is suicide the only way out???

vaidya (name changed) at 15yrs, is like any other mumbai youngester. Studying in a public school, a small bunch of like-minded friends, enjoying movies and music. Battling the crowded trains, eating out at the local joints, and geting wet in the mumbai monsoons.Wonder Why is this "normal" guy being talked about here.?? Because 2 saturday's ago he consumed 1 bottle of pesticide. The reason- he got lesser marks then expected. To be precise 73% in total, just 2% short of the required 75% for admission to his college of choice.he is under my counseling since last week. but i wud like to ask suicide the only way out?or have we become to intolerant and inhuman as a society, that only numbers (marks, bank balance, salary slips) govern our lifes?

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  1. No
    Its not the only way bt i feel the people(that guy)at that situation feels that is d only solution.The solution for it would be like frienly environment from teachers and parents.
    If they were friendly with him,he would some how discuss about his problem with them and he would n't go much deep in to his dipression and try to suscide.