Have you ever started something and never been able to complete it?

Have you ever started something and never been able to complete it?

Worldwide scientific and psychiatric research has found that procrastination ( or tendency to replace high priority tasks with low priority ones till later stage) is a behavior pattern due to presence of certain negative personality traits or presence of disturbed emotional states.

Such a behavior pattern can become a habit and prevent a person from achieving success. The failure to achieve the planned can such an individual into clinical depression.

Most of the times, a procrastinating individual is extremely comfortable within a psychologically created “barrier or comfort zone”. This blindfolds him/her from being truly analytical about the problem at hand and the solution for the same.

The following psychometric questionnaire can help you find out the reasons why such behavior is happening.
1. Do you have problems completing a project because you set high standards that are not met?
2. Are you preoccupied with details, rules and schedules much more than others are?
3. Do you plan a lot but rarely start even one of your plans?
4. Do you wait for opportunities to fall into your lap, rather than “going and getting” them for yourself?
5. Do you get “stressed up” before the start of a project?
6. Do you think negatively about yourself at the start of any project?
7. Are you hesitant to move out of your “comfort zone” and start a new project?
8. Do you become irritable, anger and/or argumentative when you are asked to do something you aren’t comfortable doing?
9. Do you take offense, and form negative impressions about people, who tend to give suggestions on how you should increase your productivity?
10. Are you big risk taker in your life, you take decisions spontaneously without much consultation on its outcomes?
11. Are you not at all a risk taker in your life, and prefer to do everything after consultation with others?
12. Do you do your work only at last minute?
13. Do you have difficulty saying “no” to others, and then feel resentful about the same?
14. Do you feel that you are not accomplishing what you want from life?
15. Do you experience feelings like fear, butterflies in the stomach, breathlessness, sinking inside yourself or tremors in your hands whenever you have to start a project, give a presentation or submit a report?

Kindly answer all the questions in “yes or no”
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  2. I feel this is a common problem, procrastination, and hence need higher awareness of what to do about it.

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