3-steps to accept Inner Peace in your Life!

Is your Subconscious Mind ready to Accept Inner peace?
The quest for inner peace is an individual journey that every human being has to embark upon. The journey is loaded with experiences of the past, apprehensions of the future and a needs of today. Of all the barriers the most difficult is to ready your subconscious mind to leave restlessness and accept Inner Peace.

Based on my knowledge, practical interaction with thousands of people, treatment of thousands of patients, I have found multiple ways in helping a person achieve his/her inner peace.
Due to the limitations of this medium, I present you a simple, generalized 3-step method that can aid you in paving an easier path towards your den of inner peace.

STEP 1- Promise of Being truthful to self

The one person who always knows the truth of a situation, is yourself. No matter how good, bad or ugly the situation becomes, within the privacy of your own mind you know if you were right or wrong.
Accepting the truth is many times very difficult. Specially if it conflicts with your hopes and desires.  Hence you tend to develop "run-away" approach to life. Instead of facing a situation you look for escaping from unpleasant emotional experiences. Once a person starts running-away from his/her person, there is NO STOP!
Step 1 is to Promise yourself that you will Accept your flaws, and your strengths. Promise that you will be truthful to yourself.

Step 2 – Self Analysis
Now empowered with the promise of being truthful to yourself, its time for self-analysis.
Hereby I will equip you with a simple, scientific psychological questionnaire that will guide you to decipher your inner self.
As you go thru it, the questions might ignite some old memories. Some pleasant while some unpleasant, these will help you understand various aspects about yourself in depth.
Now lets start by answering the questions TRUTHFULLY:
1. Are you not satisfied with your life is going?
2. Have you lost interest in your daily activities and hobbies?
3. Do you feel that your life is empty?
4. Do you often get bored?
5. Are you sad for most of the time?
6. Are you afraid that something bad is going to happen to you?
7. Do you often feel nobody can help you out from this situation?
8. Do you prefer to stay at home, rather than going out and doing new things?
9. Do you feel you have more problems with your memory?
10. Do you miss having a refreshing sleep ?
11. Do you think of going away to some distant place or committing suicide?
12. Do you feel worthless ?
13. Do you feel hopeless about your situation?
14. Do you think that most people are better off than you are?
15. Do you feel lazy and lethargic for most of the day?

Give yourself one point for every yes that you have answered.

STEP 3- Score yourself
Now Add up your points and read the one applicable to you:
Total Score of :
a. Less than 5- You find yourself standing in sun-light. You’re blessed with emotional and psychological strength to fight stress and depression. If well directed your charm and strength can be a beacon of motivation for those surrounding you.
b. Between 5 -7 – your emotional defenses have been jolted by a certain stressor.
Surrounding yourself with friends, family and goal-oriented work will make sure that you return to your cheerful self.
Techniques like meditation, self-hypnosis and deep muscle relaxation can do wonders for you.
c. Between 8-11 – Scientifically you find yourself at the middle of the spectrum.
Your emotional and psychological self has suffered serious blows due to major life stressors.
You are continuously fighting an unconscious battle against stress and depression. You might be subject of emotional fluctuations. Peace of mind is a constant search.
The danger of leading yourself into the comfort zone of darkness is extremely real. There is an immediate need for re-structuring your lifestyle. You need to develop a customized and flexible psychological plan of action which will help you in moving towards the light of peace.
You need to concentrate on having a well coordinate, goal-directed activity, that keeps your mind occupied and away from thoughts of stress and depression.
A regular practice of meditation techniques is required for 2-3months.
If you having a problem in finding the correct start, a mild dosage of non-addictive, non-sedative Ayurvedic, homeopathic or allopathic medications for not more than 2months can help you in finding peace.
You will need a constant counseling support from someone that can listen to you, understand you, and give you practical approach.
The need of consulting a professional mind-body health care professional is a reality if your coping with life, is fading and dwelling with every passing week.
d. Between 11- 15- You stand in the darkest zone of this spectrum. Your emotional and psychological defenses are at the weakest.
Your depression has changed from a mild social form into a more monstrous Clinical entity. The restlessness and sadness has crossed the emotional psychological boundaries and is now hurting you physically. Your brain has started detaching from the control of the Mind. This makes it an hyperactive organ that is driving more blood, nutrients and chemicals from the body that required. Creating an over all deficiency.
It's time to seek external help. Many might have tried to counsel you, but time to seek a more professional and rapid approach to provide rapid relief.
A failure to seek help at this stage can lead to nervous-break down and even give birth to altered reality. A medical phenomenon where your brain tries to run away from pain by creating a world that doesn't exist. You might find yourself unable to trust your loved one, hear ghostly voices in your mind, thoughts of suicide haunt you and an urgent need to run away "some place far away" keeps you irritated.
The hyperactive nature of the various lobes of the brain, make this a very destructive stage. Research has proven that practicing mind alerting techniques like meditation, hypnosis, muscle relaxation and even NLP can cause an instant and irreversible nervous-break down.  
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  1. Great article Doc...a very easy analysis procedure....Thanks... Would u mind if i link this in my page?

  2. please go ahead and link it.. we need more and more people to realise the importance of good health

  3. To cope up with the daily stress in life, using simple stress relief hypnosis can help release tension in the body and mind.

  4. i totally agree,can i hav a word with u through mail,plz if possible giv ur email id,i want 2 discuss about my friend,he is facing same problem since a long tym back

  5. Mittalji, as a person of real thinker & be practical in life, the analysis & regulation of Inner Peace are very useful and wealthyone. Thanks for you sharing of thoughts with us.

  6. Dr.Hemantt MittallApril 21, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    @anubha sure u can email me at eksoch@gmail.com
    and any one else who wants any help can email me on the same

  7. very useful one ...... of course.ijust gave this one to one of my friend who really needed it?

  8. very nice doc..its really wonderful

  9. i scored 5, n i think im truthful to myself. i want to learn meditation, self hypnosis and deep muscle relaxation, could u plz tell us more abt these techniques too.
    thanx for the article!

  10. i scored 13 now give me some suggestions

  11. @anonymous
    for suggestions you have to email your problem in detail at eksoch@gmail.com

  12. 14/15... quite 'normal' for me.... Talking to doctors is like talking to a brick wall!! I dont know life any other way. Finally diagnosed with dysthymia.. Every day is endurance.. everyday the mountain looms.

  13. thanks doctor...
    good article.

  14. Doc. i have yes to all 15 questions ................... this is so depressing

  15. Hii doc...gr8 article...sply questionare...helpful too to understand self

  16. I have read this article long back in THE SPEAKING TREE.....but it really isnt worth....itz just a play of words wherein most of us have the answers as yes , not because we are really mean it , but because we are habituated to link ourselves with the negative side first....like for example..if one tries to answer the question Do you miss having a refreshing sleep ? ...The answer might me YES to most of us ...bcse we will just recollect a day in the recent past when we couldnt have a refreshing sleep but we will not consider the other days when we had a sound and refreshing sleep...same goes with other questions...All the questions mentioned above has the answer YES at many points in life but the answer is not always a YES

  17. hello vivek

    i would like to make some clarifications for you:
    1. this is an original article by me. i wrote it 3yrs ago. I have just reposted it again.

    so if someone from speakingtree or other website is using it without my information I don't know.

    2. the reasons for relaxation exercise before you start answering the questions is to let go of the memories.

    3. when you answer, its important that you take an objective look at the over-all present picture of your life.

    4. many people are scared when they get high scores. and they go into denial over generalizing on the reasons for the high score.

  18. Doctor can this also affect efficiency in work, I mean loosening grip on skills that were mastered before by a person for example in sales loosing the grip on sales techniques, which before were amazing.