Find out the Purpose of Life

Success is a term which has many measures. Some measure it in money, others in fame and others in power.
Then there is another group of people, who are above money, fame and power.. and look for Love. Their purpose of life is to find emotional stability in being loved by someone... They don't give much importance to the other 3 factors.

Sheikh chilli vs Arjun ?
These can be divided into 2 groups-

1. Sheikh chillis - A great majority never cross the 1st phase of success - which is imagination or dreaming..

There are thousands and millions, who just spend their time imaging "that day" when they will have everything they want... These are the chaps who are called 'sheikh chilli". They build castles in the air, and are never able to stand upto their commitment.

2. Arjun - The Perfectionists - There is another group that is "married to their obsession".. They keep thinking and working towards their obsession.

They spend whole day trying to reach that goal. They only see that goal. Any deviance from that goal and they become nervous.

An example of these are the "blackberry" resources which corporates have created. An efficient worker, who is logged into the system 24hrs and is constantly generating productive resources.

Majority of people walk the line in-between these two... but either criticize the earlier and envy becoming the later.

Happiness?Every organism in this world is genetically programmed to do things that he/she finds pleasure giving.
Humans are no different. The great majority of us look to do actions which will produce some kind of happiness.

May our research be for money, power, fame or Love... May we be a sheikh chilli, an arjun or someone habours trait of both... we look at doing things that make us happy.

Our basic nature is too search for happiness.

You have problems finding the purpose of your life, when you don't know where you happiness is.
You have problems finding the purpose of your life, when you search to be happy by doing things others feel is happiness.
You have problems finding the purpose of your life, when you are not able to take a decision and accept its consequences.

Finding the Purpose of Life?Look into your personality.
Think what you have liked and disliked all these years.
Think what has given you happiness and what has given you sadness.

You might be running to much after one of power, fame, money or love... its time to seek happiness from all four.

You might be either a sheikh chilli or an arjun...   maybe its time to change your approach.

The purpose of your life is to get happiness.
You can either de-code the path to happiness yourself.. you can seek help to decode this path.. but you will have to walk the path.

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