cards that might have been compromised — all the while traveling, working and living in a hotel — started to burn me out.
Berkeley psychologist Christina Maslach created a scale that measures the three basic components of the syndrome: emotional exhaustion and physical depletion; loss of empathy; and decrease in self-confidence and competence. Burnout starts innocently enough with working harder but slowly and surely culminates in physical and mental collapse.
As work expands and threatens to eat life whole, values get turned upside down. Exercise, play and time with loved ones may get short shrift. The result is snarkiness and impatience, a tendency to feel edgy and judgmental — a closing of the heart. In an attempt to feel better you might overeat, drink to excess, turn to prescription or illicit drugs, get lost in porn or find yourself staring mindlessly at the television. It’s like a film of plastic wrap has been stretched over the world, and you can’t connect with life.
Motivation gets replaced by a “why bother?” attitude. Headaches, trouble sleeping, stomach problems, muscle aches, high blood pressure and the whole panoply of stress-related ills increase. The end result looks a lot like depression. The cure is not in a pill but in making choices that allow you to make a living while having a life.
Tips for Revival:
1. Unplug and take stock. Go away for a few days to a quiet place where you can get some perspective. What’s burning you out? Are you a square peg in a round hole? Customer service, for example, is a bad choice for the conflict-averse. Are you a caregiver who needs respite? Are you a people-pleaser who needs to say “no” to others and “yes” to yourself? Is your lifestyle so expensive that working enough to fund it is killing you?
2. Purge what’s not necessary. Pareto’s Law states that 20 percent of one’s actions result in 80 percent of hoped-for results. Identify leverage points and energy drains. What serves you, and what wastes your time? When I cut down on radio interviews, reviewing people’s manuscripts and doing favors for just about anyone who asked, I had much more time for what really matters. The fire gave me permission to say “no” without feeling guilty. But you don’t need to wait for an excuse to live your own life.
3. Play both for the sake of fun itself and because play changes your brain state and supports creative thinking. Work smarter by exercising or playing when you feel stale.
4. Pay yourself first. Schedule time for self-care, family and friends before filling up your calendar with work demands. Waiting for free time to materialize is the same as deciding to save the money that’s left at the end of the month.
5. Take a weekly Sabbath. Do absolutely nothing related to work on that day. This is a time-honored strategy for staying sane and enjoying life.
6. Cultivate beginner’s mind. The late Zen teacher Suzuki Roshi wrote, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities; in the expert’s mind there are few.”
As a result of the fire I’ve had to give up expert status. After months spent grieving the destruction of the land, I’m constantly surprised by new life revealing itself. Charred trees are host to flocks of magpies and woodpeckers. Some of the browned-out trees are showing signs of life. The pleasure of seeing the landscape with fresh eyes is not in the end-product of what all the cutting, pruning and planting might create, but in the act of creativity itself.
Pay yourself first. We humans are born artists, and when burnout wipes the canvas clean, it is an invitation to pick through the ashes and make life new again.

(I thank Mr.Gautam M. for forwarding me this article to be shared with all)
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What is HIV/AIDS

Every day at the Mind Mantra Clinic I get many patients with extreme stress, related to HIV/AIDS. Hereby I try to answer some of the most regularly asked questions:

What is HIV?
HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
What does having HIV or being HIV positive mean?
HIV positive means the presence of HIV virus in your body.

How do one come to know if he/she is HIV positive?A simple blood test at local hospital can give you the answer.

How deadly is HIV?HIV or the virus per say is not a killer... But its actions are one of the most deadliest known to man. As the name indicates, the virus decreases and destroys the body immunity.
Our bodies are at a constant war with the environment around. Our immunity or defence system prevents the attack from millions of viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc present in the air, water, food that we consume.
Imagine what would happen if slowly these defences are completely destroyed. Even a common cold or a common cough would kill us.

That’s exactly what the HIV virus does. It destroys the defence system making the body exposed to every type of infection.

Is AIDS the same as HIV?
No, A person can live with HIV virus for years together... But when the presence of HIV in the body can cause a disease of the immune system, which is called as Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
This condition progressively reduces the effectiveness of the immune system and leaves individuals susceptible to opportunistic infections and tumors.

How is HIV Transmitted? HIV is transmitted through body fluid contact. This can be further explained as direct contact of a mucous membrane or the bloodstream of a non-infected individual with the bodily fluid containing HIV,
such transmission happens in cases of:

1. Transmission through infected blood
2. Anal, vaginal or oral sex with an infected person leading to exchange of semen, vaginal fluid, preseminal fluid,
3. From an infected mother through breast milk.
4. Contact with Contaminated needles

How fast is HIV/AIDS spreading?
AIDS has been now upgraded to a pandemic – or a worldwide epidemic. A global estimate of 40million people are infected or suffering from the same.

If I eat properly and come from a educated, high class life, can I still get HIV?
HIV doesn’t see age, social status, education, health... if there is an exchange of infected body fluids then irrespective of all of the above, a person will get infected.

What are the most common behaviours that lead to HIV?
The most common behavioural patterns that lead to HIV are:
a. Unprotected Sex with infected individual.
b. Unprotected sex with more than one sexual partner increases the chances of HIV infection.
c. Unprotected sex with partner, who has been earlier been sexually involved with multiple partners... for example, unprotected sex with a commercial sex worker.
d. Using used needles.
e. Anal sex

If one suspects of being infected, how soon can it be detected?
Once the infection has set foot in the body the commonly available tests take upto 3 months for detecting the same.

Is there any cure for HIV/AIDS?Sadly no permanent cure for the same has been devised. Anti-retroviral medications are a key in helping prolong the deadly effects of the Virus on the Immune system, but they are not a cure.

For any further, feel free to contact me at:
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7 ways to Enhance your Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal also defined as the attraction power your entire physical, mental and meta-physical persona exerts on the opposite sex is probably one of the most important and most under-looked aspects of personality development.
Lets get the fact clear. If you are young at heart, live in an urban setting and want to have a lot of  fun, then there is one essential ingredient for your life to be successful-
To Be famous among the opposite sex... Everyone loves to get attention from friends and admirers of the opposite gender.

I would say If Girl/Guy hates getting attention from the opposite sex, than he/she has some psychological issues they should get treated for?

To be famous you will need to have a powerful Sex-Appeal. Thou Sex-Appeal is topic on which I could write an entire book, the following are 10 very simple and basic things to keep into mind -

1. Long Legs - Whats common between Hrithik Roshan, Biphasa Basu, Priyanka Chopra - Their long legs. Its psychologically proven that both men and women love long legs in the opposite sex... Your height is not a determinant you can decide...but surely you can buy and mask high-heel foot-wear to enhance your looks.

2. Mature Look - Being that next door girl or that chocolate hero is outdated..  Looking like a rebel without a cause just makes your personality feel cheap. If you in search of long term meaningful relationships with the opposite sex, then having a well-groomed mature look is essential.

3. Clean Feet - One of the most neglected parts of the human body are the feet. Unfortunately many people observe that and make a very negative image of people. For girls its important that they have good foot-wear and adequate pedicure... For the boys its important that they dont wear stinking socks and have stinky feet.

4. Rounded Booty - The booty or "ones behind" is one of the most important body parts to attract the opposite sex. Psychological studies have shown that majority of men and women love to see a rounded fuller booty in their partners... small and unshaped behinds are not to attractive. So next time you hit the gym, make sure you concentrate on your leg exercises.

5. Party Intelligently!!! -  The biggest problem with the word PARTY!!! is that a great majority of people in India think it means to sit and drink with your friends... I am not against that, but frankly, look at it logically... Siting in a room or in a bar, with a few of your same gender friends, drinking till you are drunk... There is more chance of you "insulting" or "creating a scene" with the opposite sex then getting an brownie points for the same.
A party means an entertaining get together... If you want to become popular with the opposite sex party intelligently!!!
It could be an humor-filled, songs singing, colas and fried snacks get together at the local canteen. Or it could be a well organized one at your flat... whatever it is.. make sure its well planned and you invite as many girls/boys as possible.

6. Hugging - The way you touch each other makes a huge impact. While people who are sexually starved and perverted have a negative aura from which the opposite sex runs away, others who are caring and loving just don't know how to use their body to advertise their self.
Soft, gentle hugging is a great way of building connect.. Medically proven to release oxytocin, a hormone that increases the emotional connect between two-people.. hugging is one of the greatest instruments in body-language... Extensively used by famous superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, etc to create an instant bond.

7. Sexual Energy - Have you ever concentrated on the sexual energy you possess. I am sure, the great majority has come across it only while watching a pornographic movie or reading something erotic. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful sources of energy you harbor. Learn to utilize it.

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