is your child suffering from a mental health problem??

Children don't talk they act.. They are more expressive.
Nowadays younger and younger children are suffering from mental health problems.

You might ask why is so? - the answer is stress... There is pressure on a child from the moment he/she is born.
Be it pollution, food, society, school... recent studies show that the pressure on a 5th grader today is equal to that on an adult in 1920's.

why its important to be vigilant?
Mental health problems "don't disappear" with time.. They slowly create changes in the brain and this eventually creates a negative personality.. You might be dooming your child to a life of sadness.

what is that you should observe for?
If a 12yr or above child has 8 or more of the following symptoms, present prominently in his personality..Then its time to immediately consult a psychiatrist

1. Always Negativity and in anger
2. First reaction to something told by an adult is Defiance or Disobedience
3. Hostility directed towards adults
4. Throws temper tantrums - parents are scared when and were he will throw a tantrum.
5. Argumentative with adults and can get physically abusive.
6. Refuse to comply with adult requests.
7. Annoy other people deliberately
8. Blames others for his mistakes or misbehavior
9. Is easily annoyed
10. Spiteful or vindictive against others - even if they don't harm him or do anything against him.
11. Act aggressively towards his peer group.
12. Excessive lying - even for small small things.
13. Stealing of money
14. Smell of smoke, nicotine from his clothes.
15. Difficulty maintaining friendships
16. Poor academic problems due to lack of concentration, attention and memory.
17. Lack of self-esteem
18. Excessive demanding or comparing to others.

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM)
psychiatrist, psychotherapist, motivational speaker/writer

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