The Power of Happiness lies within You

"If you consider yourself an eternal learner, life will teach you some of the most beautiful lessons"
The Mall, a mordern avatar of yesteryears sunday-bazaar.. is a feat to watch on sunday evenings. Light, camera,.. action... crowds, fun, food, movies... a celebration of life!!
Its also a place where happiness is achieved by the psychological game of ... "I WANT"... its about satisfying our needs... from buying groceries, to window shoping, to geting some good discounts, to watching a movie, playing some games, or just to grab a bite at one of the fast food counters.... its always about "I want..."
So whats wrong in "I WANT.."? well, there is nothing wrong...To be happy, to enjoy is the prime objective of every being in this planet.
Its just that when we are enjoying ourselfes, we forget to..
a. forget to help elders, and children climb up the escalators...infact sometimes make fun of them when they fall down.
b. forget that the house-keeping staff is compromised of human beings..not animals
c. forget that its not the waiters duty to be the brunt of our life's frustrations, becoz he served us late or commited a mistake in taking the order.
d. forget that when we discriminate poor people for "coming and polluting" a mall's environment.. what right do we have to criticize developed countries for doing the same on our people.
e. forget that not only your mother and sisters are pious women ...while you sexually fantasise about every other woman that your eyes prey upon...and your facial expression shows whats running in your mind.
f. forget that the pharse "human is a social animal" doesnt mean to fight for every single vacant chair.
Since its euphoric and easier to get happy by satisfying the feeling of "I WANT"... we never venture to learn how to create happiness by "giving".
As we grow older.. the social, familial, and economic pressures drag us to choose the easier way out to happiness.
Life tries to teach us the art creating happiness by giving ...but as poor learner we forget it easily.
Remember how A new born child ...his smile, his gestures, his mannerisms... bring a stress-free long lasting smile on our faces.. his actions register in our long term memory and can still trigger a sudden smile after many years.
Remember how a candid conversation with a friend or group of friends, lingers as your sweetest memory..
Remember how your mothers food, or your fathers scolding still seems like yesterday....
All of them have "given you" something...
"to give" doesnt mean to shed millions of ruppees and get media coverage. "to give" means to create peaceful happy memories for you and those around you. "to give" means to learn to :
a. give a smile to the waiter
b. give a "thank you" to the house keeping staff
c. not to discriminate some one for his social status
d. to give a prayer to those who need it.
e. to give a helping hand to those who are struggling.
f. to give a joke/humor in a tense situation
g. to appreciate beuty, but not profanate it.
because the happiest moments of your life will be the ones were your at peace with yourself.. enjoying the moment...
LEARN TO GIVE... and see how life gives you much more happiness than what you could ever desire...

DR.HEMANT MITTAL (neuro-behavioural expert)
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  1. i rally liked the last part of ur blog...really tere s nothing we lose in giving a smile to a waiter,nd saying thank u to a house staff......but i dont kn y most of the ppl dnt do it if it wud cost a lot for them....

  2. as always... crisp and clear!!
    GIVE and u shall RECEIVE :)

  3. Great Sir! Take care and keep doing this great job...

  4. Great Sir:)It was one of the beautiful articles that i stumbled upon..Its very true that happiness is all about giving and helping other people.The happiness of other people due to one's activities gives more happiness to a person's life.

  5. very heart touching article doc,I liked it!!!!

  6. Very good doctor,

    I believe 90% of people will just read it and only 10% of it will be able to implement this in their lives.

    What do you say?

    Well do add e-mail subscription option as I suggested in an e-mail that I have just sent to you.