Love Addiction

Love Addiction

What is Love addiction?
Its the very high need of being in a relationship.
A person is addicted to the "relationship".. He/she is addicted to the feeling of "being in love"... No matter how disastrous the relationship might be for their emotional, physical, financial or sexual well-being.. the person will never want to leave the relationship.

Why does Love addiction happen?
1. fear of being alone
2. hope that the partner might change his ways one day
3. excessive emotional or financial investment into the relationship
4. Feeling you cannot go wrong.. and will be able to direct the relationship in the right direction.

How to know if you are a "love addict"?
answer the following -

Do you feel that you cannot live without your partner?
Does your whole world revolve around your partner?
Is your entire day decided by how your partner treats you?
Do you spend all the time caring about your partner?
Is your mind full of "movie like" thoughts about your relationship?

Common symptoms of Love addiction -

1. Love addict caries a feeling of loneliness in his/her heart.
2. This loneliness is cured by "the security" of someone in your life. And hence the need to do anything for that "security"
3. Breaking a lot of social laws to stand for the "relationship"
4. Terribly scared of being left alone and will do anything to avoid it.
5. Showering of love goes to extreme and accepting any form of torture.
6. Take the responsibility, guilt and blame in the relationship, when often its their partners fault.
7. High criticizing of others, specially ex's of the partner.
8. High need to control the relationship, because of which show high insecurity and mood swings.
9. Always fantasize about how great their relationship.
10. Unable to see the reality of their relationship and how unhappy they are.
11. High level of criticism, negativity and gossip for those in other relationships.

Treatment -
1. Love Addiction - like any other addiction spread through the mind and affects the emotional well being of a person.

2. essential to consult a professional counselor / professional psychiatrist.

3. it has withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced even if the partner is away for a single day.

4. Emotional pain is exagerrated and 100 times more than in other cases. This can lead to extreme anger.
In this extreme anger state an individual can commit suicide, kill someone or harm themselves permanently.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer/Speaker and Counselor)

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