"Waqt Badalta Hai"

Sunday Evening Facebook and Twitter were full of people crying and pouring their souls to the departed Bal Thackeray. 
Many who have never ever met him, never understood what he really stood for and who probably had criticized him when he was alive, were having public outbursts of sadness as if they had lost a family member. 

Above all these crocodile tears there was one common sentiment that even the Common Mumbaikar felt.. It was the amazing behavior sh
own by Shiv Sena...
The loss of their magnetic leader didn't transform into violence.. and somehow it did show a lot of characte.

By Sunday evening the condolence messages were also filled with praise for the new Shiv Sena..

Come Monday Morning and Mumbai Mirror reported how 2 girls from Palghar area of Mumbai were arrested by the police. Shiv Sainks went on the rampage to destroy a hospital owned by the uncle of one of the girls.. Because one girl posted a question asking shouldn't such mourning be part of every martyrs funeral .. and the other girl just liked her facebook status.

Mumbai Police is supposed to be protecting us... I wonder if they have ever read about "freedom of expression".
I have never felt "insecure" in Mumbai... But surely I have started losing faith in the govt. protection agency called POLICE.. Isn't it my (a common mans) taxes that pay for their inception and constitution.. Isn't it my fearful behavior that makes them so powerful.. aren't they supposed to protect me!!!!

Shiv Sainks of that area went on a rampage against 2 teenage girls.!!!!
Wasn't Shiv Sena a party of fighters???
Wasn't the Bal Thackeray legacy all about fight for social equality??
I guess those Shiv Sainks just were waiting for a reason to show violence... Seriously action against 2 teenage girls and a doctor!!!...Its really a below the belt act!!

By Monday afternoon entire social media had turned against Mumbai police and Shiv Sena.
The very same people who on Sunday had been crying and praising had suddenly turned into the most fierce opponents. The criticism went to all extents.
All the good-will created the day before was tainted by this incident.
And people brought out old skeletons of "hooliganism" that Mumbai has been exposed to in last 46 years.

Last night I coincidentally met an old friend of mine. He comes from a family dedicated to shiv sena... himself a very staunch shiv sanik. Balasaheb Thackeray's loss was something you could feel in his entire persona.
As we sat for dinner, and this topic cropped out.. I asked his opinion...
like a grand-son who is sad for the loss of his grand-father... his sad eyes smiled at me ...in a very calm and enlightening way he said-

"Grief is no excuse for rage and anger!!!"

.. a small pause and he continued ...

"Grief should make you strong... As it teaches us to fight our ownselves.. Now we have to see what Time has ahead for us"

..."Waqt woh chabi hai, jho kisi bhi darwaje ko khol sakthi hai.. or band kar sakthi hai... waqt ka mood badalne mein dher nahi lagta"
(Time is that key which can open or close any door... it just takes an instant to change the tides of time)

I (the common man) sit an observer of these TIDES OF TIME... We cannot change Time.. But we can only change our actions... If our actions are positive and truthful maybe the tides of time won't hit us hard.

Dr.Hemant Mittal (Neuro-Psychiatrist and Counselor)
email - eksoch@gmail.com

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