26th Novemeber 2008...the events that unfolded in the city of Mumbai...have left many like me ragged with the out-rageous, animalistic, pscyhotic nature to which a men can fall...
my opinion on this dark nights events are...
1. its an outright act of cowardice shown by these insignificant, illiterate, uncultured, inhuman people. if defaming india is their motive, then why not do it at an international forum, where it will make a difference.

2. hats off to the mumbai police. its simple to criticize the intelligence failure, and police action. But comendable efforts for a force of hardly a hand-ful people, who live under severe stress, lead lives as per the ruling regime, and have to cater to 20million people. with just rudimentary equipment at their disposition, they have shown great human management, and alertness to keep the situation from flaring into an international show of gross incompetence and lethargic attitude by our govt.

3. we cannt expect much from the goverment. The present govt. has not only proved, but multiple times stamped its on developmentally challenged nature in controlling terrorist attacks. In the 5 yrs...apart from changing clothes the home minister does even have crocodile tears next to a saas-bahu soap opera actor.
democracy is all about a govt of the people and for the people, our ruling political parties either are illiterate and havent read this...or a paralytic attack has damaged their cognitive abilities to for the non-rullig parties...its easy to advocate measures...and easy to advocate rules/regulations to obey...easy to beat up people from regions not urs...but in time of need...where are they.. they have human chain of workers, logistics in term of space, money and brain power..use it to help the social responsibility...not just vote-begging responsibilty...

4. for the common man... he him rich, poor or middle class..he takes the brunt.
those who loose a relative know the pain.
he who looses a limb knows the pain.
he who commutes thru those lanes knows the fear.
he who gets out of his house every morning knows the anxiety. 10days this wil become a great coffee table discussion, with the police nabbing some god-damn chap from some god-damn shaddy place... the comman man will be sipping his coffee and animatedly discussing the events to his forget it with the last sip.

its time for him to wake up..lets start moving towards a better society...
those who can think, can come out with ideas...those who can work..can work upon those ideas...and all can reap the fruits of it.

we have a great nation...let such terror strikes be a motivation to keep improving it...not a excuse to criticize it.

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