Exercise Your Rights

we all need to stand up united and take strong steps. lets start by using our democratic rights:

1. we should vote. go out and vote..

2. exercise ur freedom of speech. speak out. The world is listening to us. post ur comments against the terror and terrorist in all forums you know.the net is a world wide space for your word to be heard.put the word across in all national/international forums.refute the baseless claims by the pakistanis for not being involved.let the world know what is happening.take ur ang

3. help people who have been affected by this tragedy physicaly, socially or mentally.in watever way its possible.if u are to far and cannt.than at least give them a line in your prayers. pray for peace.

4. stop helping pakistani people. lets boycott them, and throw them out of our country.all those buisnessmen, health-seekers, artists who cross the border for alms in india..they are all traitors...

5. praise our security forces. good, bad or ugly..they saved us.be generous in your praise and gratitude for them. make those statements be felt.let the security forces know we are standing by them.

6. voice ur reactions towards the politicians...they are accountable..we elected them.make forums, write letters, make sure that they get to know how we feel.one voice can help 1000 more to raise... and 1000voices can make the system to take account...

7. finally... JAI HIND!!! spread the love for mother india...make sure 2 small words llike JAI HIND!!! resonate thru out the space...it will raise the nationalistic spirit.

lets wake up.!!

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