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 A few weeks ago I got a call from a Finance Company asking if I could take a “rejuvenating session” for their over-worked, stressed and fatigue employees. Thou I have extensive experience in Public speaking and carrying out workshops,  a “rejuvenating session”  for finance guys was  completely a new domain.

After a constructive discussion with their Manager, we both decided to fuse their requirements with my capabilities to formalize a structured 3 hour session at their west Mumbai based premises.

As per my habit, I reached the venue a couple of hours before start. This gives me enough time to familiarize with the place, creatively visualize how I will conduct the session and over-look any last minute details.

We had planned a 3pm start. The post-lunch time would give enough time to the on-site employees to return and their clients to finish work and leave the premises.

At 2pm, Me and the branch manager, who I had befriended by now, sat down to have a quick lunch. We had barely started eating when the pleasant pre-monsoon weather was enhanced by a slight drizzle.

By 2.30pm the lunch time drizzle had upgraded into a downpour.  One by one majority of on-site employees called and expressed inability to return back.  The first two calls gave us a slight laugh, but later it turned into a concerned stare. 

By 3pm we were facing a full blown Mumbai monsoon rain. With 6 in-house employees and 6 clients the most logical step was to cancel the program.  When I thought he was going to call off the whole thing, he approached and asked me if I would do a session for those present. 

Since I was also caught in surprise by the sudden rain, I had nothing better to do. Plus I had already committed my time for a session, so I didn’t see any problem in the same.
To his credit the manager was a dynamic man who not only got all his employees to attend, but also motivated all the “trapped” clients to join in.  

Loads of hot tea, coffee and sandwiches provided the extra motivation for my audience of 12. A major downsize form the 20 plus I had come to tackle. 

While everything looked fine, the next major blow was when the manager announced that in view of the changed scenario I would be delivering a session on “Gateway to financial Richness and luxury through the power of the Mind”.  

I won’t deny, for a second I was stunned. I love to work in very planned and organized manner, and this was a complete opposite to my nature.

The manager came towards me and confidently said, “Sorry doc, but  I need this big favour from you.  The clients need to feel that this is a value added service we have arranged for them.”

I objected to his taking me for granted attitude and brought to his knowledge, the fact that I wasn’t an expert in finances.  To which he replied in an anxiety filled voice,

“I know doc. See Don’t worry about the financial inputs, I will help you with the same.  But teach them something that will help them.”

I thought... “Huh! Either this guy is a total lunatic or he is so stressed out he is relying on me to save him !!!”

Today while sitting and writing this article, I can easily label that next 3hour session as challenging and satisfying, but if I was asked the same question 5min before it started I would have said “I have no clue what I have put my foot into”.

I conducted an interactive session. Thou a bumpy ride, I was happy that in the end, I never needed the manager’s “financial inputs”. It was satisfying that every single participant including the Manager himself felt they had gained some insight on how to focus their energy to attract riches and luxury. 

Thou I would have loved to share the entire session with you, Hereby I share a few points that really stuck me on how a bunch of 13 people were actually stopping themselves from riches and luxury.

1.      Everyone wants the same.
Thou a group of 13 cannot speak for the entire society, but it was amazing that all of them had the same goals in life.  These can be categorized in 3 levels:

Level 1 - Essential goals - Having your own well furnished flat/house, having a car, a healthy bank balance and a stable monthly income. 

Level 2 - Super Essential goals – Once the essential has been achieved, then the next level is to look for more than one flat/house. A bigger car or more than one car. Luxury items like designer clothes, watches,  jewellery, high end mobile phones and regular international travel. 

Level 3 - Extreme luxury -  Houses/flats in different countries over the world.  A good number of luxury cars. Servants to take care of all needs.  Money is no longer the concern, but power is more of a need. Socializing within Page 3 circles. And having a name/fame in the society.
Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Yash Birla, Vijaya Mallya are the best  icons of this level.

2.      “iSTOP” attitude vs .“iACHIEVE” attitude. 
It’s amazing how people go on a defensive when confronted with luxury.  The moment they see someone having a luxury car, a designer hand-bag, loads of money, etc. The first emotion that comes to their mind, is that of criticism: 
“He/she must have earned it all through illegal practices”
“He/she was lucky, I am not”
“He/she inherited it.”

“Everyone is born with their own luck”

“It must be some good karma”
“He/she made intelligent investments, I am not that good”

Criticising luxury immediately creates a negative image in your subconscious mind.  The more you criticise it, the more you train your subconscious mind to become averse to achieving luxury.
 The day your mind’s first and only emotions on seeing luxury are positive:
“I love it.”
“I am already on the path of achieving it”
“Nobody can stop me from getting it”
With no criticizing or negative thought involved, that day you know are on the path of achieving it.

3.      Fear of moving up the ladder.
The second biggest Road-block to achieving riches and luxury is the fear of losing what you already have.
Most people are fixated in getting their essential needs and protecting them.

They spend their entire life protecting their essential needs. 

Every single religion, every single self-help book, every single motivator in the world has said that the greatest power of human kind is the power of “self-belief”
The moment your “self-belief” gets satisfied by protecting what you already have, automatically you move miles away from achieving what you desire.
Self-belief can single handily get you every single luxury you want in life. Utilise it.

4.      “The Secret” - Passion 
How many times you have met someone in life, whose body language told you he/she wasn’t comfortable meeting you? Vice-versa how many times have you met someone whom you have liked instantly?
Our body, mind and soul send hundreds of conscious and subconscious signals. These signals determine our attachment or desire for something.
The moment you are passionate about something, your entire being tends to attract it.
Money can come in hundreds of ways, but riches, luxury, power and fame can only come if you have a passion for the same.
Learn to develop your passion for it.

5.      “Let luxury attract luxury”
How many times since childhood have we heard the phrase “money attracts money”.
Have you ever thought that how true it really is?
Most people wrongly presume that it means “a  million dollars will attract million dollar”, when it really means that “even a single dollar can attract million dollars”
A dollar well invested will give you two, two will become four and so on till a million dollars.
Invest a small portion of what you earn into buying a luxury for yourself. Everyday every moment, look, love, appreciate and nourish the feeling of owning a luxury. The longer you keep this feeling, the higher luxury you will attract. The lesser you keep it the lesser your attraction.

6.      Enjoy and accept Luxury 
It’s such a common behaviour that people don’t want to accept riches and luxury. The moment someone compliments you, 90% people go on a back-foot and try to find reasons to shun away the compliments.
From evil-eye, negative vibes to belief that it’s bad manners to blow one’s own trumpet... most people tend to marginalise from accepting riches and luxury.
Have you noticed how gracefully stars, businessmen, politicians accept compliments? How they believe that they deserve every single inch of what they have achieved
And how they make sure that others also know about it!
Start accepting compliments. Gracefully accept others appreciations. Let your subconscious know that you deserve the riches and luxury. Let your subconscious believe and let others know that you are made for riches and luxury.

I just realized how long this article has become. Thou that day we discussed many other issues relevant to this topic. From how to always make profit making investments, how to use money to generate power and fame, how to earn money sitting at home, etc but I suppose that will be later.

Thanks for reading and kindly leave you comments on the same,

Dr.Hemant MittaL
Motivational Speaker - Mind-Body Healer
(MBBS, PG.DPM, M.D.(Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts - Mumbai))
(Specialize in Emotional, Behavioural, Sleep, Memory, Concentration and Sexual Health)
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