10 Signs that your Job is leading you to Clinical Depression

1. "another day at that god damn place" - is the first feeling that comes to your mind while going to work.

2. "I am wasting my life here, I could have been much better" - the feeling that predominates your mind while working.

3. You have been increasing weight - increased eating or drinking as a emotional response to stress.

4. You are loosing on sleep. - on weekdays feel as if you haven't slept and always feel fatigued or low on energy

5. You are always worried what will happen next at work, and how will you battle it.

6. You feel like killing your boss or destroying the place you work at.

7. You get angry at friends/family for no major reason. Then feel guilty and regret it.

8. You lose concentration while talking to someone or forget tasks.

9. You desperately wait for the weekend. Drink and/or eat excessively on friday or saturday, and spend the next day sleeping.

10. You feel there is no hope in life, and you are a slave to the system. Wanting to commit suicide or run away to some remote place.

If you have more than 6 of the above, its time you saw a psychiatrist or spoke to your company psychologist or found yourself a new job.

Clinical Depression is a medical disorder thats invisible to the eye, but destructive to the personality.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM)

psychiatrist, psychotherapist, motivational speaker/writer

email - eksoch@gmail.com


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