Demystifying the incognito called THE AMBANI's

As Friday Night fell upon me, the portal to peace and relaxation called weekend, started its ritual of opening up. To savor the maximum of this lovely moment, me and bunch of friends decided to treat our week-long hard-work, to a "good" coffee at the grand Hyatt.
The drive up there wasnt anything less then an adventure, with every tom, dick and harry that owns a mercedes, BMW or etc.. driving like a maniac-on the loose.
At the drive-way of the hotel, something didnt look fine. The security was more then normal. A bunch of the "i am rich and dumb" standing in front of the main door, waiting for their car. I always found this species of homo sapiens, the one god has been least favorable too. Theymight roam around in swanky cars, jet-set the world, buy whatever they desire, but they lack basic grey matter. My overtly-generalized belief was concretized when the fatest of the lot shouted "i hate bandra, it has soo many poor people that my new BMW cannt run over 30km/hr"
a slim, thin, model-looking girl replied " i totally support you, by the way anyone saw the new gucci earings collection"....
After such a warm welcome party, we proceeded inside the main lobby. Hyatt is a beutiful place.A good ambiance, generally good people (people who are productive...not destructive as that bunch) and nice coffee.
As I moved from the lobby towards the cafe... i suddenly found a pair of piercing eyes looking towards me. They belonged to a beutiful lady, dressed in a gujurati-style sari, having a charming face, and at the same time very authoritative. She was surrounded by an esteemed bunch of "i am rich and dumb" kids. The glance of who triggered a post-traumatic stress disorder.. gracefully I turned my face, and continued my search for a comfortable seat. It wasnt till a couple of seconds latter, that the corner of my eye spotted a familar face sitting next to that lady. Within a few milliseconds, my eye-brain-body reaction mechanism fired... I was standing in front of THE Ambani's.
An instant flashback ran thru my eyes, where I was tele-transported to that same morning's 7.38am local to VT, when an gentlemen had stuck half his newspaper right in front of my nose. And the smiling face of Mr.Mukesh Ambani, was staring at me, with the caption below reading "RICHEST INDIAN IN THE WORLD"... 15 hours latter, the same face was staring at me. This time alive and no smile.
We soon found a comfortable seat, few steps away from the scion of indian's most successful buisness story.
Needless to specify, It aint everyday that you find yourself within a hand's distance from Indian richest family. And needless to say, we aint the only one's who were in awe.
They are a nice family. Thou They need to do a lot about their health, and eating habits. They are well behaved, and they do know their place in the world scenario.
Slowly the feeling sinked in, we became comfortable with the environment. Briefly we discussed the ambanis, their mannerisms, their money, their power....and slowly gave way to the skeletons of our socialist-selfs. How India needs more philantropists, better education, how we need to lift our society, the great socio-economic divide. Socialism started to dominate the environement. Be it a defense mechanism against our unconcious comparision with them or be it a trigger to free our suppressed "intellectual" ideas... the discussion was animated, full of ideas and very entertaining.
Like a river from its glacier to the sea,this eventful evening was coming to an end. The last sips of coffee running down our throats, the bad and slow service at the Hyatt behaving as spoil-sport...we slowly walked towards the exit...when another bunch of the "I am rich and dumb" intercepted us. One of the slimmest chaps in the lot, was bubbling and jumping like a fly lost inside a container of sweets...when suddenly he shouted towards his friends in total excitement -
"I cannt believe it dudes!!! Mukesh Ambani was peeing next to me in the loo"
We four looked at each other, graciously made an exit, sat our cute little santro.... bursted into uncontrollable, stomach wrecking laughter and thanked god for being
"the simple common man".

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