“ I am not mad”
“ I don’t need a doctor for the mad”
“ Do you read minds?”
“ok, tell me what is going to be my next act?”
“are you a doctor... i didn’t know there was an M.D. in psychiatry”

Did you know that movie actors his Konkona Sen, Ajay Devgan, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Khanna, Hrithik Roshan, Praven Babi, Zeenat Aman, Princes Diana, Micheal Jackson,Sushmita Sen have all battled psychiatric disorders.

What is psychiatry?
its a specialisation within the field of medicine. It deals with mind-body interactions.

What is based on?
last 30yrs psychiatry has evolved from just treating behaviorally unstable patients to patients with emotional, behavioral and sexual problems that originate from the brain.
today its based on thousands on researchs done by looking at MRI scans, CT scans, EEG's and neuro-chemical (brain chemicals) analysis.
This has helped the clinican to identify specific lobes and areas of the brain that are working in altered way to introduce certain unwanted thoughts and actions.

Difference between psychologist and psychiatrist?
A psychologist is an art-stream graduate who has been trained in analytical theories about the mind-behaviour.
A psychiatrist is a medical doctor. After 5 and half years of MBBS, he does another 2-3years specialization in psychiatry thru DPM/MD.  He studies MRIs, CTscan, EEG scans, neuro-chemical changes, medications along with study of psychology and neurology. 

Does it want to prove me mad?
Psychiatry has stoped just focusing on the so called "mad" people.
The new research has expanded its base to include a lot of common man problems like-
a. clinical depression
b. stress and anxiety- family, in-laws, children, job, workplace harrasement, exams, interviews, public speaking.
c. phobias
d. inferiority complexes
e. anorexia or overeating problems
f. addictions- alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, cocaine, etc
g. new age addictions- Television, internet, cell phone, shopping
h. sexual therapy- sexual anxiety, error in sexual behavior, sex education, masturbation and its effects.
i. memory complains, sleep complaints,
j. children problems- adolescent anger, children behavioural problem, stammering problems
k.obsessive compulsive disorder
l. bipolar disorder
m. schizophrenia

Psychiatrist always prescribe allopathic medications?
The mark of a good psychiatrist is to use the combination of counseling (popularly called as talk-therapy), and alternative medicine (homeopathy, ayurvedic medication) as first line of defense.
If these fail or if the case is extremely advanced than start using very low dose allopathic medications, and explain the client and his relatives every single detail about medications

Psychiatrist just prescribe "tranquilizer and sleeping pills"?
The old and dirty drugs of psychiatry had an extremely high potential to induce sleep. 30yrs ago there were only 4 drugs in psychiatry, today there are more than 100.
The new age medications are non-sedative, and non-addictive.
Its a client right to ask his psychiatrist for the same.
Prescription of old and dirty drugs is something that should be avoided.

Once started on psychiatric medication, they should continue life long?
early detection and cure can help in as low as 5 day medication.
In fact I use a lot of nutritional changes, meditation, yoga, deep-muslce relaxation, self-hypnotic techniques to provide a holistic approach to sub-clinical and clinical psychiatric diagnosis.
I personally dont encourage more than 20days medication. I have seen some amazing cures happening if the will and might of a person are stimulated. The medications are used more as adjunctive catalysts in the motivation of a client.
in very rare extreme and severe conditions, where the disorder has been present for so long that the blood circulation in the brain, the structure of the brain and the neuro-chemical system of the brain have been damaged beyond repair does a person require long term medication.

why take help of a psychiatrist?
the prime objective for optimum functioning of human mind and body is to be happy.
Happiness is an emotion that starts at a psychological level and spreads its self through positive neuro-chemicals and hormones towards the entire body.
If a person remains stressed, sad or obssessed with a thought or action for a long period of time, it will urge the mind to adjust to this deviation from its natural objective of remaining happy.

On a long run, this introduces changes
a. in the body -increased BP, hair loss, heart problems, respiratory problems, decreased physical health, increased/decreased weight, wrinkles, acne, headaches, body pains, decreased immunity.decreased sexual health

b.- in the brain- increased fatigue, sleep problems, memory complains
on a microscopic level- it introduces changes in the brain structure, neurochemical production and blood circulation.
a combination of professional, objective and personally customised psychiatric consultancy can help in stoping such long term health deteroation. And provide an holistic approach to achieving happiness.



Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, PGDPM)

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  1. I dont agree with you about the diffrence that u have mentioned between a psychologist and psychiatrist.. i would recommend u to search better on that and then comment..

    1. i truly agree with dr hemant on the difference between psychiatrist and psychologist. I have been suffering from biolar disorder. i had consulted a psychogist but he could never help me by his talks. He never could prescribe any medication to me. Finally whn i met a psychiatrist- i could get better treatment and now am feeling better

  2. Dr. Hemanth is correct. I have been to a Psychologist for my personal problem and after two visits i realised its waste of time bcos his talking is not solving the problem. I then consulted a psychiatrist and everntually go the right treatment to get better and lead a normal life.