"Out of the Box" Thinking

Personal recommendation is still one of the most successful and powerful forms of advertisement in the World. Just stop reading for a minute and take a look around. Your mobile phone, the watch you're sporting, your favorite restaurant and with every probability even this very blog, many of these have been recommended by someone you trust. Just as the "like" button on Facebook or the "+1" button on Google Plus, recommendation is a natural way to share likes and dislikes with our family and friends.

A few days ago, I got to experience the power of personal recommendation when the HR executives of a corporate company called me to discuss about a workshop. The surprise was that a few years ago, it was these very executives and the same company who had rejected my ideas on "effective workshops". Obviously this time my name had been recommended by someone higher in the hierarchy so they had to call instead of me approaching them.
A time and date was fixed for our meeting. Like most HR’s they asked me to come fully "prepared" with all my proposals, as they had to "think over" and “effectively discuss” how to maximally utilize my skill set for the benefit of their employees.

I reached the venue ahead of time. The security check was painful. I would compare to the full body check-up at New York Airport. It seemed as if I was a visitor into a high security prison rather than a world famous corporate office.
A few minutes later I was sitting in front of the HR executive who had called me and her boss. Thou both the ladies failed to remember me I hadn’t forgotten my last meeting with them.

These two ladies had unknowingly made a great impact on my life. The last time I met them, I was fresh out of my post-graduation in psychiatry and I wanted to use my knowledge to “save the world”.
For that meeting I had done a lot of research and created a great “effective workshop module”. A step wise plan that guaranteed improvement in memory, concentration, communication, foresight and productivity of the participant. Since I was naive and had no experience of dealing with the corporate world, it was a major shock that such a logical plan was rejected by these very ladies as “incomplete and ineffective”.
I walked out of that meeting sad but motivated. Since childhood I have personally lived the truth that knowledge comes from practice not books.

I started meeting a lot of motivational speakers, life-coaches, soft-skill experts, psychologists, memory trainers, etc. I used my knowledge to secretly analyse their entire persona, to understand what made them so “successful”.

Once I started my private psychiatric consultancy I got a great exposure to analyse HR professionals. Over the last few years I have successfully treated hundreds of them.  I found that a great majority of them are empowered with a strong English vocabulary and “good” communications skills which helps them wear a “tough guy” mask in public. Unfortunately there is a different story behind that mask.
Thou 99% of HR professionals won’t accept it I discovered that these Friday evening workshops that they conduct aren’t for betterment of anyone. They are just another demand of the system. A great “show” that will entertain participants for a few hours, load them “fancy terms”, give some “food for thought” and finally evaporate from mind by Monday Morning.

That day in that office, the clock had taken a full circle. I stood before them presenting the same concept but today they were more receptive towards it, why?
The answer, simple – “Out-of-box thinking” is only acceptable if you know how to use the system in your favour.

As a practitioner of “Out-of-the-box-thinking”, I know it’s a great concept preached by millions and practiced by less than a handful. The reason – it’s easier to survive by obeying a system than revolting against it.

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Dr.Hemant MittaL
Motivational Speaker - Mind-Body Healer
(MBBS, PG.DPM, M.D.(Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts - Mumbai))
(Specialize in Emotional, Behavioural, Sleep, Memory, Concentration and Sexual Health)


  1. yeah very true doctor.

    We always say,think out of the box, but we are never able to do it on ourselves.

  2. it’s easier to survive by obeying a system than revolting against it.
    yes, maybe, but it come a time that surviving doesnt suffice anylonger and change....or thinking out of the box...eventually happens naturally.

  3. Hmmm HR professionals are going to be mad at this post, especially if those two ladies are going to chance by this post ;)... but calling a spade a spade is always better :)