Extrovert vs Introvert - Not Staying at home

1. Extrovert - Life is short and you must gather as many experiences as possible.
You can always stay indoors when you're old.
Introvert - The basic of every experience is gaining peace. If you find peace at home, than why roam around. And if you cannot find peace at home, where would you find it?

2. Extrovert - Weekends are to be well enjoyed. By Wednesday or Thursday you should have at least 2 plans for the weekend.
Introvert - After a tough week at work, it essential to give your mind some relaxation. If you are under the pressure to "make it a perfect" weekend, then you are just running after fun, without actually knowing where it lies.

3. Extrovert - Easily get bored of the same places and always on the lookout for new hangout spots.Conventional is boring.
Introvert - Experimentation means redefining expectations. Specially when one meal or one outing is very important for happiness, then exposing yourself to a greater chance of failure is illogical.

4. Extrovert - Know about all the events happening in and around your city, and adventure out.
Introvert - the greater your choice, the greater your confusion. Instead of your mind just running around trying to experience 10 events without enjoying anyone to the fullest, better to enjoy one event to the maximum.

5. Extrovert - Why spend the weekend sleeping at home. Invite friends and make it merrier.
Introvert - whole week you have been meeting people and getting things done, a good weekend sleep will help bring back your productivity to 100% on Monday morning.

6. Extrovert - Parents and relatives complain that you're never home.
Introvert - Parents and relatives complain that you're always home.

7. Extrovert - You're happy as long as you are out, the minute you step into your home, boredom strikes.
Introvert - Home is where happiness lies.

8. Extrovert - Meeting new people is greater than staying among the four walls of your house.
Introvert - the more people you meet, the more you will be judged and the more you need to "pretend".

MIND MANTRA - Both EXTROVERT and INTROVERT are right in their own contexts.
Excess of any personality type is wrong. Its essential to create a right balance.

At the extremes, the extroverts are at a greater danger of mental health illness like mental exhaustion and anxiety.. Introverts are more prone to depression.

Accept what you are, and how you are. Don't run after something you aren't and don't try to make others into something they aren't.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal
Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker/writer
www.mindmantra.in - eksoch@gmail.com

Bottling up Emotions

Psychological Fact - Bottling up your emotions is major cause for developing the habit of chronic over thinking, insomnia &/or depression.

So always vent out your emotions.

5 best ways to vent out your emotions -

1. Speak it out - specially towards those who have hurt you
2. Exercise or Meditate
3. Watch Movies or Listen to songs that encourage positiveness in life.
4. Write or draw - randomly just to express yourself
5. Go out with friends and share it out with them.

5 worst ways of venting your emotions -
1. Increased Consumption of Alcohol/smoking - suppresses your emotions for few hours, later they cause more harm.
2. Playing "politics" or trying to "manipulate" situations - if it back fires will cause more harm.
3. Excessive eating - weight gain and decreased self image
4. Increased watching of Pornography, Masturbation or Sex - attaches negativity to the sexual act.
5. Hurting yourself - cutting self, throwing things, etc. - increases anger.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal

Why is Your Trust Broken Again and Again?

I meet hundreds of people every year, who have one single complain - "Why is that our trust is broken Again and Again".

Breaking someone's trust is one of the most cruel psychological harms you can give. Sadly there are millions who suffer this torture multiple times in life.

Here are 4 Personality Reasons why these people suffer again and again -

1. Vulnerability - People who are transparent about their life are the most vulnerable. Transparency means telling your entire life story to someone. This gives the other great power over you.

2. Blame Takers - If you have the bad habit of taking up all the blame on your shoulders, just to keep others happy.. then one day this very habit will provide someone the chance to break your trust.

3. Dwelling in the Past - when you are dwelling the pain of Past "trust failures", you tend to over-compensate, giving too much power to others.

4. Dependency - If you very quickly start depending on someone, its a sign that you are insecure about yourself. Insecurity always leads to fear of losing someone or something - this is easily exploited by "trust breakers".

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal

Spiritual Guys cannot Fuck?

Forwarded by email - 
When it comes to “spiritual guys,” I just can’t fuck ‘em. Or, more precisely, they can’t fuck me.
It’s not that I don’t fuck spiritual guys from lack of wanting. I don’t fuck spiritual guys because they don’t know how and aren’t willing to be fucked themselves.

First, let me define what I mean by “spiritual guy.”
It has little to do with whether or not he believes in God and a lot more to do with what he thinks about his own humanity. Many “spiritual guys” come with a belief that they are “better than” their physical selves and should “rise above” their baser instincts.

I often see this kind of man in “conscious communities.” He’s all about being “heart-centered” and having “slow, tantric sex.” He walks around with a glassy stare, never gets angry, talks in a creepy whisper and greets every hot woman he meets with the ubiquitous “spiritual guy” pick-up line, “Namaste.”

He professes that money is evil, believes that commitment robs him of his enlightenment and prefers eye-gazing over hair-pulling. He is a participant in a kind of “spiritual sexism” that we often see in “conscious communities,” i.e. reaching for the ethereal stillness (masculine) while rejecting the material chaos (feminine).

While I have nothing against heart-centeredness and eye-gazing, a man who prioritizes “higher” virtues ends up disconnecting himself from his lower three chakras and committing the equivalent of energetic castration.

Imagine a car with no engine or gas. No matter how “loving,” “nice” and “sweet” it looks on the outside, without the raw material to fuel it, the car won’t run.

However “spiritual guys,” tend to demonize and negate their own “fuel.” Then they use the name of tantra as a tool to bypass the “nasty” work of being human and try to get laid by pretending that their cocks have magical, healing “spiritual” powers.

Traditional tantra teachings believe that everything is fuel for awakening.
Looking at tantra from an etymological perspective, tan means expansion and tra means liberation. So rather than excluding and rejecting the courser parts of ourselves, we expand and liberate ourselves through alchemy, converting megalomania (third chakra), lust (second chakra) and anger (first chakra) into purpose, desire and power, respectively.

In order for a man to fuck, he himself must be willing to be soul-fucked by Spirit. He must fall on the ground in love with surrender. He must expose and accept every part of himself while in connection with his partner. Only then can he hold a woman in total presence and approval of everything she throws at him. The combination of compassion and animal-power is what pins a woman down and penetrates her to her aching core.

To be fair, a more “worldly” man in our society, i.e. one who is open in the lower chakras and closed in the upper, cannot truly fuck either. His lack of emotional connection, unwillingness to speak vulnerably and dependency on linear scripts of relating prevent him from deeply feeling a woman and earning her trust. His material merits may win him points in the immediate “pick-up” game, but he will lose out in the long-term.

Not to say that every sexual encounter needs to be a step towards a long-term relationship. This is where we women often to lie about their own desire, using the old excuse “I’m waiting for “the one” as a shield against feeling the magnitude of animal hunger that lives within us.

The feminine fable about “the one” is what makes men more apt to don the “spiritual guy” mask. He thinks if he acts humble and nice and safe and “conscious,” he can win the prize (her pussy). But ultimately he is cheating himself (and women) of an opportunity for awakening.

By acknowledging our shame, rage, greed, lust, victimhood, hatred and addictions, we get to know and love the human parts of ourselves and learn to work with these pieces as allies, rather than having these shadow bits secretly run the show and hijack our power.
When we courageously allow our soul-fucked selves to show up sexually, it invites the people we love to expose their blessed and wounded parts and sets the stage for trust, connection and intimacy. 

Then we come to know the true essence of tantra: that there really is no separation and that everything—divinity, humanity, ordinary, mystery, light, dark, earth, heaven—is a vital and necessary ingredient on the spiritual path.

Are you Suffocating your relationship???

A relationship is a like beautiful flower, if you hold it too hard it will suffocate to death. Death of relationship happens when there is no Love left.

Many times you don't realize, but your actions are suffocating a relationship.

Here are 10 signs that your Partners Behavior gives you. These tell that your behavior is suffocating the relationship and immediate action being needed from your side -

1. Communication Gap - This is the clearest hint. And it means serious trouble. If he/she has stopped picking or ignoring your phone calls and text messages. If the amount you talk has decreased then its time for you to analyze and change.

2. Repeatedly complaining about your "controlling" behavior.

3. Increased frequency of Lying - Everyone lies, but when the frequency increases its a Red Flag of danger.

4. Your partner is always giving examples of Single People or other couples.

5. Avoids you - emotionally, physically and socially.

6. Socially - increasingly criticizes you. He/she use humor or examples to complain about your behavior.

7. You argue - with him always asking for space

8. You can feel that your behavior is wrong, but cannot control yourself. You tell this too your partner, and plead for him/her to understand it. But despite all efforts you can feel an emotional distance being created.

9. He/she has become too honest with you. Doesn't think twice before pointing out your drawbacks or negatives. - Personally or socially.

Its important to give space in a relationship. This maintains a certain individuality and keeps a certain freshness in the relationship.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS,DPM, MD(mindmantra))
Psychiatrist, Counselor and Motivational Speaker

10 Signs that You need Mental health Help

1. You Genuinely Hate Your Life

2. You are completely Bored with your life.

3. Nothing Excites You… Not even meeting friends, a pay rise, shopping or even sex.

4. You are addicted to and get very irritated if don't get to use one or more of the following - internet, movies, pornography, TV, videos or computer games.

5. Procrastination has started dominating your life

6. You are falling sick more often - your can feel that your immunity has come down.

7. You Don’t Like Your family, friends or Colleagues

8. You Are Under-performing in your daily activities.

9. You are losing hope and increasingly feeling helpless.

10. The last 9 points made sense to You


Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS,DPM, MD(mindmantra)
psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker and Counsellor

Love - a SECRET scent

Love is weird.. Its a 4 letter word, but it has infinite forms. It might take the form of responsibility, drama, failures, stress or happiness.

Love is ironic... Its in every single moment of existence, but you experience it only very few times.

Love is a simple truth.. It starts from the depths of your mind, but you search for it externally.

Love is un-affecfted .. With all the sadness, injustice, violence and fear around.. they cannot change the love deep inside of you.

Love has no boundaries.. but you create those boundaries to satisfy your own ego and expectations.

The more you become a slave of you ego, the more distant you go from Love.
The more you become a slave of your expectations, the more distant you go from Love.

Take a moment, detach from everything.. experience the beauty of love in your heart.. let the tears of joy flow.

For Years you have kept Love a secret, let it out..

Right now, experience it.
Right now, live it.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS,DPM,MD(mindmantra)
Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker and Counsellor