why woman and men cheat in relationships

Researchers of the Spire Liverpool Hospital found that during physical contact of sexual nature in women produce higher levels of oxytocin, the hormone that binds women emotionally to their partners. 
It is worth noting that this hormone is produced in the same quantities, whether it is a one night stand or a serious relationship.
Now this brings to the point of discussion that - If her partner is not able to "arouse" her raise oxytocin levels, its natural that a woman might look for another partner. 
A woman finds it easier to get emotionally and physically attached to her new partner.
In men, instead, the same stimulates the nervous system to produce more dopamine, the pleasure hormone, and this surge can be very addictive.
The hormone levels fluctuate depending on the attraction, nature of sexual contact and desire for the same.
This brings out the point of discussion that, Men seem addicted to the "physical act". Hence those who are not attracted to their partners or don't find physical pleasure with their partner, might remain emotionally loyal but not physically.
Interesting developments!!!
My Mind Mantra on this - I meet many men and women who are "cheating" on their partners. They find different reasons and explanations for the same. 
They all seem to have guilt, but something in them still makes it uncontrollable to do so. 
Most people show a certain level of control and clarity in mind after proper counselling and treatment!! 
So somewhere the hormones are affecting the minds understanding of reality.. and the mind might need strengthening???
- Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS,DPM)
www.mindmantra.in - eksoch@gmail.com

Valentines Day - Hearty - Heartbroken - Heartless!!

Its nearly the end of 14th February or Valentines Day.
The beauty of this day is that its a wonderful teacher.
It teaches you 3 beautiful aspects of Love -

1. Hearty - Today If your loved one fulfilled your expectations, you'll feel super elated. Happiness will take over you and you'll feel like dancing in love.
This is the madness of love - it takes you into a different world.

2. Heartbroken - If your loved one didn't meet or rejected your expectations, you'll feel sad. You'll cry in sadness, heart will be full of pain.
This is the power of love. It takes a second to destroy your mental peace. No matter how powerful, rich or famous you might be.

3. Heartless - If your loved one doesn't care about you, and is enjoying with someone else. You'll become full of anger. You'll become heartless.
This is the devastation of love. - love can give all its power to anger. Anger will blind you, and lead to any extent of destruction.

Remember Love is always present in Hearty, heartbroken or heartless person.. Its just the expression that changes.

Valentines day is a great Teacher... Let its teachings guide you towards growth, happiness and positivity of Love.

written by-
Dr.Hemant Mittal
eksoch@gmail.com - www.mindmantra.in

The Power of - "I Love You"

Its Valentines Day eve. As much as we say that love has to be celebrated year long, everyday of life... Thanks to mainstream media, for a great number of people Tomorrow is the most important day for expressing their love.

Everyone's expression of love should be respected.

So if you are someone for whom Valentines Day is very important, than its also important that you understand the power of - I LOVE YOU.

"I Love you" is a universal statement. A child can use it for this mother, a brother for his sister, a friend for his friend and a lover for his lover.

What does "I love you" mean?

1. Acceptance - you accept someone whole-heartedly.

2. Non-discrimination - you don't compare or measure your love. You give 100%.

3. Commitment - You stay together in good times and bad times. In sadness and in fun.

4. Promise - You give 100% loyalty.

5. Sharing - You open your heart and mind. You don't sharing every part of your life.

6. Expectation - You expect certain degree of reciprocation. (this is variable from individual to individual)

What is the Power of "I Love You"?
When said with 100% emotional strength - "I love you" - destroys your mental boundaries. It makes you psychologically vulnerable. You give another person a complete control over yourself.

In return you get to experience the feelings of ecstasy, euphoria and peace of mind.

KNOW THE POWER of your "I love you".
DON'T WASTE your "i love you"

Love is a continuous celebration..!!


written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal

eksoch@gmail.com - www.mindmantra.in

Board Exams - Tips for Parents

The board exams are a few weeks away, and stress levels are on an all-time high.
While Children are trying their best, here are 5 tips for the Parents.

1. Expectations - Accept your expectations and don't just say "I just want my child to give his best". It sends mix signals to the child.

2. Ego - Are you associating your child's results with your social image. Think?? are the results so important so that you can socially show-off how "proud you feel". Is it right to do so??

3. Love - will the results change your love for your child??
Is love a business- if your child doesn't get the marks you expect, will you feel cheated or love her less?
have you told your child this?? or does your child feel he will become unwanted if he doesn't meet your expectations?

4. Talk - Is your communication with your child based on commanding and controlling his behavior?. Do you listen to him? To you let him/her talk freely without judging or suggesting or counselling?

5. Detach from the Result. - The most difficult and important thing is for you and your child to detach from the results.
Remember the golden rule - A result can never defines a childs future.
And if you think a single result defines life, then there is a lot of personality empowerment you still need.

Detach yourself from it. Love your child and accept his/her efforts. Celebrate their efforts.

Invest in Love.. and you will get Love in return.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal
www.mindmantra.in - eksoch@gmail.com

Amit vs Vishal

It was a Saturday morning when Amit met Vishal at his Doctor's clinic.
A few hours later they both had dinner together and it marked the start of a beautiful friendship.

They proved to be the much needed relief and support in each others life. Apart from their individual success and wealth, they both share a common bond. They just had 6 months to live. Both were battling final stages of cancer.

There friendship blossomed and 6 months later, they decided to share the same room in their final days on earth.

Just Minutes before his final moments, Vishal asked Amit what was his final wish.

Amit said - "I have spent the last 6 months flaunting off my wealth. I met as many people I could, to flaunt and show-off my wealth. My luxury cars, the grand parties, the expensive gadgets.. I wanted them to be Jealous of me after I died..

If I could make one wish right now, I would ask God for one more day.. as there are still a few people who haven't seen my grandiosity".

Them Amit asked Vishal, what would your final wish be -

Vishal said - "I thank god for cancer. I never realized how amazing life was. The day I got the news about cancer, I was driving my favorite BMW, had my favorite food and wore expensive clothes.. still the the tears kept flowing.

The day I gave the news about my cancer to my family, they shared my pain for 5 days and then got onto thinking about "long term needs"...Last 6 months I have seen people love me, hate me, care for me, pity me and above all want something from me... But beyond all that.. I finally discovered me.. I discovered love for myself. I learned to enjoy my life without caring what others think. Even a day of this freedom, was enough for me..and I got 6 months of it. I am happy with every single moment given to me."

Vishal closed his eys... and took a deep Breadth. Amit knew the moment had arrived. As tears flowed down his face, he suddenly found himself Jealous of Vishal...

Original Story written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal
www.mindmantra.in - eksoch@gmail.com


Elder Men and Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Over the last few years the society has become aware of high number of inappropriate sexual behaviors present in the Elderly.

While earlier it was covered and no one talk about it, today its become a reason for world wide embarrassment and/or legal implications.
From Bollywood to latest news, they all focus on elderly men caught in the "Act".

As a Doctor, whenever I treat such a case, the 3 most important questions regarding this are -

1. What is sexually inappropriate behavior?
Any Behavior thats done with the intent of sexual gratification, which doesn't go according to moral rule, legal regulations and is without consent.
Sexually inappropriate behavior can include verbal or physical abnormal behavior. The physical inappropriate behavior includes rape, sexual touching, fondling, disrobing and masturbation.
The verbal include - sexual advances, speech that has very high sexual content and constantly demanding or referring to sex.
2. Why does this happen?
It happens more in Males, but doesn't mean it ain't present in females.
There are many reasons for a perfectly normal adult to develop this type of behavior.
The 3 most common reasons are -
1. Hormonal imbalance due to various medical disorders.
2.  Neuro-Psychiatric diseases like Dementia, Alcoholism, Psychosis, Drug overdose, bipolar mania, Sexual OCD.
3. Very high Ego - This is normally expressed onto those who are "at a lower level in social hierarchy". Egoism blinds the mind. The oppressor feels he/she can do whatever they want with the victim. They feel the fear of their position will make the victim keep quiet.
(common victims are the younger in the family to junior workers at work)
3. Treatment?
- The root cause is looked upon.
- A detailed neuro-psychiatric evaluation is essential part of therapy.
- many patients require MRI-brain among other investigations.
- Medications are the only treatment. Counselling is attempted only after proper course of Medications.

Mind Mantra Message -
When you'll come across such patient, you'll feel disgusted or angry. Beyond all the shouting, yelling and abusing.. the most essential thing is to help them get a cure for their sickness.

- Dr.Hemant Mittal
www.mindmantra.in - eksoch@gmail.com