Money Vs. Peace of Mind

How ironic, people spend a life time searching. for money and pleasure to finally conclude that peace and god lies within themselves?

a. Money is a great motivator. In reference to Money, The sacred Hindu scriptures of the Vedas, clearly mentions, that a person needs to earn enough money to meet his social, physical and emotional needs.
These needs have been also defined by the vedas.

b. In the bhagwat gita, during the 12th chapter, the chapter on devotion to god, lord krishna clearly tells arjun
that there are 2 ways to attain "the pure self" or inner peace...
one is by completely surrendering yourself to the higher been and just letting him guide you...(which is practically impossible in todays world)
second is by service to him, thru service to mankind.. (that means utilising a part of your earned resources to help those lesser fortunate).

c. the above two examples sum up to tell us, that earning money is not a wrong thing... earn, and earn for a good living. but also be careful of greed, high ego and insulting others lesser fortunate than you.

Because peace of mind depends on the balance and satisfaction between your outer and inner self.

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, PGDPM)
Emotional, Behavioral And Sexual Health Consultant
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  1. Money and peace are always trying to run away from people. Oh yes after you have earned, you suddenly have both needs and wants. It is these ever increasing wants that makes money run away from our pockets accounts etc in order to satiesfy our outer being. However, peace is the mone we accomulate withing ourselves. When everything is fine within you, some unwanted and malicius ideas entice our mind and knowingly or unknowingly we end up being robbed of the peace we have inside us.