Essentials of a Good Relationship

1. Misunderstandings are inevitable.
As much as we are clear in the words we use, communication is a two way process that also depends on understanding. Misunderstandings are common, they grow bigger when we keep things secretive and aren't ready to sort them out.

2. Trust is a Game of two.
Trust is an exercise that develops by mutual faith, honesty, caring andsacrifice. One sided trust is always destructive on the long run.
While most relationships begin with deep trust, slowly it fades out because both stop investing the same into it.

3. Missing each other is good.
When you miss someone, he/she gets closer to your heart. Missing someone is more important than spending time with someone. Because when you are away, you get time to analyse each others flaws and strengths.

4. Encourage Personality Development
The basis of a good relationship is when both partners motivate each other for growth and change. You might be in a tough job, living in a place you don't like or feel not getting the credit you deserve... Its the job of your partner to help you understand the situation, battle it and stand by you.

A selfish partner just see his/her benefits. And when they see you in a tough position, they just move away. A real partner stick by you, takes your anger and frustration and helps you convert it into opportunity.

5. Compromise is a long term investment.
Most people think to compromise is giving up their ego.. while in fact its the opposite.. To compromise means to take a step back with a long term goal in mind.
The important thing is that you know when to compromise and when not. If you compromise everytime, you'll be taken for granted.

6. Accept your weaknesses.
Don't lie to your partner about your strengths and weakness. A man who can accept his weakness is a thousand times more trustable than someone who is portraying to know everything.

Let your partner help you overcome your weakness.

7. You cannot erase the past.
Psychiatrist and psychologists understand human psychology very well, yet when it comes to love.. most of them forget their knowledge. That the power of love. It makes you biased and addicted to someone. Hence if your partner has some emotional baggage he/she is carrying, you might try and help him/her leave it.. but not fix it.
You cannot erase the past from their mind, but just stand by them.

8. Forgive and forget
The greatest issues in a relationship start when you don't forgive or forget any mistake. A new relationship is a new learning ground. It starts on a different emotional platform. It slowly evolves. Let it evolve. Resentment or anger doesn't help at all.

9. Voice your expectations
Most people expect their partners to read their mind. Know that they are having a bad day or today they feel like cuddling or you want an extra attention!!!
Stop being kiddish.. Stop being filmy... Stop expecting a mind reader.. Be mature.. Voice your expectations... the more straight forward you are, the easier it becomes.

10. Don't play Mind games
The worst thing you can do in a relationship is play mind games. Confusing your partner with the way you behave. The same action can bring happiness or anger out of you. The more mind games you play, the worst it becomes.
The more you lie, the more difficult to create trust.
Remember love has a boundary.. beyond that boundary.. love ceases to exist and one just leaves.

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