Forgive and be free

Forgiveness is all about being smart. It’s about being progressive and travelling light. All religions preach the act of forgiveness and we all have been brought up listening to its virtues. But, sometimes, it is very difficult to forgive. If we believe somebody has harmed us in the past, then despite wanting to forgive, we are not able to do so. This is because we are not aware of how forgiving others can benefit us. If we knew the gifts it brings, it would become easier for us to forgive and move on.

Forgiveness Is A Choice
When we don’t forgive, we carry a lot of emotional baggage, which blocks our growth. On a sub-conscious level, a lot of our energy is consumed when we carry grudges against someone. This stops us from creating a meaningful life and atmosphere around us. By not forgiving, we simply deny creation, beauty and harmony in our lives. When we don’t forgive, we don’t forget and when we don’t forget, then we are too busy nurturing memories which are not going to do any good to us and our environment. We find it difficult to forgive because we view forgiveness as ‘coping’, but forgiveness is actually a ‘choice.’ When we forgive someone, then we ‘choose’ to do it. We choose to free ourselves from a lot of unpleasantness, which we certainly don’t need at any stage of life.

Generally, people equate forgiving someone with a personal defeat, declaring ‘I lost against somebody who harmed me’ or saying ‘you win’. Sometimes, there is anger too. If we forgive someone, we believe the person will be left scot-free of punishment for her deeds. We end up nurturing negative emotions like resentment, anger and hate, which later manifest as diseases in our bodies.

Stop Feeling Victimised
Forgiving someone is not about saying ‘you are right and I am wrong’, but about saying ‘I am smart and I don’t waste my energy in nurturing a victim mentality’. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that ‘the person who harmed me won’, but about saying that ‘my life is free from unnecessary complications’.

Forgiveness is a charity that always begins from home. When we choose to forgive, then we travel light and allow ourselves to nurture our creativity. Shed Negativity, Be Healed The act of forgiving has a healing effect on our emotional body. When we forgive, we shed a lot of negativity from within. This allows a free flow of prana or chi in our bodies, which helps us maintain body and mind harmony. It allows us to exist in a different vibration, which attracts positive events and environments.

By forgiving, we clear our own path of growth. It’s a favour we do ourselves. We can create growth and balance in our environment if we are free from blockages. When we forgive, we set ourselves free.

Here are some tips to ease the process of forgiveness:
Forgiveness Meditation: If someone has caused you emotional pain, you can forgive her keeping in mind what you have learnt from that pain. Kabbalah teachings suggest that the lessons or messages of life often come in the form of pain and through a messenger. These messages are important for our growth. So, we should keep the message and let the messenger go. We miss the opportunity to grow when we get stuck with the messenger and let the message go. One can meditate keeping this in mind.

This is a mental task with imagination, which has wonderful results, especially if done in an alpha state of mind. For this, one needs to sit comfortably with eyes closed. After a few deep breaths, imagine the person you believe has harmed you in any way. Start talking to this person in your imagination and tell her, “I am willing to receive the message of life which I got through you. I forgive you for being different from what I wanted you to be. I forgive you and set myself free.”
Open your eyes when you feel comfortable.

Be Connected To Yourself: When we carry resentment towards others, we become disconnected with ourselves and are no more in control of our lives. People who carry anger and resentment have sinking chi or prana in their bodies. To balance the chi in the body, it is important to be connected to ourselves. It can be done by being involved with yourself.

Make a list of things you enjoy doing. Spend some time doing these things. Observing silence for some time daily, may be for 10 minutes, helps maintain the balance of chi. It helps in focussing on the messages of life and not on the messengers. Environment: If you find it difficult to forgive, you need to check your environment. Are you surrounded by negative energies? Do you enjoy listening to other people’s tales of sufferings? This sort of atmosphere creates a lot of resistance to growth. It keeps you stuck with unpleasant memories. You can break the resistance by choosing a positive atmosphere. If you choose to forgive, it means you are giving yourself the green signal for a new life that leads to the path of growth.

(article by Rama Awasthi)

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