"ek plate Dahi-Samosa" Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Let's Talk it Out..

“A perfect wedding-night” He said, in a sombre, sarcastic tone.
Thou a fan of dark humour, I still found his description of “the 1st night outside home” quite amusing.

“So how’s life-like for a psychiatrist?” He asked in a topic-diverting tone.

It seemed he was now uncomfortable talking this topic further. After all there are some dark and gloomy streets within every person’s heart, whose entry he guards and restricts dearly. I felt Vivek was reaching one such street.
It was obvious he had driven the conversation beyond the point of his comfort, and as he realised it, he tried to change the topic.

“Well, I can’t complaint, it’s a passion....” I replied, followed by a small purposeful silence...

I didn’t want to lose this moment, the iron was hot and if I didn’t hammer it now I wouldn’t get another opportunity, I politely asked him,

“I have a small inquiry, if you don’t mind?”

“Sure, go ahead ?”....the apprehension in his voice sounded like he already knew what was coming.

“If your first night was “a perfect wedding-night”, I am sure the rest of the journey was quite a torrid affair ?”

“hmm...” with an sense of discomfort.

“I know that night you didn’t go to any friend’s place, in fact, your mother called my parents too...”

“your right...” in a rather monotonous tone

“But why? Why didn’t you go and stay with a friend?” ( after all 90% kids do that...)

With a childish pride in his voice, “I guess, at that point, I thought to be more intelligent than everyone else...”

“Hmm... Today... do you feel the same, are you still more intelligent than everyone else?”

“Intelligent I don’t know. Experienced definitely”....

“Experienced???... Define That?”... As if I was interrogating him.

“hmm...well...actually...hmm”... he muffled a bit.

I could sense that he wanted to divulge out the secrets from his past. I also knew, that venting out is one of the most powerful, emotionally and psychologically overwhelming, cathartic experiences any individual can go thru. 90% times why people fail to complete this process is because they cann’t control the pace at which images from the past flash back in their minds. Making it impossible to find a start or end to this emotional experience.

Providing him with a point of reference to start his train of thought, I said
“ Why don’t you start by telling me about that “perfect wedding night?”

It worked, the confusion was gone from his voice, and seemed as he was ready to role out the motion picture of his life.
“Hmm, OK... !”

The next 12min and 43seconds just didn’t prove he was more experienced than most of us...But also, that he was a living proof of the power of resilience.
Dr.Hemant Mittal

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