How to Punish?

Wrongly induced Punishment can create a lot of emotional negativity. This will eventually lead to a lot of stress and decrease in performance.
You want to Punish a junior or your kid for a mistake they did. Here is what you do -

1. Call them to a private space - don't make it a public display of anger, you'll land up creating more negatively than the already present.

2. Ask questions why they behaved in that way. Try to understand their entire point of view.

3. Give them an opportunity to owe up to their mistake.

4. If they owe up to their own mistake, ask them what punishment would be right for them.
They cannot be let free, so they have to decide on a punishment.
If they cannot decide on one, you give them two options to choose from.
And then enforce one punishment on them.

5. If they don't owe up to their mistake, and keep denying it.
You politely inform them that they will now get a higher punishment than the one you had initially thought.
You tell them if they had owed up to their mistake, then you would have given them the options from point 4.
You enforce a stricter punishment on them.
Remember Punishment is essential... but an emotionally loaded punishment is just inducing negativity.
Always look at enforcing positive punishment.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS,DPM)
Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker and Counsellor

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