Snoring - Dangers & Cures.

"36yr old Madan died in sleep. Nobody could believe that such a young and vibrant man was suddenly no more. On post-mortem the cause of death was pointed out to be cardiac failure due to poor respiratory complaince. Madan was a chronic snorer"

"32yr old Sadhna filed for divorce 6months within marriage. They reason, her husbands chronic snoring problem."

"38yr old Raghav always felt sleepy. He was irritable and his concentration was weak. His family and friends always pointed towards stress. He did everything to battle stress, except take care of his sleeping habbits and snoring"

Snoring is one of the most common symptoms of physical illness prevalent in modern society. Its defined as the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound, due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping.
The irregular airflow is caused by a passageway blockage and usually due to one of the following:

a. Throat weakness, causing the throat to close during sleep
b. Mispositioned jaw, often caused by tension in the muscles
c. Fat gathering in and around the throat
d. Obstruction in the nasal passageway
e. The tissues at the top of airways touching each other causing vibrations
f. Relaxants such as alcohol or drugs relaxing throat muscles
g. Sleeping on one's back, which may result in the tongue dropping to the back of the mouth

It's the lack of proper breathing, which leads chronic snorers to develop decreased oxygen supply to the body, brain and heart. This eventually results in:

1. sleep deprivation to snorers and those around them,
2. daytime drowsiness,
3. irritability,
4. lack of focus
5. decreased sexual performance.
6. clinical psychological problems like increased stress sensitivity, depression and anxiety.
7. social problems- partner irritability, those around them complain about the same.
8. Deadly consequences like - heart attack and brain stroke (which can lead to paralysis)

Unfortunately its one of the most neglected physical symptoms and one that is socially accepted.

Tips to cure snoring problems.

1. Sleep on your side
The theory is that when we lie on our backs the tongue and muscles in the throat collapse, constricting the airway and causing snoring.

2. Higher pillows
This aims to keep the airways open by supporting the neck so the throat is less constricted. It works fairly well until you fall asleep and slump down in the bed.

3. Breathe Right Nasal Strips
These are supposed to open your nostrils from the outside and they certainly do seem to do this. They can also provide temporary relief from nasal congestion and stuffiness caused by colds and allergies.

4. Snoreeze Oral Strips
These dissolving mint-flavoured strips target the main cause of snoring and are ideal if you tend to snore more when lying on your back. They contain a time-release formula, which coats the back of the throat throughout the night and reduces the vibrations of the soft tissues, helping to stop snoring.

5. Abstinence
You should cut down on cigarettes or, better still, give up completely. Also, try to have your last alcoholic drink at least four hours before you go to bed.

6. ENT Check up
To find if any internal nasal skin or thorat obstruction has developed. This might need surgery for treatment.

7. CPAP (continous positive air pressure)
a mechanical device that helps keep a positive air pressure. It's effective but expensive.

8. Sleep study
a sleep study to find out the effect of snoring on the brain and body.

9. Medications
Avoiding Sleeping Pills. Which 95% people take due to lack of proper sleep.
Consultation with your local sleep expert physican to take medications that will help in decreasing the nasal and throat congestion.


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  1. really, its a pleasant experience to see, such a devotion in your profanation, now a days dr. are just working for money same problem i have but still i haven't found any medical support to cure myself, everyone just try to make money. thanks Dr. hemant for this beautiful article to make me aware of.

  2. The best remedy for Snoring would be Meditation. My snoring stopped after I started doing Meditation. I never observed this but My mom observed and told me that I am not at all snoring now a days.

  3. Useful article.thank you sir.