Post-Sex Depression

Sex is not only about happiness…

In many cases of both men and women, an individual experiences “sadness after sex”.
this is a medical condition, which goes easily unnoticed.

Sex is immediately followed by feeling very sad, negative, crying spells, weakness and even guilt.

This feeling stays from a few minutes to a few hours.

The scientific reason for the same has been blamed on hormone prolactin.

Both men and women have this hormone. During sex there can be a nearly 400 times higher release of the same within the body.

It affects Men more than Women.

Prolactin works like a thermostat to shut off our desire, our appetites, and therefore the excitement…

One can imagine that Prolactin somewhere shut-offs the “emotional barriers” or the “happiness triggers”, leading to manifestation of the negativity, sadness, restlessness, anxiety, or stress stored in the subconscious mind.

I have seen patients who land up -
a. having crying spells
b. sudden feel of fear, restlessness or negativity… negativity against self.
c. restlessness leading to extreme emotions where by one either promises or lies more than – A patient of mine who was suffering from the same, would shower his lover with false promises of buying her the most expensive gifts immediately after sex… only to regret it later.

A lady who had the same, would shower her husband with loads of love… only to regain reality a few minutes to hours later, that she felt claustrophobic in the relationship and wanted to end is as soon as possible.

Treatment -
1. most people don’t understand this sudden change in hormone, and mood-swings..
henceforth even great sex can lead to fights or discussions.

2. presence of subconscious anxiety, anger, restlessness, sadness that has to be treated.

3. open discussion with a good sexologist, psychiatrist or gynecologist.

4. a more positive approach towards sex and understanding the importance of it.

5. more positive communication between the couple.

6. medicines if revealed so by the examination of the treating psychiatrist or gynecologist.

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Love is painful because it creates the way for bliss.

Love is painful because it transforms. Love is mutation. Each transformation is going to be painful because the old has to be left for the new. The old is familiar, secure, safe, the new is absolutely unknown. You will be moving in an uncharted ocean. You cannot use your mind with the new’ with the old, the mind is skillful. The mind can function only with the old’ with the new, the mind is utterly useless.

Hence, fear arises, and leaving the old, comfortable, safe world, the world of convenience, pain arises. It is the same pain that the child feels when he comes out of the womb of the mother. It is the same pain that the bird feels when he comes out of the egg. It is the same pain that the bird will feel when he will try for the first time to be on the wing.

The fear of the unknown, and the security of the known, the insecurity of the unknown, the unpredictability of the unknown, makes one very much frightened.
And because the transformation is going to be from the self towards a state of no-self, agony is very deep. But you Cannot have ecstasy without going through agony. If the gold wants to be purified, it has to pass through fire.

Love is fire.

It is because of the pain of love, millions of people live a loveless life. They too suffer, and their suffering is futile. To suffer in love is not to suffer in vain. To suffer in love is creative’ it takes you to higher levels of consciousness. To suffer without love is utterly a waste’ it leads you nowhere, it keeps you moving in the same vicious circle.

The man who is without love is narcissistic, he is closed. He knows only himself. And how much can he know himself if he has not known the other, because only the other can function as a mirror? You will never know yourself without knowing the other. Love is very fundamental for self-knowledge too. The person who has not known the other in deep love, in intense passion, in utter ecstasy, will not be able to know who he is, because he will not have the mirror to see his own reflection.

Relationship is a mirror, and the purer the love is, the higher the love is, the better the mirror, the cleaner the mirror. But the higher love needs that you should be open. The higher love needs you to be vulnerable. You have to drop your armor’ that is painful. You have not to be constantly on guard. You have to drop the calculating mind. You have to risk. You have to live dangerously. The other can hurt you’ that is the fear in being vulnerable. The other can reject you’ that is the fear in being in love.

The reflection that you will find in the other of your own self may be ugly’ that is the anxiety. Avoid the mirror. But by avoiding the mirror you are not going to become beautiful. By avoiding the situation you are not going to grow either. The challenge has to be taken.

One has to go into love. That is the first step towards God, and it cannot be bypassed. Those who try to bypass the step of love will never reach God. That is absolutely necessary because you become aware of your totality only when you are provoked by the presence of the other, when your presence is enhanced by the presence of the other, when you are brought out of your narcissistic, closed world under the open sky.

Love is an open sky. To be in love is to be on the wing. But certainly, the unbounded sky creates fear.
And to drop the ego is very painful because we have been taught to cultivate the ego. We think the ego is our only treasure. We have been protecting it, we have been decorating it, we have been continuously polishing it, and when love knocks on the door, all that is needed to fall in love is to put aside the ego’ certainly it is painful. It is your whole life’s work, it is all that you have created — this ugly ego, this idea that

“I am separate from existence. ”

This idea is ugly because it is untrue. This idea is illusory, but our society exists, is based on this idea that each person is a person, not a presence.

The truth is that there is no person at all in the world’ there is only presence. You are not — not as an ego, separate from the whole. You are part of the whole. The whole penetrates you, the whole breathes in you, pulsates in you, the whole is your life.

Love gives you the first experience of being in tune with something that is not your ego. Love gives you the first lesson that you can fall into harmony with someone who has never been part of your ego. If you can be in harmony with a woman, if you can be in harmony with a friend, with a man, if you can be in harmony with your child or with your mother, why can’t you be in harmony with all human beings? And if to be in harmony with a single person gives such joy, what will be the outcome if you are in harmony with all human beings?

And if you can be in harmony with all human beings, why can’t you be in harmony with animals and birds and trees? Then one step leads to another.

Love is a ladder. It starts with one person, it ends with the totality. Love is the beginning, God is the end. To be afraid of love, to be afraid of the growing pains of love, is to remain enclosed in a dark cell.
Modern man is living in a dark cell’ it is narcissistic. Narcissism is the greatest obsession of the modern mind.

And then there are problems, problems which are meaningless. There are problems which are creative because they lead you to higher awareness. There are problems which lead you nowhere’ they simply keep you tethered, they simply keep you in your old mess.

Love creates problems. You can avoid those problems by avoiding love. But those are very essential problems! They have to be faced, encountered’ they have to be lived and gone through and gone beyond. And to go beyond, the way is through. Love is the only real thing worth doing. All else is secondary. If it helps love, it is good. All else is just a means, love is the end. So whatsoever the pain, go into love.

If you don’t go into love, as many people have decided, then you are stuck with yourself. Then your life is not a pilgrimage, then your life is not a river going to the ocean’ your life is a stagnant pool, dirty, and soon there will be nothing but dirt and mud. To keep clean, one needs to keep flowing. A river remains clean because it goes on flowing. Flow is the process of remaining continuously virgin.

A lover remains a virgin. All lovers are virgin. The people who don’t love cannot remain virgin’ they become dormant, stagnant’ they start stinking sooner or later — and sooner than later — because they have nowhere to go. Their life is dead.

That’s where modern man finds himself, and because of this, all kinds of neuroses, all kinds of madnesses, have become rampant. Psychological illness has taken epidemic proportions. It is no more that a few individuals are psychologically ill’ the reality is the whole earth has become a madhouse. The whole of humanity is suffering from a kind of neurosis.

And that neurosis is coming from your narcissistic stagnancy. Everyone is stuck with one’s own illusion of having a separate self’ then people go mad. And this madness is meaningless, unproductive, uncreative. Or people start committing suicide. Those suicides are also unproductive, uncreative.

You may not commit suicide by taking poison or jumping from a cliff or by shooting yourself, but you can commit a suicide which is a very slow process, and that’s what happens. Very few people commit suicide suddenly. Others have decided for a slow suicide’ gradually, slowly, slowly they die. But almost, the tendency to be suicidal has become universal.

This is no way to live, and the reason, the fundamental reason, is we have forgotten the language of love. We are no more courageous enough to go into that adventure called love.

Hence people are interested in sex, because sex is not risky. It is momentary, you don’t get involved. Love is involvement’ it is commitment. It is not momentary. Once it takes roots, it can be forever. It can be a lifelong involvement. Love needs intimacy, and only when you are intimate does the other become a mirror. When you meet sexually with a woman or a man, you have not met at all’ in fact, you avoided the soul of the other person. You just used the body and escaped, and the other used your body and escaped. You never became intimate enough to reveal each other’s original faces.

It is painful, but don’t avoid it. If you avoid it you have avoided the greatest opportunity to grow. Go into it, suffer love, because through the suffering comes great ecstasy. Yes, there is agony, but out of the agony, ecstasy is born. Yes, you will have to die as an ego, but if you can die as an ego, you will be born as God, as a Buddha. And love will give you the first tongue-tip-taste of Tao, of Sufism, of Zen. Love will give you the first proof that God is, that life is not meaningless.

The people who say life is meaningless are the people who have not known love. All that they are saying is that their life has missed love.
Let there be pain, let there be suffering. Go through the dark night, and you will reach to a beautiful sunrise. It is only in the womb of the dark night that the sun evolves. It is only through the dark night that the morning comes.

My whole approach here is that of love. I teach only love and only love and nothing else. You can forget about God’ that is just an empty word. You can forget about prayers because they are only rituals imposed by others on you. Love is the natural prayer, not imposed by anybody. You are born with it. Love is the true God — not the God of theologians, but the God of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, the God of the Sufis. Love is a tariqa, a method, to kill you as a separate individual and to help you become the infinite. Disappear as a dewdrop and become the ocean, but you will have to pass through the door of love.
And certainly when one starts disappearing like a dewdrop, and one has lived long as a dewdrop, it hurts, because one has been thinking, “I am this, and now this is going. I am dying. ” You are not dying, but only an illusion is dying. You have become identified with the illusion, true, but the illusion is still an illusion. And only when the illusion is gone will you be able to see who you are. And that revelation brings you to the ultimate peak of joy, bliss, celebration.

Recently Ranbir Kapoor said, “I am old, I have turned 30″.

Sadly, 30 has become a very important milestone for the society, and people are judged very differently once its achieved.

Does life change after 30?

Yes because the social rules haven’t been updated in the last 2000 years… We are still living under thought process governed by a time when people would have an average age of 45-50.
Still living under the shadow of an era where surviving meant all.
Here are some examples of the stupidity that society will put you through-

1. Marriage –
Those who aren’t married, they are suddenly taunted to be either “old to get married”, “not fit for married” or a living with a “defect in the kundali/fate”.
I have had so many cases where young men and women have broken down because of this pressure.
I remember a young girl, 29yr of age, in clinical levels of depression and anxiety, telling me – “I am 29, when will I get married, when will I enjoy my married life, when will i have kids, my life is ruined”.
I thought – if you keep yourself happy, physically fit and raring to go, then you can be a great mother even in your late 30′s.

2. Kids -
Those who have crossed the first hurdle of marriage, Society hits them with a greater display of stupidity. The pressure of Kids.
India seems to be a country where everyone has made it a personal “issue” that we want to make it the worlds most populous country. We want to beat china, and want to make sure the entire world is behind us by at least a few hundred million people.
The entire purpose of marriage seems to have kids. And while one kid seems to be too much to handle for most couples, they go and have a second one just to in case if the “first one” doesn’t stand up to their “expectations”.

3. Socio-economic status
For those lucky people who have confirmed to the social demands of “marriage” and “kids”.. The society feels insulted.. and suddenly finds another flaw that they need to conquer upon – STATUS.
Owning a house, owning a big house, owning a car, owning a big car… Its never ending demand.. And post 30, it just leads to extreme negativity.
Imagine you being criticized everyday for not having something you don’t desire or don’t care about… but slowly you will start wanting it.. and eventually you will end up feeling sorry for not having it.
A laughable animalistic behavior pattern…!!!

4. Step-motherly treatment to “HEALTH”
As a doctor, life and death are like your right hand and left hand.
During my MBBS and MD’s, the thousands of patients I interacted with, just taught me one thing -
You got to take care of your own health.. Only you are responsible.
From what I see in today’s social setup its between 28-40 that people completely neglect their health.
Post 30yr, the need of “fitness” is hardly felt so. Weight gain, sleep disturbances, poor eating habits, headaches, decreased stamina, increased alcohol and tobacco are a “socially acceptable” evil.
Its so ironic, I recently consulted a couple, both in early 30′s,  where the husband was around 85kgs, and 5’7  height… walked in with his wife who was 65kg and 5’5 height..
he said – “my wife is suffering from emotional eating, help her, cause she is getting fat”.
No doubt the medical community and the medical insurance companies are so happy.. India is already the diabetes and heart attack capital of the world..
Soon we will see an exponential growth of patients into other fields of medicine also.

5. Sexual Liberation
There was a time when only “Mumbai” was open about “sexuality”. The last 10yrs have helped most Indian Metros to become “Cosmopolitan” and “sexually liberated”.
While most people will blame it on westernization.. I would say its time to act, because if we keep blaming it will give us less time to act.
Over the last few years, Most people have migrate from smaller orthodox towns to bigger metros.
The job opportunities and living styles have provided “happiness” to millions.
Unfortunately not everyone has understood the concept of “sexuality” and importance of “Sex”.
Many men and women today use it as a means to show-off their “money power”.
Paying for sex is becoming one of the most common ways of “extra-marital” affairs.
There is no love or emotions involved, its just to increase your number… Just to have a “satisfaction” of how many girls or guys you have slept with.
I recently met a 35yr old man. He was suffering from fear of HIV infection. Married for past 8yrs, he and his friends yearly would take vacations to Bangkok, Vietnam, Amsterdam and other places just to indulge in “sexual pleasures”.
When going aboard become tougher due to job timings, he started soliciting girls in india. Over the last year, many times in drunken state he ended up having intercourse without protection… slowly developing the fear of HIV.
Last year his best friend died of the same. Since last 6months he has lost 15kgs of weight, lost concentration, lost happiness, because he is just preoccupied that it might be HIV. He has got himself tested 10 times, but still the fear haunts him.
The more we will indulge in something, the easier for nature to find a way to balance it.

6. Psychological traumas -
The beauty of the Indian subcontinent is that we live in a society that would shout and care about someone having a fracture but a person with stress, anxiety or depression is told that its just a “passing phase” everything will be fine.
Post- 30, we feel a person is “mature” enough to take care of himself emotionally… meeting a doctors or a counselor is out of question, but even sharing with friends is a sign of weakness.
Jobs, relationships, travel, workplaces, food all are factors that are causing psychological traumas.
People are facing huge stress levels and still there is no way to battle it.
They resort to small term happiness, and while most people talk about long term goals… no one talks about long term happiness…
as people, specially in their 30′s,  today people happiness has become a destination one reaches after traveling though the ravines of sadness, anxiety, stress and depression.

7. Helping others is now EGO based.
A great person once said – “listening to someones pain, taking it into your ownself, converting it into positivity and giving it back without any judgement is the most difficult thing anyone can do”.
most people listen to others, give them more criticism for their acts, and judge them for having shared their problems.
I once met a 32yr man, who shared the story of his college time heart-break with his wife. It was naturally an important event that still haunted him, and he wanted to be true to his wife.
The wife nicely listened to him, gave him sympathy, they even had sex after his “confession”.
He felt he had got the most understanding and wonderful wife..  5 days later, there was a small altercation within the wife and the mother-in-law. Our man, favored his mother, and the wife immediately taunted him for using and requiring her only as a sexual object, because his heart was always with his ex-g.f.
He couldn’t take that comment, they had a major fight, and soon all hell broke loose for him.
In a year’s time he was clinically depressed, resorting to alcohol to fight the stress and having lost his self-worth.
friends, family, society all are behaving like the same.
After 30, the EGO levels are increasing, cause suddenly one feels powerful among his “social circle”… One wants to show off and have a bigger “IMPACT”.

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Why Confident women are more likely to be open to sexual activity, enjoy it and more likely to experience a true orgasm.

ME over YOU is one of the most common "mind games" played in a relationship.

One of the most common issues I tackle during counseling sessions is "decreased female confidence and decreased sexual performance".

If we concentrate on basic personal needs... Every  man and woman who is in a relationship, will understand that "confidence and sexual performance" are essential for self-happiness and success of the relationship.

How is confidence linked to decreased sexual performance?

1. Fear of Vulnerability
In certain orthodox societies like the Indian, women learn to enjoy or indulge in happiness secretly. From wearing clothes they like, to make up, shopping and even eating/drinking whatever they want is done secretly either alone or in the company of female friends, out of the fear of being judged by male members of the society.

If there is so much of vulnerability and emotional risk of being free in the society regarding basic happiness, just magnify the fear related to sex.

Being naked in front of a man, enjoying your body, enjoying his body and enjoying the entire act of sex is a very fearful experience for many.

At the time of achieving an orgasm, you are completely detached from the world.. You are in extreme bliss... you are even detached form your partner who is hardly few inches away from you... This is a very personal experience... But for a fearful mind, its very difficult to enjoy this moment.

2. The ghost of Porn
Most men who see porn are used to women shouting and screaming in pleasure from the start of the activity till the end.

To satisfy this myth, many women whose partners "educated them about sex" while watching a porn or adult movie, put up an "award winning fake performance" in bed.

Confident women don't mind stopping their partners and educating them on the "right moves". They put things in such perspective that their male partners actually enjoy the experimentation and don't feel "downgraded".

less confident women just fake or keep quiet during the sexual activity, hence within their mind, creating a negative image of the activity and their partner.

3. Demanding the "extra push".
Many guys don't have the sexual stamina as their female partners.
They just finish their "work" and move out.

Confident women encourage their partners to seek help and come out of it, so they can also achieve a climax.

women lower on confidence or fearful tend to keep quiet and take it as their "faith"... many a times they spend decades before experiencing the ecstasy of an actual orgasm.

4. Masturbation and oral sex.
Majority of woman accept that they achieve better orgasms through masturbation and oral sex.
The reason...
a. its quiet - while porn movies are all about women shouting and groaning.. actually majority of women enjoy silent sex.. they love to feel the ecstasy into their being.. sounds disrupt that pleasure.

b. expectations - many women love masturbation or oral sex because they don't have to live upto the expectations or be judged.
in both cases, their own pleasure is being taken care of.

Most men (specially among indian society) are fearful of confident women.
They feel dominated and fear losing the "control" on the relationship.
They feel that a confident woman will have lesser dependance on them, and this will decrease their importance in her life.

They try to manipulate the situation in their favor by decreasing the female confidence levels. Many use criticism, others induce fear and others resort to anger outbursts.

BEHAVIORAL Studies HAVE FOUND OUT - that actually confident women who are nurtured with adequate levels of love, trust and independence are actually many fold loyal, loving and attached to their partners.

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I woke up to hear the sad news that a bollywood actress named Jiah Khan committed suicide.

As I was flipping through news channels, it reminded me of the thousands of cases of Clinical Depression I have come across.

Everyone such close to committing the same mistake Jiah did... Some lucky enough to have survived it... and it crossed my mind, how people look at clinical depression with such "neglect".. as if its nothing.

Over the years I have met people from all economic classes of society who have been engulfed by this deadly killer. Actors, Students, Teacher, Doctors, Intellectuals, Fighters, Gangsters, Businessman, Politicians.. no one is safe from it.. Yet we neglect it.

Clinical Depression is a medical illness that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

Its also called as major depressive disorder or bipolar depression.

Depression can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.
You may have trouble doing normal day-to-day activities, and depression may make you feel as if life isn't worth living.

Depression isn't a weakness, nor is it something that you can simply "snap out" of. 
Depression is an illness that affects the greatest non-biological entity of your system.. Your mind.

Depression is a chronic illness that usually requires long-term treatment, like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Depression symptoms include:

1. Feelings of sadness or unhappiness
2. Irritability or frustration, even over small matters
3. Loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities
4. Reduced sex drive
5. Insomnia or excessive sleeping
6. Changes in appetite — depression often causes decreased appetite and weight loss, but in some people it causes increased cravings for food and weight gain
7 .Agitation or restlessness — for example, pacing, hand-wringing or an inability to sit still
8. Irritability or angry outbursts
9. Slowed thinking, speaking or body movements
10. Indecisiveness, distractibility and decreased concentration
11. Fatigue, tiredness and loss of energy — even small tasks may seem to require a lot of effort
12. Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, fixating on past failures or blaming yourself when things aren't going right
13. Trouble thinking, concentrating, making decisions and remembering things
14. Frequent thoughts of death, dying or suicide
15. Crying spells for no apparent reason
16. Unexplained physical problems, such as back pain or headaches

For some people, depression symptoms are so severe that it's obvious something isn't right.
Other people feel generally miserable or unhappy without really knowing why.

Depression affects each person in different ways, so symptoms caused by depression vary from person to person.


1. Never compare your extent of Depression with anyone else... everyone has a different threshold.. even twins have different thresholds.

2. Depression isn't a sign of weakness.. its a response of your mind, brain and body to unfavorable surroundings.

3. Don't hesitate in visiting a good counselor or good psychiatrist.. and talking your problem out.
You will not be labelled mad!!!

4. You might feel what can the doctor.. or what can a medicine do for you... You will come back to the same place.. and go through the same suffering..
well you will be surprised how much a counseling session or a medicine can help you.
Remember the bhagwad geeta is the greatest counseling session of all times.. in a few hours a broken hearted warrior was ready to fight his own relatives.
If you find the right counselor or right psychiatrist, he/she might just re-ignite that fire missing in you.

5. Don't wait for miracles to happen... being hopeful is great.. but having a restless and sad mind is a cancer... You and only YOU can take the first step towards happiness.

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Goals To Achieve

Someone once told me that the greatest tragedy of life is not to have goals to achieve.

I silently smiled and walked away from that place.

Over the last few years the one thing I have come to know is that The greatest tragedy of life is becoming a slave to your goals.

Clearing your 10th or 12th with 90% marks
Getting seat into a reputed College
Getting a good Job
Building a career
Marrying a perfect person
Having Kids
Buying your own car, house
Becoming VP or CEO of a company...
Retiring at 60
Having enough money to enjoy life after retirement.
Dying with grace, with your kids and grand-kids standing next to you.

Anyone who deviates from these Goals is seen as "abnormal".
Its a "delusion" fixed in your mind since childhood... THAT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OF LIVING...
Unfortunately trying to achieve this, gives rise to many of the mental health issues that plague individuals for years.

1.Clinical depression - not able to achieve anyone of the goals creates anger against self and depression.. many people even commit suicide on the same

2. anxiety - constant comparison with others creates an inferiority complex and tends to decrease self-worth.
Constantly preoccupied with "perfection" and achieving the "goals of life" one is always worried.. worry leads to stress and stress becomes addictive as anxiety.

3. Anger - Anyone who works against this scheme of plans is considered bad... anyone known who goes against this plan is immediately made a target of anger.

4. always striving for peace


For further assistance on this topic, you can CONTACT ME (all conversations are kept CONFIDENTIAL) -

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Psychiatric Medical Facts - 5 things that Great Sex can do for you

1. Reduce Anxiety
Even though Sex is known to cause Performance Anxiety in many Indian Males/Women.
But studies have shown that Sex is one of the greatest natural anti-anxiety agents available.
It not only reduces anxiety, it also lowers blood pressure and decreases general stress levels.

2. Make you happy
Sex and happiness go hand-in-hand.
Studies all over the world have proved it too be the most powerful daily activity that can trigger happiness.
Also people who are happier or when in happy situations naturally experience a trigger for having more sex.

The quotient of happiness varied in Men/Women who paid for sex or who cheated upon their spouse, because it depend on the background of their intention for doing so.

3. Boost immunity
Regular sex is known to boost your immune system.
A study found out that those who had sex once or twice a week had higher levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, or IgA, compared with those who had less sex.

On the other hand, sexaholics or people known to have sex more than 4-5times a week are known to show decreased immunity as the urge of sex is related to anxiety/stress.

4. Relieve pain
Orgasms don't just feel good, they also ease pain.
Researchers have found that orgasms boost pain tolerance capacity of an individual.

5. Decrease Fear
Do you stress out about relationships?
Are you a person who loves to take stress?
A regular sex life could ease your fears.
Studies have shown that a regular sex life boosts happy chemicals in the brain, increases self confidence, decreases negativity and henceforth leads to decreased fears.

Henceforth creating a more relaxed, objective and loving self.

ITS IMPORTANT TO KNOW that the above mentioned studies are for individuals who indulge in healthy single partner intimate relationships.
The results are not the same for masturbation or for people with sexual addictions.
Individuals who are sexually active beyond or outside their marriage might show the above or might not show the same.. Its dependant on their environment and need for such "sexual activity".

Great Sex is a wonderful physical and spiritual connect between two lovers.

Explore your sexual life, let sex not be just a taboo exercise done under the sheets for simple carnal pleasure... but let it be a way of expanding your psychological, physical and spiritual self.

Sex is not bad.. Thats a stupid myth created by stupid idiots who don't want you to enjoy... They want you too be in pain.. they want you too always control your life.

Remember Sex is great.... and Sex is the best when its with the one you love..

For further assistance on this topic, you can CONTACT ME (all conversations are kept CONFIDENTIAL) -

Dr.Hemant Mittal
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Motivational Writer/Speaker and Counselor)

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For further assistance on this topic, you can CONTACT ME (all conversations are kept CONFIDENTIAL) -

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Neuro-Psychiatrist, Mental Health and Sexual Health Healer,
Motivational Writer/Speaker and Counselor)

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or visit my wellness clinic @-
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