5-Deadly Effects of CELL PHONES

5-Deadly effects of Cell Phones

Do you get frequent headaches?
Are you not able to sleep well?
Have you started getting angry or irritable easily?

If you are a regular cell phone user, you might be experiencing the deadly effects of cell phone emitted radation. If exposed for long periods of time, cell phone emitted radiation has fatal effects on the brain and its cells.

Over last few months,many indian news channels have demonstrated the dangerous radioactive waves emerging from cell phone towers that are affecting the public of all major cities.This has even prompted some state governments to revise their outlook towards the usage of cell phone and cell towers.

The nature of this slow poison, prompted me to think and research on it. I contacted some european and USA individual researchers to gain deeper insights into the topic. It was astonishing to find out that big buisness houses had used power and money to suppress the publication of many truth revealing researches on in area.

Five common symptoms, I have come through in chronic cell phone users( a person with more than 2hours of cell phone usage per day) are as follows:

a) Headaches- headaches that normally start from one side of the brain and might progress throughout it.Their repeated nature can make them a serious chronic problem. These headaches differ in seriousness from mild to very severe.

b) Memory and concentration problems: Chronic cell phone users report of decrease in the memory and concentration power.This gives rise to a decreased reaction time, which hampers with their personal and professional lifes.

c) Medical complications- Increased heart rate, Palpitations(feeling one's own heart beats) and increased blood pressure are some of the common general medical findings frequently discovered in such cases.

d) Sleep disturbances- Failure to get a peaceful sleep. Problems in either starting or maintaining a continous sleep are very commonly reported. The lack of sleep leads to sleepiness throughout the day which in turn might cause serious issues like dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

e) Emotional effects: Episodes with Outburst of uncontrolled emotions. The most commonly observed effects are increased susceptibility to anger, irritation and sadness. Lesser tolerance to stress and development of explosive behaviour are very commonly reported by friends and family.This indicates an increased stress load on the nervous system, taking it closer to breakdown point.

Cell phone usage is unavoidable in many circumstances due to social, financial and personal reasons.
Every person needs to understand these invisible dangers. Only through knowledge can be develop healthy cell phone usage and protective mechanisms against such a neuro-degenerating danger.


Dr.Hemant Mittal
email- eksoch@gmail.com


  1. Great work sir, but how can we avoid cell phones?
    is there any path to keep both side on?
    any kind of medicine or physical practice
    or what kind of protection we should take while using mobile

  2. Hemant, we are happy that few people are still aware and working on things to get people aware of the side effects of using the cell phone however, now it has become life of many individuals and they earn through this mechanical device as well, its very difficult to leave the cell phone, but still we can avoid our selves from major health issues by reading and following the advice and information provided by doctors and helpful people like you.
    Thank you so much for all this information.Really appreciate your work, effort and awareness you are creating for us.

  3. Thanks doctor.
    How about using bluetooth wireless device for recieving and making calls?

    I have read that bluetooth uses frequency of much lesser power as compared to mobile devices. Will that help to some extent..

    By the way, i don't think i use it to the extent of 2 hours per day...

    my usage can be around 30 minutes per day...

  4. Best is the earphone(with wire) , bluetooth also has radiations albeit less harmful, but wired earphones are the best if you can't avoid cellphones totally,