5 things that constitute the meaning of Love in todays relationships

1. Physical self
Psychology says you tend to like a person who falls within your beauty standards.
The beauty standards are defined by your ego structure not your intelligence.
Ego structures which crave for attention - require a more beautiful partner.

2. Mental Attraction
Its vital for any relationship, and one of the main reasons for "extra-marital affairs" specially in India.
Looks lead to attraction, but personality matching leads to fullfilment.
One is more open to discuss his/her emotions, fears and mindsets with someone who is mentally compatible.

3. Personality traits
Everyone has a particular set of personality traits. These come from your approach to life.
Some of them can be annoying and others can be very pleasing.
If two people cannot adjust to each others personality traits, then there is bound to be ego clashes.
Common personality traits leading to clashes - negative approach to a situation, asocial, overtly social, miser in terms of money, excessively high spending, etc.

4. Belief system
You might be from the same religion but still share different belief systems.
Belief system is very essential in attraction.
Your attitude towards god or any other supreme authority defines your acts in life.
Your good or bads in life come from your belief system.
While you might find someone very physically attractive and feel you have a mental connection.. If you don't share similar belief systems it decreases the over-all love.

5. Dependency
The last but not the least of traits is the amount of dependency you create on each other.
People will strong personalities like their partners to be independent. They don't interfere with their partners decisions. They stand by and help each other.
People will weaker personalities need extreme control over their partners. Are overtly concerned and feel incomplete if not considered for a decision. This always makes them restless and over-think about the relationship.

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