Marriage and Spirituality

There is something spiritual about marriage?

How else could it have remained the single most celebrated social exercise all across cultures and time. To think about it, from the swayamvar of Sita a few million years ago to last year's Prince Willam and Kate's royal wedding... Marriage has thrilled, emotionally touched and been a cornerstone event in the evolution of mankind.

The Prime question does marriage have any spiritual connect?
the answer is Yes.

Is marriage essential for our spiritual evolution?
the answer is Yes.

In a neo-materialistic world, were we have narrowed the importance of marriage to a legal permission to have sex, or a necessary exercise to gain social acceptability many have forgotten its importance in spiritual growth.

so the 4 most important ways in which Marriage actually aids towards Spiritual Awakening are by teaching:

1. Importance of Love - A marriage without love is like an apple without sweetness. No one likes to eat a bitter apple. Similarly spiritual awakening is not possible without love.
At its very first step, Marriage teaches the ability to create, harness and develop love for a completely unknown individual.

2. Importance of loyalty- Once you have learnt the ability to create love for someone, its extremely important to maintain that love. Marriage teaches the ability and capacity to channelize your love onto one individual.
No spiritual awakening is possible if you channelize your energies for just a few minutes or just a few hours.
It has to be constant, daily practice.

3. Importance of Trust and hope - Everyone sticks besides you in good times, but only your true companions stay during tough times.
Marriage teaches the importance of trust and hope in tough times.
only he/she who "Always" trusts and hopes of connecting with a superior being will attain spiritual awakening.

4. Importance of emotions over materialism - At the age of 60yr, when most people have attained all materialistic pleasure they could demand off, comes a time when one feels like retiring and enjoying the last phase of his/her life. This phase becomes more enjoyable when a true, trusted companion stays with you.

Spiritual awakening cannot be bought. You have to earn it. The only currency that matters is emotions and emotional dedication.

Marriage helps in spiritual awakening if one becomes aware of it.
There are many more points I can write on this topic, but will leave them for further discussion.

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  1. Great thoughts, nicely written in words.

  2. ....with these thoughts i get one more reason to get married apart from just being a social trend.. in fact i never thought about being old nd lonely without my partner......doc u raised an alarm within me nd all i guess..

  3. Ahh Doctor Ji,

    At last, I disagree you on this one.
    Marriage is a social necessity and nothing spiritual about it.
    There could have been spiritual factor in marriage before our generation.
    Its more of materialism...if you have money everything you said falls in line.
    The day you enter adverse situation, before your shadow, your spouse leaves you, since, she was not willing to take the risk of failure (fear of failure).
    It is during the adverse conditions that you need emotional support. I am not talking about anybody else, but, myself.

    Was an employee for 18 yrs, felt that at this rate will end up depending on somebody during my and her old age.

    Resigned, attended entrepreneurial training and attended various seminars, lost nearly 9 lacs in two ventures. 3rd and 4th are presently doing well and am going to expand to Middle East and African countries.

    I am not a saint to forgive all those who left me or avoided me during my darkest days, and am avoiding all those who did not stand with me in the hour of crisis, only a young boy with unflinching trust that "You Can Win" stood with his dad.

    Money talks Doctor and I heard my money saying goodbye and also off late hello at least TID.

    No vengeance, no hatred but realized that who all are with me EMOTIONALLY, not physically, mentally or financially. Any way the sarcasm of relatives and friends have won me a new name "Ambani"...why not, did turn around my financial life alone, sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, very easy for people to take an escapist route, but, for one face of a young boy who said "You Can Win", BECAME MY "WHY".

    I am happy now, rediscovered myself, enjoy my habits. Went on a weeks holiday trip to Dubai with my son.

    NOW, do not see a patch up since, I feel, I have achieved my INDEPENDENCE. And do not want to lose it.

    Warm Regards

    Your Friend For Life

    I'm posting this as Anonymous, but, will meet you in Mumbai soon, just to wish you for one post (now have given you a hint)