Every Karma is Counted.

The Holiday Season has started. The air is filled with laughter, celebrations, festivities and Happiness. Under the shadowed of these smiles and laughs is a section of the society, which lives an underground life. These are people who might be standing next to you in the local train, working with you in your office, living next to you but you will never come to know. These are people fighting the cancer of sadness and a trying to solve a mind full of negative riddles. 

You might never notice them, or even if you have noticed you might not be able to counsel them out of their misery because, mental health doesn't leave a physical hurt which can be treated. Emotional hurt is an invisible entity. If you aren't armed with professional knowledge about the same, it's just like fighting a ghost, its fighting the unknown.

It's my job to help such people get their life back. Today I got to meet one such particular individual who wanted me to share his story with all of you.
Mahesh (name changed) is a 35yr old businessman who has been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for the last one year. He has all reasons to be sad. Death has stuck his family with a vengeance. He has lost his elder brother, his maternal uncle and mother all within the span of 11 months. 

Thou initially he tried his best to cope with the situation, he just hasn't been able to come out of it. The last 3 months have been a living hell. His wife describes him as "living corpse". Though his family and friends are trying to put a brave face and counsel him, they are losing patience and extremely concerned when will he "recover". Very soon they will start falling apart.

His range of emotions has become restricted to spells of anger, sadness for most of the day, sudden flash of past memories in front of his eyes and unprovoked episodes of crying. Above all, he blames himself for all 3 deaths.

His brother died in a road accident in a different state, his maternal uncle was an alcoholic who suffered multiple organ failure, while his mother suffered a heart attack... When there is no connection within these 3 incidents, Even You would be wondering how can he be responsible for all 3 deaths?

3yrs ago Mahesh started a business in partnership with Vivek, his college friend. A simple idea, that required a lot of initial struggle to setup. Within a few months their efforts started to pay and they saw money landing within their hands. It was a win-win situation. Not only did their friendship blossom, but their families also came closer to each other. 

Ancient wisdom says that Money, Power and Sex are the most corrupting items god has placed on earth. In this case, this wisdom was proven right. By the end of the first year, business was so well, that the sparkle and shine of money started corrupting Mahesh's mind. He sought more control over the operations, and found mistakes in whatever Vivek did. With every month, there in-fighting grew. At the peak of their business, Vivek's father suffered a massive heart attack. Unable to take care of his duties, he let Mahesh handle the entire operation. For 3 months, Vivek spent every day at his fathers bed-side and tending to his family. Unfortunately his father could never recover, and passed away in his sleep. Two weeks after his fathers death, Vivek went back to work. He was surprised to find, that the entire system had been changed. He also found that Mahesh had taken over most of business rights, making him just an spectator. That day he and Mahesh had a major show-down. Mahesh, who had been waiting for this day, accused Vivek of using his father's illness as a pretext to avoid his responsibility. The fight ended with Vivek deciding to leave the company.

Just before leaving, pained by the betrayal, Vivek "cursed" Mahesh, that "one day he will experience the sadness of death, and will lose everything he had".  At that Mahesh rubbished it as stupidity and enjoyed the spills of his conquest. Mahesh's family got really upset by his behavior, and tried their level best to patch the partners. Unfortunately, things had gone beyond everyone's control. Mahesh's mother, took Vivek's "curse" really seriously, and felt her son had traumatized a good soul, so the entire family might had to pay. She constantly consulted Pandits, Gurus and astrologers regarding the same, and Mahesh just found it an amusing way of spending money.

The business did great after Mahesh  had complete control. He took it too new heights. His social status was always on the upscale. He became not only rich, but also powerful by the contacts he started developing. He  was over-confident about the control he had on his life.

Mahesh's first tryst with destiny came, when his youngest and most loved brother passed away. The 24yr old young chap, had gone to Himachal Pradesh for some work. While returning his car got hit by a speeding truck, resulting in instant death. Mahesh was inconsolable, it was if the sky had fallen. His whole world came crumpling down. His mother in a fit of anger blamed him for this happening. She reminded him of Vivek's curse.

The subsequent deaths of his Maternal Uncle and his mother within a few months span, stuck this thought deep inside his mind. He felt he was to blame for all the mis-fortune. He left his business to some inept managers and within months, was into loss. This further imprinted his mothers reminder into his mind. From that moment onwards he went into a severe depression, which he couldn't battle.

After having a very progressive counseling session and therapy chalking out session with him, I am very sure he will recover soon. But I still remember his last words as he left my consultancy room:
"Every Karma is counted...we should chose our actions wisely... I learnt it the hard way".

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  1. Great! What we all are today because of our karma only. So never blame God for anything, just blame your KARMA.

  2. All the good & bad we experience are consequences of our past actions at some point in time in the past. But it is customary to take the credit for all the happiness as a result of our "smart moves, good behavior, hard work, etc. etc. etc..." shift the responsibility of all the bitter experience on others, God being an easy peg to hang all bitterness on when we can't find some earthly being to blame.

  3. Thanks for sharing. This is very very true!

  4. This article needs to be read by everybody, as this may happen in anybody's life.This is a gospel for them.