right or wrong???

"my belief is that life is our greatest teacher.."

and as with all teachings, some are easy to understand and some very complex.
here i would like to discuss on one such complex teaching...

the otherday, i was traveling back from the hospital towards the clinic. As usual, i take the local mumbai train. The easiest way to commute in mumbai.
As per my daily ritual, I sat listening to music, and today enjoying the pre-monsoon showers.
Half way thru the journey, one of the numerous illegal vendors kept wandering around my seat.
Lost in the trance of my thoughts mixed with some soothing music and beautiful overcast rainy weather, it took me a moment to realise his persistence to sell, what looked like some chinese made plastic toy.
I got into my senses, looked towards him, and for the 5 time he asked me...
"Saab 10 rupiya mein ek, 15 mein 2."... "leelo saab,"
I tried the time tested formula of giving him an assertive no.. and telling to ask other people.
He still continued...
I wondered why...
I looked around and realised, that me and the gentleman sitting in front of me where the only 2 passengers in the coach.
He again asked the same question
"saab 10 rupiya mein ek, 15 mein 2.." ...
I got irritated, I was gonna tell him to get out..or else...when i suddenly realised a small drop of tear on the corner of his eye...
on focusing well, i realised that this kid had been crying... tear trails all over his cheek.

As is the case in such situations, the heart over powers the brain"...
i asked him.. why are you crying.. he said "its 3pm, havent sold a piece..?? and started crying again"
the gentle men next to me..immediately took out 50 bucks and gave it to him...

my question is..
is it right to give him money.. or are we just teaching him a new technique of begging..
were a tear can earn him more than 5 single deals of his toys would..
what do you thing is right ?? and what is wrong???
is that money gona be used by him???or are we just feeding his diabolical master????

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  1. A good question. I thought native Indians would have an answer. For me as a German, living in India the dilemma is even worse. The expectations to westerners are of another, much greater dimension. So, my question: should Indians and Foreigners follow the same behaviour in dealing with such form of begging?