economic depression - a healthy laugh

Economic depression... a word that most indians are not muttering... and is becoming a taboo remenescent to sex... something everyone experiences but nobody speaks about.
taking a lateral view on it... it infact is leading people to a healthier lifestyle.and lesser work for doctors. ;)
1. since the recent pay-cuts, many clients have cut down on smoking and drinking., eating out, eating unnecessarily.
2. stress levels and job-security tensions are increasing, so the appetite is decreasing.hence a more slim and fit person. lesser prone to diseases.
3. now the petrol prices have gone down, but buying a car on EMI aint intelligent move. so lesser use of petrol in vehicles, and more use of public transport. that equals to lesser pollution and happier lungs.
4. longer working hours have been introduced.. spending lesser time at home. therefore lesser time to burn money on coffee shops, viideo games, reading books or partying out with friends. ur parents will be happy your bank account increasing.
5. longer working hours.. more time at work... hence more time in the air conditioner.. thank god you saved from those power cuts and killing heat.
6. raising EMI bills. a lessoon on what to invest in, and what not. maybe next time will think twice before buying that 30k iphone on EMI.
7. raising pressures from the boss. more interaction between collegues. deeper friendships, more socialising. and infact more sharing among couples... increasing their love levels.
8. more stress. more need of anti-anxiety. natural anti-anxiety... aerobic exercises, meditation, sex. all 3 beneficial for healthy life.

economic depression is a bad phase.
hereby just presenting some explanations my clients have given me for their less frequent visits.

its a phase to endure and be patient.
be healthy
dr.hemant mittal

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  1. A splendid way of dealing d economic regression.I might apply it.
    If I had d eyes of you to look at things so differently!