commonly asked questions

1. I am a 27yr old software engineer. I feel sad because I am never able to

give enough time to my family, friends and work. - Raj

Answer - Hello Raj, time is a commodity which teaches a lot about your self.

How you manage your time, speaks a lot about your personality.

If you are someone who is always trying to please others, inveriably you'll land up

spending more time with one person than other.

The most important thing in time management is too prioritize.

Don't try to please everyone at once. Spend time as per your comfort.

It might seem a little fearful at the start,

but soon you'll see people will adjust to your timings.

2. I am 25yr old girl. I am very shy and an introvert. I want to make a lot of friends,

and be very social but don't know how to do so?

Answer - Hello, being shy or introvert is not bad. Its a sign that you tend to analyze

more before taking any social action. Be proud of yourself for having this quality.

Making friends is not difficult, but you need to move out of your comfort zone.

while meeting people don't expect them to like you or think how they'll judge you.

Try to listen to them. Don't feel fearful of meeting them again.

The more you meet people with such an attitude, the more friendly they'll become.

3. I keep postponing work for the next day. Finally when the deadlines come, I get very

irritated and end up doing a below-par work. why is it so?

Answer - Discipline is a virtue that needs to be cultivated. Discipline is one of the most important

attitudes required for success. Discipline is a positive stress, wereby you need to follow a certain regime every day.

The brain usually revolts against discipline as you feel "tied down".

The most important way of battling it is by slowly slowly building up your affinity towards work.

Everyday postpone less and within 6months you'll find yourself finishing work much before time.

4. I love my friends, but lately I have noticed that whenever we are in an outing its only me who ends up

spending the most. I tried to question them, but they take me for granted and dismiss the topic as a joke? - Mohan

Answer - Hello Mohan its great to see that you have realized your friends behavior.

This realization shows you that your friends love themselves a little more than friendship.

Remember money is a very important marker of self. Those who are too concerned about self will always be more

skeptical of spending money. Those who are more concerned about emotions, will tend to splurge.

Take this realization as a way to know when to stop spending. Let others take the initiative.

Your friends might take a few days to adjust to your new attitude, but will understand.

5. Hi, I have been married twice and both times it was a bitter end.Now I am scared of being in a relationship.

Answer - Hello, as westernized we become, the inherent Indian attitude is that we still believe in marriage as

a holy act which opens the gates to companionship and happiness.

Marriages specially in Mumbai are subjected to a lot of stress which cannot battled just through love.

one needs to be extremely practical in life about many issues.

Walking out of a marriage might be the best decision for self.

The guilt, remorse and anger against the past will keep you stuck there. Its time you vent it out.

Seek help of a professional if needed. Every moment of life is beautiful and its not defined by a relationship,

but by your own happiness.

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