common cold and mental health...a fusion of sorts.

11th october, 11:50am.
Common Cold! human kind's oldest and smartest enemy. No form of medicine, mordern or acient has been able to battle it. It takes its own sweet time to go, and leaves you with a sense of deja vu!
This morning, i woke up, with my immune system battling this enemy. After popping a green and a yellow pill, i felt my immune system will be booseted with the mind, soul and spirit of the brazilian soccer team, but sadly it kept feeling like an indian soccer player among a group of indian cricketers.
With my mind blocked!!! my head spining, my nose flowing ...and my body in lethargy mode...i took the great journey towards my clinic. The minister inside my mind wishing for a low profile day...While the financial minister shouting for a heavy i hate capatilists in such moments.
After the ritualistic everyday opening...i sat on the coveted dr.hemant mittal's seat... God! today i was more like that patient number 11, standing in a line, waiting for his turn to get the holy cure...
10 mins later... Walks in this well dressed, well mannered gentleman... My finance minster happy...gets my mind-body ready... suddenly i can feel my body going uprite, all sources of energy being used to give move those 14 facial muscles for a smile, and that auric-sense of doctor.... opens the door... very nicely and coordialy asks me... "may i come in sir"
all doctorish type, with that sudden deep husky voice i say "yes, please come in..have a seat"
mr.gentleman goes on to say " dear doctor..."
by now my mind is already making all sorts of diagnosis...with latest economic situation he is pukka se depression or anxiety or stress related...poor chap...but the economy is geting hard on all of us....
contd. to mr.gentleman says " dear doctor, i am from IDBI Bank..we are offering you a special offer savings account offer"...
suddenly my mind feels the blow...the smile disappears, i go back sluging into my seat...
and tell him with a rude tone "sorry, i dont need ur offer...kindly close the door while leaving, thank you"..
so much effort for nothing.....
common cold and mental health... are really like a cocktail with too much of aerated drink and
lesser of punch!! :)
good day!!!

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