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1. iAnna - Laws of Success that Anna Hazare teaches us

2. What nerve disorder is Salman Khan suffering from?

3. Simple guide to a Powerful Brain

4. Personality development - you have 30seconds to create an impression
excellent tips for anyone going for interviews, dates, meeting new people.

5. 7 simple lifestyle changes that help you be financially successful.

6.  Parents vs Adolescent - when will my child start taking responsibility

7. how to solve the confusion in your life?

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Anna Hazare and the Secret Psychological laws of Success

Last Week saw one of the greatest Nationalist movements in the history of Modern India. Corrupt and inept functioning has become a cancerous disease which the entire governance of this country is affected with. The popular anger and frustration against this malpractice was perfectly channelized and conveyed to the "Elected representatives" of the people. The helm and face of this energy channelization was Anna Hazare, a 74yr old social activist, whose sheer power of smiling in adversity, love for people and love for nation touched every single individual who came across. Even his toughest critics had to stop and appreciate his determination. 

The movement awakened patriotism for many and in their own special way they tried to do something for the nation. It was the emotional touch of this mixture of altruism and patriotism that motivated a friend of mine to do her bit for the movement. Being a soft-skill trainer in a multinational corporate company she was bounded by corporate laws. So trying to keep it as non-political possible, she wanted to deliver a positive message based on Anna's teachings. She called me on a high distress-level around Wednesday afternoon and asked if I could help her conceptualize something for her upcoming session. Later that evening we both had an amazing brain-storming session over loads of amazing, home brewed Yemenish coffee. 

She had an amazing session that Friday. Instead of the regular half sleepy, want-to-go-home looks most people were wide awake, attentive and appreciative at the end her session. Some of the participants went ahead and demanded for a repeat for a greater audience. 

I promised her that I wouldn't publish what we finally agreed upon but I did use the session as a base to prepare my own extract which I wanted to share with all of you.

Anna Hazare is an embodiment of success. One good psychological analysis at his life and we see how the "laws of success" have been subconsciously SUCCESSFULLY applied. If you ever doubted yourself, feel that success is only for the lucky, thought you are destined to live poor/unhappy or have lost confidence in yourself then this 74yr old ex-army man from a small rural town of Maharashtra has the following to teach you.

1. The Awakening - Anna Hazare wasn't born Anna Hazare. He was just like you and me. A young man who joined the Indian Army. It wasn't until he became the lone survivor of a brutal massacre of his entire battalion at the hands of the Pakistani Army that his mind didn't question his soul. He found the answers and started acting on them.

iAnna 1 - If you want success and happiness in life than its time to awaken. You question yourself everyday, you know the negatives in your life, but you wait for someone to come and help you. You hope a miracle will make everything happen. STOP THINKING... START ACTING.

2. Baby Steps - Anna Hazare didn't start by leading nation-wide agitations. He started by bringing small reforms in his work place. Reforms that probably no one has heard or cared about till date. Later he moved to fighting for causes he believed in. He spent 35yrs before he became a national figure. 

iAnna 2 - Everyone want to do something Big! You are always better than your Boss! You always think you are stuck in the most insignificant of jobs! You always think your potential is being wasted!
Learn to MASTER small works. Once you have mastered a work, make sure your next assignment is bigger than the previous one. Else you will remain a master of small.

3. Clarity of mind - Anna Hazare is known to have a clarity of mind at the start of any movement. From prohibition of alcohol in his home town, to education, abolishing untouchability, water irrigation projects, farmer rights and till his fight against corruption he has not rested till he got what he wanted.
iAnna 3 - Learn to define your Goal in any activity you do. Once you define a goal, people around you will emotionally and/or financially bargain with you. They will try to make sure you give in your demands for cheap. If you have a clarity of mind on what you want, you can achieve it.

4. Etiquette - Anna Hazare is a charming man because he is so easy to talk to. He is always smiling. He listens to others. He questions others. He is very empathic in conveying his point. And above all with all the power he has, he never abuses it by promoting violence.

iAnna 4 - If you don't express your feelings, the suppression of emotions can be destructive for the subconscious. If you express your feelings only through anger and negative behavior people will run away from you. Many people need to develop etiquette on how express their feelings.

5. Public Support - Anna Hazare's popularity became viral in a matter of days. It didn't take more than a week for millions of people from all backgrounds of life to go from "Who is Anna Hazare?" to "I support Anna Hazare?". The reason is that Anna accepted, appreciated and fought for the people he believed in.

iAnna 5 - The biggest mistake people make in effort to be popular is too try and please everyone. The most important part is to first become popular among people who think like you. Once they start appreciating and understanding your point of view, they will become your brand ambassadors and ask people to follow you. And the only way to be popular among those think like you is to accept them as they are, appreciate them and help them. 

Learn from great leaders and Let success be part of your life. 

Dr.Hemant MittaL
Motivational Speaker - Mind-Body Healer
(MBBS, PG.DPM, M.D.(Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts - Mumbai))
(Specialize in Emotional, Behavioural, Sleep, Memory, Concentration and Sexual Health)
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Motivational Hindi Song - TAARE ZAMEEN PAR

Movie : Taare Zameen Par
Music Director: Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Dominique Cerejo, Vivienne

Kholo kholo darwaze
Parde karo kinare
Khutey se bandhi hai hawa
Mil ke chudao saare

Aajao patang leke
Apney hi rang leke
Aasmaan ka shamiyana
Aaj hamein hai sajana

Kyun is kadar hairaan tu
Mausam ka hai mehmaan tu
Duniya sajee tere liye
Khud ko zara pehchaan tu

Tu dhoop hain jham se bikhar
Tu hai nadee o bekhabar
Beh chal kahin ud chal kahin
Dil khush jahan teri toh manzil hai wahin

Kyun is kadar hairaan tu
Mausam ka hai mehmaan tu

Baasi zindagi udaasi
Taazi hasney ko raazi
Garma garma saari
Abhi abhi hai utaari

Oh zindagi to hain batasha
Meethi meethi si hai aasha
Chakh le rakh le
Hatheli se dhak le ise

Tujh mein agar pyaas hai
Baarish ka ghar bhi pass hai
Roke tujhe koi kyon bhala
Sang sang tere aakash hai

Tu dhoop hain jham se bikhar
Tu hai nadee o bekhabar

Beh chal kahin ud chal kahin
Dil khush jahan teri toh manzil hai wahin

Khul gaya aasmaan ka rasta dekho khul gaya
Mil gaya kho gaya tha jo sitara mil gaya

Roshan hui saari zameen
Jagmag hua saara jahaan
Oh udne ko tu aazad hai
bandhan koi ab hai kahan

Tu dhoop hain jham se bikhar
Tu hai nadee o bekhabar
Beh chal kahin ud chal kahin
Dil khush jahan teri toh manzil hai wahin

Oh kyun is kadar hairaan tu
Mausam ka hai mehmaan tu


Dr.Hemant MittaL
Motivational Speaker - Mind-Body Healer
(MBBS, PG.DPM, M.D.(Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts - Mumbai))
(Specialize in Emotional, Behavioural, Sleep, Memory, Concentration and Sexual Health)
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7 behavioral patterns that help you from become Financially Successful

I am sure that even before you read what is written ahead, the first thing to strike your mind would be, What does a Medical Doctor and that too a Psychiatrist Know about Financial Health? How can he give me financial tip?
You are very right. I am no financial expert. There are millions of books written by some great authors out there for that. So what compels me to write this article is my experience with hundreds of people who have suffered severe emotional and behavioral problems due to a bad financial health.
Over the years I have helped hundreds of these men and women manage their emotions and utilize their behavior as a tool for achieving their dream lifestyle, job and personal health. In return, I have had the opportunity to closely analyse their psyche and learn what bad decisions, spending habits and personality traits lead them to such a dismal state.
1.      New age Spiritual Contentment – Every action we do in life is for happiness. We live in the age of micro-blogging and fast food – where the word “instant” is synonym with happiness. If you don’t have it today, than what is the use of it tomorrow.
EMI’s have made it easier to buy what you want. Eventually this has ignited a new age phenomenon called “compulsive spending”- whereby if you don’t buy something you desire and can very well afford, a sense of negativity and restlessness keeps haunting you till you get it.
2.      Track Record – I remember how the generation of my parents had a filing system in which every single expense was registered within a perfect time line. It wasn’t until I joined college that I understood the importance of this filling system. I remember how there were a couple of months when my monthly allowance would be over by the 20th. With no recollection of where the entire money was spent and with 10 days to go, calling home for more money was really embarrassing. 
Keeping a record of income earned and money spent is an excellent technique to keep a check on your financial health. A good documentation system not only helps to keep a control over spending but also stops you from emotional shocks when you visit your account.
3.      Respect your Debt – The older generation is against EMI’s and personal loans. The newer lot are all for it. Who is right, who is wrong? 
The answer – Not all Debt is bad. A home is a necessity at both emotional and social levels. A car is a necessity at both emotional and social levels. But is a 2lakh rupee gold set important. Is a 50 thousand cell phone vital.  It’s very easy to get into the debt trap. Every financial institution wants you to borrow money. Imagine you take 1 rupee from them and end up paying 2 at the end of 10years. That’s nearly 10% interest per annum. Which institution wouldn’t want it.  Be careful!!! Know what’s your priority. Keep a fixed percentage of your monthly income for debt payment. Don’t increase it. Keep it FIXED. 
4.      Price Rise – Many people love to live a 1st to 30th life. Every single penny of their salary is well spent by the 30th. The problem comes when prices suddenly rise. As much as you deny yourself prices will rise. And once northwards there is no looking back. The problem starts when price rise pushes your budget from 1st to 30th to 1st to 25th.  Have a foresight. Either learn to live 1st to 35th. Where you always have a 5day buffer or learn to let go those extra minor expenses. Simple curtails like a movie less a month, one dinner out less, one trip to the in-laws less can increase your over-all fund by miles. 

5.      Devil in Disguise – Taxes – Taxes are an evil that everyone caries with them. We give to the govt. to build a happy place for us to live in. No one likes 20% of your hard earned income to be taken away. Learn to invest in tax saving plans. Contact your bank, look into the options provided by your company, invest in these long term plans that decrease your tax burden. You might get the money after 10years, but it you will get the money.

6.      Invest – Not everyone is a born investor. Not everyone understand terms like asset allocation, diversification, money market, etc. But everyone understands what a 500 rupee note looks like and what a 1000 rupee note looks like. If you are not very learned about investment don’t worry. Make it a habit to save a certain percentage of your monthly income by depositing it into fixed deposit. Religiously every month you should deposit some money into this fixed deposit that will be redeemed only in dire times of need or after a fixed time. This keeps a check on spending, and always creates a fund of money for an emergency.

7.      Never put all your eggs in one basket- Everyone would love to become rich overnight. And that is something many fraudsters take advantage off. Never rely on what your friends say. Always do your research. Any scheme that promises huge gains within months is likely to be a very dangerous preposition. If you are convinced about the scheme than never commit the mistake of investing more than 30% of your entire assets into the same. You can still recover from a 30% loss, but a 50% loss will create huge sadness and anything above that can destroy your will to success.

 Dr.Hemant MittaL
Motivational Speaker - Mind-Body Healer
(MBBS, PG.DPM, M.D.(Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts - Mumbai))
(Specialize in Emotional, Behavioural, Sleep, Memory, Concentration and Sexual Health)
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The Salman Khan Pain - Trigeminal Neuralgia

Salman Khan the bad-boy of Indian Cinema has been diagnosed with a neurological condition that causes excessive pain. 
Trigeminal Neuralgia is one of the most dreadful pain that men can suffer from. Hereby a very brief over-view of what this disorder truely is:

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?
Trigeminal neuralgia is a nerve disorder that causes a stabbing or electric-shock-like pain in different parts of the face.
What Causes it?
The pain comes from something blocking or obstructing the trigeminal nerve. 
It can affect part or all of the face, and the surface of the eye.
Trigeminal neuralgia may be caused by:
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Pressure on the trigeminal nerve from a swollen blood vessel or tumor

Who is more prone to get it?
The condition usually affects adults above the age of 40yrs. But younger cases have also been reported.  In many cases its part of the normal aging process.

What are the symptoms?
1. Very painful, sharp electric-like spasms that usually last a few seconds or minutes, but can become constant
2.Pain is usually only on one side of the face, often around the eye, cheek, and lower part of the face
3.Pain may be triggered by touch or sounds
4.Painful attacks can be triggered by common, everyday activities, such as: Brushing teeth,Chewing, Drinking, Eating, Lightly touching the face, Shaving, etc.
How to Detect it?
The only way of detection is through a complete and professional neurological examination.
Tests that are helpful to find the condition:
  • Blood tests
  • MRI of the head
  • Trigeminal reflex testing
What is the treatment?
A. Primarily treatment includes to control pain. Over-the-counter pain killers are useless in most cases. And medicines specific to find neurological pain are utilized in doses determined by a proper medical professional.
These medicines include:
1. Muscle relaxants
2. Certain categories of Antidepressants ( yes, antidepressants are classical examples of judging a book by its cover. They are very powerful molecules that are not always addictive and sedative, but have very powerful pain-kiiling property along with the added benefit of helping fight sudden huge amounts of stress and the feeling of "what is happening to me?" "why is it happening to me?")
3. Anticonvulsants - another set of medicines that are judged by their name not their action. These are extremely beneficial in decreasing the pain, providing protection against nerve damage and preventing muscular damage due to sudden spasm. 

B. Severe Cases that don't improve with a few weeks of medications require immediate surgery. Surgical focus is to find the areas of blockage that might be affecting the nerve.

Dr.Hemant MittaL
Motivational Speaker - Mind-Body Healer
(MBBS, PG.DPM, M.D.(Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts - Mumbai))
(Specialize in Emotional, Behavioural, Sleep, Memory, Concentration and Sexual Health)
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QUIZ- How Socially concerned is your SubConscious Mind?

Anna Hazare has made Socialism a fashion. Everyone is talking about doing something for the society. Among all this new age fashion, what is inside the real you. Hereby a small quiz to find out what your subconscious mind really thinks:

1. You are on a lonely road and you spot a man asking for a lift. You…

A. Stop and ask to see where he's headed and give him a lift if he's going your way.

B. Slow down and gauge him. If he looks decent and civil, ask him where he's headed. Else speed on.

C. Give a hitchhiker a lift? Are you crazy?

2. You witness a road accident while driving. You…

A. Stop, get out, check for the wounded and help them out.

B. Note down the license number and call the police as you move on.

C. Honk for the traffic to disperse and drive away.

3. In case of a natural disaster in your country/ state, what do yo do?  
You donate your time, money and any other resource you can spare to help people out.

B. You write a cheque to the Prime Minister's relief fund and drop in old clothes to a local collection unit.

C. You donate a day's salary for the cause at most.

4. You spot a few teenagers in a rowdy fight. You… 

A. Approach them carefully and try and ease things out as a mediator.

B. Tell them to break it up or you'll call the police.

C. Walk on. What is it to you?

5. You're out for a walk and spot an injured animal. You…   

A. Rescue the animal and take it to the nearest vet or try and locate its owner.

B. Place a call to an animal shelter and give them directions to the injured animal.

C. Someone is bound to help out. You have other places to be at.

6. You are caught witnessing a violent crime like a robbery. You…
A. Run to help out immediately. Quickly gather helping hands and help the wounded.

B. Sneak away and call for the police. Wait till the thugs leave before you help the wounded.

C. Make a run for it. It's not worth your life.

7. An elderly gentleman/ lady are trying to make their way to a train coach in a local. You…  

A. Walk over and help them in, probably missing your train in the bargain.

B. Ask someone heading in that direction to take them on.

C. Avoid eye contact and walk on.

8. There is a large dwelling of homeless people in your neighbourhood. You…   
A. Go across once a week with some biscuits, extra clothes and toys.

B. Donate to a local charity once in a while.

C. Call the cops and complain about the encroachment, nuisance and filth.

Mostly As

Not only are you a Good Samaritan, you go out of your way to help people in any way you can. While it’s a great philosophy for life, one must be careful because you might land yourself in situations of danger. It’s wise to be wary because the world is full of people who like to take advantage of people like you.

Your generosity and large-heartedness is a welcome treat. But you might also want to introspect on why you stretch yourself thin to help others out. It might be an emotional void that you’re trying to fill by being overtly-helpful.

That said, there just aren’t enough people like you in the world. So whether you’re angling to stash away karmic points or helping people genuinely makes you happy, teach and encourage your children and friends to do the same.

Mostly Bs

You try to do your bit but practicality gets in the way. You limit yourself to things that are easily doable without going out of your way. You are also careful and particular about not getting yourself in dangerous situations. It’s a smart thing to do. However, your overcautious attitude might actually keep you from helping out more people than you could. You try and do the bare minimum to make sure your guilt doesn’t act up. A strictly safe option.

Mostly Cs
While a lot of us can probably associate with these characteristics, it only goes to show that years of urban living has made us insensitive to the poor and those in agony. Our defense mechanisms and daily pressures keep us from being helpful citizens and sensitive people. Over time, these qualities become inherent and even the guilt factor stops playing up.

While we are blessed and we pay gratitude to our respective gods, we fail to uphold basic humanitarian duties towards each other. One doesn’t need to go out of their way to help out. It’s mostly a simple gesture that makes all the difference to someone in need.

Introspect on your attitude and reflect upon how you can be grateful for the comforts you have been blessed with. Not to mention, karmically, it’s a great bonus.

(article forwarded to me by a friend of mine to share with all of you.)

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Motivational Speaker - Mind-Body Healer
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