Are you addicted to Negativity?

Every single action done by every single cell in the whole universe is aimed to achieve happiness and peace.
Nature has a set of rules which make it to achieve this goal. Of all the laws taught by nature one of the most powerful is the "law of attraction". The power of self to attract what your mind thinks.
The greatest enemy to attracting success and happiness towards one-self is the presence of negativity in the mind. Negativity creates road-blocks which prevent the smooth transition of thought to action. And hence prevent achievement of expectations.

When things in life don't go as expected negativity takes birth in the mind. Slow and constant presence of negativity causes the mind to change the brain structure in such a form that negativity becomes the prime emotion. In other words, the mind-brain complex becomes addicted to living in negativity. This addiction is so powerful, that it can rationalize and destroy any golden opportunity for success that presents itself to an individual.

Its the effect of psychologically generated negativity that one starts to see himself/herself as a victim rather than hunter. Imagine if the king of the jungle, the lion starts to think himself as a victim.
The laws of nature make it very clear that Success and happiness only comes to a hunter not a victim.

The following is a psychometric test that will help you evaluate the extent of "negativity-addiction" your mind is entangled in:

(1) You prefer to avoid meeting people because of the fear of being criticized, disapproved or rejected ?

(2) You only like to meet people who you are 100% sure will appreciate and like you?

(3) You tend to suppress your feelings. Always fear that expressing your feeling and emotions to your near and loved ones will cause shame or ridicule?

(4) Are fearful and/or preoccupied of being socially embarrassed by others?

(5) You feel incapable of developing good relationships with other people, and envy those who can do so with ease?

(6) You tend to automatically compare yourself with others. And in most comparisons see yourself as inferior or inept?

(7)  Even if you want to change your emotional and psychological self, you don't do it out of anger or embarrassment that you will fail. So prefer to live in emotional pain?

If you got more than 4 "yes" or more than 5 "sometimes"... your mind is addicted to favoring the negative side.
Seek help immediately or prefer to live without happiness.

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Dr.Hemant MittaL
Motivational Speaker - Mind-Body Healer
(MBBS, PG.DPM, M.D.(Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts - Mumbai))
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  1. very informative and nicely approached work..thanks a lot

  2. I strongly feel i'm going through this.. What must I do to stop this.. Plus i also get anxiety attacks sometimes quite often and sometimes in weeks or months..

  3. Dr P Parameswaran PillaiMay 15, 2012 at 5:40 PM

    I am also as the same. I tried my best to think positively, but can not. Negativeness overcomes it. so help me to save from this.
    ur work is "what can I say, no words equal to that "
    Thanks a lot.