The virtue of productivity

The virtue of productivity.

Productivity has been the essential for survival. Be it the time of caveman, when men went out to hunt for food or the modern day money seeking culture. Productivity has been the barometer of an individuals socio-cultural standings.
In the past 20years, technology has evolved to revolutionise the productivity of human kind to levels never known before. This demand for increased productivity has been instrumental in changing the socio-cultural make up of the entire society. The best example is seen within our own country, India. A culture essentially divided among caste and religion has slowly started concentrating more on monetary aspects, fame and power of an individual. Gone are the days when a low-caste or non-believer couldn't enter places of worship, restaurants or recreational spots. Today the flash of a credit card, celebrity status, or powerful connection can open the door of even the most sacred shrines. The higher bidders not only get to worship for longer time, but have the so-called pure "pundits" literally serving them as servants.
The virtue of a man is defined by the effectiveness and importance of his produce than his caste, creed or religion.
A persons produce is today quantified through the qualities of fame, money and power. This has further divided the society into 2 groups of producers-
a. True producers- they follow a common plan on action. They gain a knowledge about a particular skill. Later utilise that skill to increase their productivity. The path is one of struggle, full of teachings and full of emotions. Being a safer bet, most people love to take and preach this path.
b. False producers- they are those who break the rules. They want to achieve everything without any plan. They utilise unlawful activities to achieve productivity. They never understand the importance of struggle, never understand human emotions and normally fade into oblivion past their prime.

Who is the best producer?
its a personal choice. It depends on personal influences since childhood, needs of survival and social viewpoints that can be accepted or broken.

What is the need to understand which type of producer you are?
To keep effectivly producing an individual needs to introspect from time to time. The need to gain new skills, new attitudes and new approaches is very important to keep the brain, mind and personality productive.Those who become rigid, slowly lose their value.

Until when does one need to produce?
From birth to death. The moment you stop being of use, people tend to leave you aside and treat you as unwanted.
A 6months child provides joy by laughing and expectations about the future
A 26yr old man provides money, fame or power.
A 35yr old woman provides with being the center pillar of strength in her house.
A 65yr old man provides as knowledge giver to younger generations.

The secret of eternal youth lies in keeping yourself productive.
If you know someone who doesn't produce to his potential, motivate him/her. Because productivity is the basis of successful life.


Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, PG.DPM)

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