Shani Dev and Human Psychology

Shani Dev, son of sun, is one of the most popular, most misunderstood and most feared deities within the hindu religion.

One of the great things about being a psychiatrist in India is that I know 70% of people who visit me have earlier consulted a multitude of astrologers, babas, peers...

Over the last few years, I have asked some of them, what did these astrologers tell them, and found that the name of Shani Dev featured very prominently.

I have seen people being terrified of this deity...
I remember one lady who had spent nearly hundred thousand rupees in getting various "solutions" to neutralize the effect of Shani Dev in her life.

Intrigued by this amazing, all powerful divine self, I decided to do some research on the same.
I asked some very accomplished astrologers and spiritual leaders to guide me and enlighten me ignorance about this "the dark knight".

Slowly I discovered how Shani Dev was actually present there at a daily basis...
He is a very prominent part of Human Psychological cycle, but we just don't focus towards him.

1.The stern teacher. - A guru that lays a frame-work of rules and regulations which he expects all his disciples to follow.
Havent we all met such a person in our lives. That boss, teacher, grand-parent or parent who always wanted the best for us, but was very strict in his approach. How many liked such a person? How many desired to becomes like such a person?
When having fun or pleasing our senses is the only goal then we tend to forget the right and wrong.

2.The rules and regulations - Shani Dev is an enforcer of patience, faith, effort, endeavor, endurance, Hard work and pragmatism.
Of all these virtues, Patience is the one people least possess.
If you look into yourself and the society around you'll find that faith, effort,endurance and hard-work are virtues that are slowly
disappearing. We want everything at this very moment without much effort.

3.Punishment - Whenever we break the rules and commit a mistake, its the job of the teacher to punish us. Punishment is meant to make
us understand our mistakes and bring us back to following rules and regulations.
While breaking rules can become a habit, punishment for the same is something no one accepts.
Just like the parent who punishes a child for going the wrong way and the child objects to being punished.

4.Reward - When one follows the rules and regulations the guru rewards his hard-work. Those who aren't rewarded develop a complex. They
compare their situation and curse the guru for being baised, curse their destiny for not being rewarded.
They feel they have done enough efforts to deserve the rewards, they forget that the real judge is the guru.

5.Slow and Steady - No learning is effective if it isn't done slowly, steadily over a period of time. No punishment is effective if it
isnt give for enough time to make a disciple realize his mistake and want to improve on it.
No reward is effective if it isn't enjoyed only for a period of time.
One doesnt develop desire to work in righteous direction if he doesn't experiences periods of both happiness and sadness.

Dr.Hemant Mittal
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