The Wonder Years!

"The elixir of life, The fountain of youth, The Nag Mani"

Just few examples of the human fixation with ever-lasting vigour, and vitality. A cross boundaries phenonmenon, that time-again has kept every era of human evolution more and more fascinated.
It also symbolises the mental stigma we have with old age.
Its a sad reality, but in our country, retirement marks the starting of an end.
The mental make up of the individual and his social support, changes from productivity to useless within a day.
In the words of a recent patient of mine- "Sir, aab tho retire ho gaye hai, aab chalte firte hi bhagwan uthale tho acha hai"... (doctor, now i am retired, may death come to me when i am still healthy).
Its sad, but a reality that clinical depression starts entering into a persona within the last 6months of his occupational tenure, and it remains till death. Its this depression, that catapults itself to cause memory, sleep and behavioural problems.
In a recent care-giver meeting, one person pointed out- "jaabse dad retire hue hai, hamari jeena mushkil kar diya hai. Haar cheez ka hisab kitab rakthe hai" (since my dad has retired, life has become tough, as now he peeks into every detail).Well, I dont blame him for being frustrated. But as all normal people, he either keeps the irritation within himself, or has constant fights with his parents.
The core issue...keeping them socially, occupationally, mentally healthy and active never taken into consideration.
Its very easy to pollute ou healthy lifestyles, by labeling people, lack of communication and brewing frustrations... but it really takes some intelligentia to work for our people and help them.
Lets start by keeping an open view of life. Retirement is the starting of a new phase.
A proper planned approach, well discussed, and implemented can lead to a happier life for everyone. And save a lot of wastage of human emotions, time and money.
A Proper mental, medical and emotional support in the Pre-retirement and post-retirement periods are very important for the successful transition.
Dont be sympathetic like every other person, be pro-active.

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