Personal Freedom - A ever growing fight

"Freedom" is one word that each one of us thrives for in some form of other...
Daily I get numerous people at my clinic who complain about lack of freedom.
husbands - lack of freedom from ever growing responsibilities
wives - lack of freedom from children, husband, in-laws
employees - lack of freedom from work pressures and lack of professional satisfaction
students - lack of freedom from social pressures

are just few of the examples...

what is freedom?
Freedom means the power to be really you. To let out that unique you.. with all your desires, likes and dislikes without being judged. However only a very few are lucky enough to have a complete control over their external and internal selfs to attain this freedom.

Since childhood we are conditioned to do "good"... Unfortunately doing good is also equated with pleasing others... Family, society, friends, colleagues, children and spouse... The list is never ending, and the "opportunity of freedom" ever diminishing.

Lack of Freedom and its effect?
Does the lack of Freedom affect the mind and body in anyways... The answer is it certainly does...
I won't be wrong in estimating that upto 60% of body disease we suffer is due to this lack of freedom.
The lack of freedom leads to stress. Stress leads to over-working of the hormonal and neuronal system. To compensate for this over-work, the mind can decrease the functioning of body's immune system, gastric system, sleep, concentration, heart, muscle pains...

What can be done?
1. Identify the level of stress you have due to "lack of freedom".
2. Every week spend sometime for your own self.
3. if the thoughts become cyclic and are not leaving your mind, do some meditation.
If meditation fails, seek some professional help.

Dr.Hemant Mittal
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