Fun ways to Increase LOVE in a Relationship

Fun ways to Increase Love in a Relationship

The ancient Hindu spiritual Books, mention how love is the greatest positive energy created by god. It's the most beautiful of all emotions and the happiest of all feelings to experience. 
There is nothing more emotionally and spiritually stimulating than spending a moments full of love with your partner. 

Recent research has found that couples get adjusted to postive emotions exchanged between them. Its at this time that they need to take a look into their relationship and create new ways of increasing the affection. These new acts of affection have overall positive, creative and fullfilling effects on their personal and professional lives.
My experience as a relationship counselor has taught me how majority of couples go into a "content or adjusted phase", which decreases fun and happiness within their relationship.  Its at this time when couples move from "We having so much fun" to statements like "we used to have so much fun".

If not tackled in time, this can be a motivator to push one or both partners to seek variety and adventure outside the bounds of their relationship.

The following are simple Fun filled Tips that I have suggest and have helped hundreds of couples to re-discover the magic of love.

1. Celebrate Love
Most couples forget the excitement and passion of celebrating together. Going to a watch a movie, the restaurant, pub or lounge becomes a monotonous do-it-because-you-have-to task.

Celebrate love by doing something wacky or stupid together (remember together means only both of you. no children, family or friend). 
for example, Going to an amusement park, going on a trek, joining a dance class, running the marathon, driving to a undecided location without any reservations,etc

2. Review the Photos
Take your old photos and albums out. Go through them together. It helps to refresh the memory of all those initial emotions and feelings that you had experienced. 

3. Challenge each other
Stimulating situations push your body into "fight or flight mode", this tends to increases both physical and emotional input and output.
If used in a positive way, it works wonderfully to vent out negative emotions and introduced positive emotions.

Challenge each other to small tasks?
A sprint to the car or up the mall escalator, a sandwich eating contest, potato peeling contest, etc
Make your own challenge and enjoy it.

4. Thank each other.Most people love to give opinions and criticize. It's become a natural behavior. Appreciation isn't a natural phenomenon.
When was the last time you thanked your wife for doing a great work at home.
When was the last time you thanked your husband for doing a great work in taking care of the family.
When was the last time you thanked your girlfriend/boyfriend for the love and stability she/he gives you.
Celebrate saying thank you to each other.

5. Massage
A touch creats instant connection. A relaxing neck-massage can physically show more love than hundred thousand "I love you" messages. So massage each other, and spread the love.
In some cases, doing the same in public can sometimes boost his/her ego beyond boundaries.

6. Joke
When was the last time you told each other a joke. Forget the mobile or email forwards. Tell him/her a joke. Laugh upon it. Humor is the best defuser of tension and greatest promoter of likeness.

7. Spruce up the Make out session
Kissing, touching, cuddling are great techniques of increasing the love quotient. Instead of doing them for the same boring way as you have been for last few years, add new elements.
Perfumed Oils, sexy underwear, wrestling on the bed, bitting, etc all help to add that element of change within your make out session.

8. Bitch together.
If you cann't do any positive together, do something negative together. Bitch or Gossip about a common person. It secretly tells each other how well connected you are.

9. Enjoy the drink together.
If you believe that having alcohol is unholy or will pollute your system, then this isn't for you. For others, its a great bonding experience to sit and share a drink, once in a while. To enhance the moment, one of the partners can learn to make a few cocktails.
Sharing a drink, watching a movie or listening to songs can be one of the most beautiful experiences.

Hope these techniques help you, like they have helped hundreds of others, to re-ignite the Magic in your Love Life.

Thanks for Reading,

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, PGDPM)
Emotion, Behavior, Sleep, Memory and Sexual Health Consultant at Mind Mantra
Counselor and Neuro-Psychiatrist
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