HEART ATTACK...the big brother of Stress!!!!

Rohit(name changed) young and rich at 35yrs of age, is the envy of his friends and collegues, a hero for his family, and a good smile for his fat heart-specialist (cardiac physician).
A senior executive manager whose work speaks for himself. Owner of a 5 bedroom flat in sub- urban mumbai, a luxury segment car. Multiplex movie watcher, weekend regular at elite night-clubs, and platinium credit card holder in 3 international banks.
An individual with an ambious, competetive constructive attitude towards life, and an equally destructive attitude towards his own health.
Climbing the ladder of success doesnt only mean hard work. Behind the scenes, it also means, ditching your good sleep for hard long work hours. Step-motherly attitude towards food and appetite. Your brain racing faster than a BMW beamer on the highway. And closer inseperable ties with old friends mr.alcohol and ms.cigarettes.
The stab to the heart comes from a that over-fed, over-grown monster in the shadows. He who has been with you thru out the journey, whom you feed everyday, with the belief he is gonna remain harmless and tameable thru out your life.. good old STRESS!!!
Rohit had stressed his mind and body to such an extent, that the emotional heart just went on strike. At 3am he woke up his wife, to the horror of a chest pain...Lucky for him he reached the hospital in time...As the villanious words from the doctors mouth pronounced HEART ATTACK!!! His master brain finally hit the panic button.
Stress is the biggest enemy of mind-body-soul. Every year thousands of people fall prey to it.Heart Attacks are a product of weak mind and weaker body. The human body is like that ever-forgiving preist who keeps telling us to mend our ways, when we have time. But disappears in the obllivion once his patience has been breached.
Keep your-self Healthy !!!

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