Sure Signs that You will be Cheated

It might be your husband/wife, your best friend, your brother/sister or even your co-worker... The study of human Psychology has proved that whenever someone close to you, is cheating or is about to cheat on you, they will start showing two or more of the following signs -

1. Secretiveness - They will share lesser and lesser with you. You'll discover from a 3rd person about their conversations, plans and actions.

2. Subconscious Energy Repels - When you are connected with someone, You feel very comfortable in their presence. When they start distancing from you, suddenly their presence seems uncomfortable.

3. Irritable - When someone starts moving away from you, he/she will get irritated for no reason at all. Even funny situations will trigger irritation or a suppressed reaction.

4. Blame and Guilt - When someone starts psychologically moving away they will blame you for a lot of things. They will no longer look for solutions, but blame you. They will paint you as guilty and make you feel bad about yourself, and the relationship.

5. Biased Third Person - Many a times when a relationship is under pressure, its essential for a 3rd person to negotiate and bring both parties to a common solution. But when a person wants to separate, he/she will introduce a biased 3rd person, who will only speak about separation, faults in the relationship and sadness.


Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS,DPM)
Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker and Counsellor

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