did you know?

I was going thru some recent studies by the health ministry. And i found out that 40% of the road traffic accidents and upto 60% of domestic accidents in our country are attributed to depression.
we all have experienced a little bit of depression some time in our life.
so we all know the basic definition of it.

the reasons behind depression being such a big killer is:

1. sadness of mood -leads to negative thought process and anxiety. which leads to involvement in dangerous activities like over-taking, over-speeding.

2. sadness of mood and lack of interest - leads to development of suicidal ideas.

3. decreased memory and concentration- depression clouds the thinking part of the brain. which leads to decreased memory and concentration.e.g. gas stove left open, forgeting to put sugar in tea, forgeting wht the boss says, forgeting a list of items.

4. lack of sleep- depression sometimes leads to a lack of sleep, which causes decreased concentration. and induces sleep at odd timings.( Specially at times when alertness is very much required.)decreases the eye-hand-brain coordination. and reflex action timing.

5. lack of relaxation- leads to tension in the muscles, which decrease the reflex-action rate of the body.

if you know anyone who has become clumpsy, forgets easily, irritable, lack of sleep, and negative about his behaviour do counsel him. try and help him out. before it is too late!!!