Mind Training - Part 1

Mind Training – Part 1

“I wish I could control my mind”

“I would be more successful if I could win at mind games”

“I have a 6th sense that tells me if any wrong is going to happen. I just need to control it.”

In the dimension of ever-lasting happiness the biggest denominator to happiness is Mind Control. He who can control his mind can control the universe around him.

In a world full of external and internal conflicts, the mind is blinded to perceive the omnipresent happiness. The pages of history show us how the discourse of the Bhagvadh Gita, just before the Mahabharata empowered the warrior Arjun with a complete control over his fickle mind to regain the path to happiness.

If happiness was distributed freely, no one would ever understand its value and importance. Probably that’s the reason why nature has decided to put a heavy tag price on it. The bargain is to control the body’s most sensitive organ, the mind. Just imagine how the mental picture of a smiling baby changes your mood for a few seconds.

The mind is heavily influenced by 6 factors. These are the 5 senses (vision, touch, smell, taste and hearing) and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the most dynamic of all these factors. Its primary role is to integrate all sensory inputs and create a set of memories, rule and regulations which constitute the blue print of an individual’s personality. As a person focuses more on resolution of external and internal conflicts, he loses control over the unconscious mind. This eventually causes a change in approach from experiencing happiness to searching for happiness. The consequences of this personality change affect the entire spectrum of social, personal and professional life. A slow but empathic development of degenerative qualities like:

a. Decrease in professional and personal potential.
b. Increased negative emotions like sadness, irritability, anger
c. Increased negative memories like repeated recollection of traumatic experiences
d. Increased negative thoughts like pessimism, guilt feelings and even suicidal thoughts.

are experienced by both the individual and those related to him.

Training is the process of constant practice of a certain techniques to reinforce and strength a certain skill. Weight training is the process of constantly practicing a series of scientifically drafted exercises that increase the endurance, strength and power of the muscles in the body.

Similarly Mind Training is the constant practice of specialized techniques that reinforce and fortify the unconscious boundaries. This works at multiple levels:

a. Protects against negative emotions, memories and thoughts.
b. Enhances the charm and persona of an individual
c. Enhances unconscious processes like memory, concentration, quickness in answering, efficiency at home and work.
d. Opens the unconscious eyes to happiness.

Mind Mantra provides individual and collective Mind training sessions. Our focus is to provide the best mind, emotion and behavioral solutions for long lasting happiness. The two primary lines of approach are:

1. Individual Mind boutique – A detailed discussion with the client to create a persona specific, specially designed and customized, framework of techniques that can be easily incorporated within the life-style of an individual. On a prima faci:

a. It revolves around effective utilization of time and mind resources to create the maximum impact within the minimum time and effort.
b. It’s a 100% client centric approach, whereby the professional mind trainer works as a facilitator rather than dictator.
c. All issues personal, professional, social and sexual are open to discussion depending upon client comfort level.
d. It’s effective for anyone from 17yr to 80yrs of age.

2. Collective Consciousness – a small group of individuals are integrated in a previously discussed environment to deal with common relative issues like:

a. effective (verbal and non-verbal) communication,
b. problem resolution in finding collective goal-oriented focus,
c. Design goal achieving techniques for personal, group and organizational satisfaction.
d. Increase group and organizational loyalty.

This is the 1st part of “Mind Training “ series. Those interested can directly contact us through the mind mantra website. (www.mindmantra.in)

The next part of this series will concentrate on the deeper aspects of mind training program through mind mantra.

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, PGDPM)

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