Are you a qualified but unemployed?

Every Day I get to meet parents, spouses or individuals who are suffering from Clinical Depression due to Unemployment. The monster of unemployment is growing at an alarming rate in India. With postulated 40million unemployed youth, we are one of the youngest nations in the world and one with the highest unemployed population.

Are you unemployed? Are you among unemployable? Are you behind the race? If it is like so you have to know the techniques to be employed and to rise in the corporate ladder like many others.
India has the potential and so you! India is a world leader in service sector. From IT sector, to BPO (Business process outsourcing) and KPO’s (Knowledge process out sourcing) the world looks upon India for efficient workers.

The irony of these sectors is that they all face a typical problem. Despite the large number of educated youth, there is a shortage of skilled manpower.

A recent survey showed that the main reasons for not hiring an educated youth, normally fall into 3 categories:
1. Lack in Communication Skills  - 60% rejects fell into this bracket.
2. Deficiency in Analytical skill and problem solving -  25% rejects fell into this bracket.
3. Lack of knowledge about their own subject. – 15% fell into this bracket.

Employers are struggling hard to attract new talent. While the talent pool they have is demanding for huge pay-packages, creating a big gap between the freshers and old employees.
With the Global slowdown approaching, companies are only looking for a competitive edge to survive in the market.
It’s unfortunate that though India is becoming a global educational hub, the system is really deficient in fulfilling and teaching the basic above mentioned skills to eligible candidates.

Many big industries have set-up their own in house training program to fight with the problem.
Most of the newly employed youths have to compulsorily undergo training program to improve on their deficient traits. Unfortunately a learned and trained employee has higher chance of being poached by other institutions.

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