Post-Sex Depression

Sex is not only about happiness…

In many cases of both men and women, an individual experiences “sadness after sex”.
this is a medical condition, which goes easily unnoticed.

Sex is immediately followed by feeling very sad, negative, crying spells, weakness and even guilt.

This feeling stays from a few minutes to a few hours.

The scientific reason for the same has been blamed on hormone prolactin.

Both men and women have this hormone. During sex there can be a nearly 400 times higher release of the same within the body.

It affects Men more than Women.

Prolactin works like a thermostat to shut off our desire, our appetites, and therefore the excitement…

One can imagine that Prolactin somewhere shut-offs the “emotional barriers” or the “happiness triggers”, leading to manifestation of the negativity, sadness, restlessness, anxiety, or stress stored in the subconscious mind.

I have seen patients who land up -
a. having crying spells
b. sudden feel of fear, restlessness or negativity… negativity against self.
c. restlessness leading to extreme emotions where by one either promises or lies more than – A patient of mine who was suffering from the same, would shower his lover with false promises of buying her the most expensive gifts immediately after sex… only to regret it later.

A lady who had the same, would shower her husband with loads of love… only to regain reality a few minutes to hours later, that she felt claustrophobic in the relationship and wanted to end is as soon as possible.

Treatment -
1. most people don’t understand this sudden change in hormone, and mood-swings..
henceforth even great sex can lead to fights or discussions.

2. presence of subconscious anxiety, anger, restlessness, sadness that has to be treated.

3. open discussion with a good sexologist, psychiatrist or gynecologist.

4. a more positive approach towards sex and understanding the importance of it.

5. more positive communication between the couple.

6. medicines if revealed so by the examination of the treating psychiatrist or gynecologist.

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