Life -beyond The Big Room !!

If someone asked me to define Life- i would professionally say its social, emotional and psychological game...

If i would take a philosophical view to it - i would say its a BIG ROOM... a big empty room..
For the next few minutes, I would ask you to let your imagination loose. If you multi-tasking, leave everything. Be comfortable, read the following and try using your imagination as you go thru it...I am sure you will enjoy the psychological experience.

Imagine those first 18yrs of your life... take yourself back to the earliest memory you have... imagine how it was growing up.
first whn you where 5yrs old
then 7yrs..
12 yrs..
18th yrs..
remember your house, your parents, your friends, your school...
how naive you where, how you naughty you where,
how you did things secretly,
how you did some things openly...
enjoy the memory for a minute.
now sit back... relax and think..
those 18yrs gave you a way of thinking, a way of behaving, a way of reacting to every single incident that happens in a day.
those 18yrs built up a platform where you slowly stood and started interacting with life.
slowly as you moved ahead in life.... pillars of responsiblity where put around the corners of that platform..
one pillar was your obligation towards parents
one pillar was your obligation towards your learnt moral values
one pillar was your obligation towards society
one pillar was your obligation towards your personal desires.
slowly there where walls that interconnected these four pillars... you slowly found yourself standing in the middle of this big room. Every new situation, made life push you towards one of the corners...
Its amazing.. how years and years are spent struggling to get from one corner to the other...
Its amazing how many times you are pushed to one corner, when what you want is in another corner...
Just imagine.. how many times you have revolted against life to go towards the corner you want...
Like many, probably even you have learnt to "adjust" in this BIG ROOM, probably even you dont want to see that little red door...
Try to see that litte red door, made of wood, just big enuff to fit you, that has your name printed on top of it...
That one door, that separates the normal from the successful, the struggler from the content, and the sad from the happy....
That is the door of endless possibilities...
Rejoice the moment of seeing that door... keep the image of that door in your mind..
and slowly come back to present..
think of your current life, your current difficulties, your current desires....
Remember there is a way out towards happiness.... you need to take that one step towards it!!!

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, PGDPM)


  1. Brilliant!!!
    one of your best blogs to date...!
    it just keeps getting better and better :)

    - Sandya

  2. Quite stressful to feel it this way.Actually reminiscing of past, even things beautiful give me only pain. May dis work for some one more gifted than me.

  3. well it refreshed some past memories which was nice, n truely says about the desires pushing us from one corner to another...But that Idea of "little red door" The door of opportunity,freedom in other words door to "mukti/moksha" how to find it???.....a similar search is the idea central to spirituality.....anyhow,very few of us believe that "the door" exist, still few Try to find it & still rare one's find it;)

  4. Excellent! I hope all of us have the same insight and understanding of life.

    Way to go, Doc!!!

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  6. ...the red door ! it can mean different to different people, what actually is the red door intended to mean ?? i look at it this way, the red door is a different domain altogether, a domain which is accessible by all of us yet most of us r ignorant to get there or either our conditioning is such that we dismiss such a possibility altogether, and for those who r aware of it find it hard to get there, feels like a baatle against oneself, not sure about how others think bout this but this is what i personally feel.

  7. Superb Sir !!!! keep it up :)

  8. im new at this blog and just reading one by one. i have read a lot self help books coz when life pushes me frm one corner to the other i feel helpless and take help of books( sometimes person) but nw i feel, in my room i have only walls and corners and no red door. i mean i have desires but not dreams, i dont knw the meaning of success or can say i dont have any dream in my life, im just living coz i have to friends say im lucky enough coz i have everything, family, status, education, personality, freedom but i dont have that red door in my room yet, thats all.